How to Jailbreak Firestick Devices in 2022 [Fire Stick & Fire TV]

How to Jailbreak Firestick Devices in 2022

Jailbreaking your Firestick is flying, safe and easily and will allow you to use tons of third-party apps on your Firestick. Check out our guide for how to jailbreak Firestick devices to learn more about the great apps available and how to get them .
The Amazon Firestick is a big way to stream content directly to your television receiver. however, Amazon sets up every Firestick to work lone with apps from the Amazon app store. While this covers most major streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, it leaves out tons of third-party apps. That ’ mho why we ’ ll prove you how to jailbreak Firestick devices and access tons of apps that aren ’ metric ton in Amazon ’ s app store .

Key Takeaways:

  • Jailbreaking a Firestick is quicker and easier than with most other devices and will likely only take a few minutes.
  • Jailbreaking your Firestick will allow you to download tons of third-party apps, such as Kodim or APKs from a library, like Unlinked.
  • If you jailbreak a Firestick, it will send less data back to Amazon about your usage of the device, improving privacy. 

If you want to jailbreak Firestick devices, it ’ s not entirely easier than you might expect, but besides takes just a few minutes. We ’ ll besides take a quick spirit at how to install third-party apps from an app library, like Unlinked, and address what happened to Google Play storehouse on Firestick after we go through the Firestick jailbreaking steps .

  • It depends on what you plan to do with the device but, in many cases, yes. Jailbreaking your Firestick will give you more control over what apps you can put on it and improve your privacy by reducing the device ’ sulfur reporting back to Amazon regarding your custom.
  • It ’ s absolutely legal to jailbreak Firestick devices. You can not be caught or get in trouble using a jailbroken Firestick. however, it is illegal to access pirated content on-line, therefore be certain you aren ’ thyroxine using your Firestick to entree anything that could be pirated .
  • Jailbreaking your Firestick will allow you to install third-party apps on the device, including media players like Kodi. Jailbreaking the device will besides improve your privacy slightly by reducing the total of data the device sends back to Amazon .
  • Jailbreaking your Firestick device will allow you to entree huge libraries of streaming apps, including tons of hot television receiver channels. Larger networks and channels will have a streaming app available .

Jailbreak Firestick: What Does It Mean?

Jailbreaking a Fire television receiver device opens it up for consumption with third-party apps and downloads, meaning apps that are not on the Amazon app store. While this can be a security risk — separate of the reason that Amazon doesn ’ thymine allow it by default — angstrom long as you lone install apps from hope sources, it should be fine .
Every Amazon Fire TV Stick — besides known as a “ Firestick ” — runs on a modified version of the Android operating arrangement. This OS is used in a wide variety of devices, and most people have heard of it running on phones .
Since Google made the OS open source, though, other companies are rid to take it and alter it to suit their needs, so Amazon used Android as the basis for the OS used on Firesticks. This means that the Firestick is technically capable of running merely about any app designed for Android .
however, the Amazon app store is actually quite express when compared to other Android app stores. Companies normally prefer to keep their hardware locked down to their own app stores for a number of reasons. By jailbreaking your streaming device, you can access apps that are not formally sanctioned by Amazon for use on Firestick .

Why You Should Jailbreak Your Fire TV Stick

There are a few reasons to use a jailbroken Firestick. First is privacy. During the frame-up process for jailbreaking, we turn off some of the data monitor and coverage that the device sends back to Amazon. Making this change, evening when using the device normally, will improve your privacy by preventing Amazon from being able to track your activity on the device and will result in perceptibly fewer target ads .
The second cause, and the one that most people are very looking for, is that it gives you access to Fire Stick channels or apps that are not found on Amazon ’ s official app store .
The best VPNs for Firestick have apps for Android devices, meaning you can use them if you have a jailbroken Firestick. VPNs on streaming devices are a great way to access content on services that might not be available in your area .

Access to Streaming Apps

Media players like Kodi and the Cinema HD app are besides popular for jailbroken Firesticks. These exempt stream apps can give you access to huge libraries of free entertainment ranging from know television channels to classic movies .
It is worth noting that some of the content on Kodi and other media player apps is pirated. Jailbreaking your Firestick and using apps like Kodi is wholly legal ; however, you should be careful not to entree pirated content while doing therefore .

How to Jailbreak Firestick Devices

Unlike jailbreaking some other devices, you won ’ t need to make any complicate OS changes or root entree to the device to jailbreak a Firestick. Everything can be done properly from the default menu and app stores of Fire television devices .
Let ’ s take a expression at how to set up your Fire television receiver Stick for jailbreaking, then we ’ ll usher you how to download an app library and install an app from a third-party download .

  1. Search for the “Downloader” App on the Amazon App Store Go to the “find” tab at the top of your Firestick ’ s home screen and select the tile that says “search.” then, type “downloader” in the search bar and urge the option that says “ downloader ” when it appears in the tilt .
    jailbreak step1
  2. Download and Install “Downloader” Find the Downloader app in the search results and select it. then, press the “get” button to begin the download and installation process. The first time you launch the app, it will ask if you want to allow it to access files on your device. Select “allow” to let the app salvage downloaded files to the device .
    jailbreak step2
  3. Open the “My Fire TV” Page in Settings once the downloader app has been installed, go back to the home screen of your Fire television receiver Stick and navigate to the settings on the far correctly. then, select the “my Fire TV” tab in the settings .
    jailbreak step3
  4. Turn On ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources once you select “ my Fire television receiver ” go to the developer options page and turn both “ADB debugging” and “apps from unknown sources” on. This will allow your Fire television stick to install apps from APKs that aren ’ thymine in the Amazon app storehouse .
    jailbreak step4
  5. Turn off Data Collection now, return to the home screen again and head to the settings. This time, though, go to the “ preferences” tab in settings and open the “privacy settings” page. Turn off “device usage data,” “collect app usage data” and “interest-based ads.” This is something you ’ ll desire to do for privacy reasons, even if you ’ rhenium not using a jailbroken Firestick .
    jailbreak step5

With all this done, your Firestick won ’ t composition spinal column to Amazon on how you ’ re using your device and what kind of apps you have installed. nowadays you ’ re loose to install any apps you please from the downloader app or any other app store .

How to Install Apps Outside of the Amazon App Store

While the downloader app is great for installing individual apps that you have a liaison to, there are libraries that give you the ability to browse and access tons of different apps in one place. One of these libraries is Unlinked .
following, we ’ ll expression at installing the Unlinked APK, adding your first library of apps in Unlinked, and installing ExpressVPN — our best VPN provider — from Unlinked for extra protection ( read our full ExpressVPN review to learn about the VPN ) .

  1. Download Unlinked Scroll down by holding the down arrow on your outside until you see the blue button that says “download Android app.” The crimson traffic circle on the screen works as your mouse, and you can move it by using the arrows on your distant. Move the red circle over the “ download ” button and press “select” to begin the download.
    unlinked step2
  2. Install Unlinked once downloaded, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to install the Unlinked app. Select “install, ” then, when the downloader app appears again, it will ask a exchangeable question. This time, however, you can hit “delete” alternatively of “ install ” since the app has already been installed by the Firestick and you no longer need the initiation files from the download app .
    unlinked step3
  3. Enter a Library Code In rate to view app libraries on Unlinked you need to enter a library code. One of the most common libraries people use is called the IPTV Super Store. To get the IPTV Super Store, select “add a new library” and enter the code “12341234.”

    unlinked step4

  4. Search for and Download “ExpressVPN” In the search bar for IPTV, type in “ExpressVPN” as one word. The search affair on Unlinked is reasonably particular about spell, so it has to be one son ; nothing shows up if you enter “ Express VPN ” as two words. then, select ExpressVPN once it shows up and select “download.”
    unlinked step5
  5. Launch and Install ExpressVPN once downloaded, you ’ ll indigence to select ExpressVPN again and this clock press “launch.” This will open up another ratification window asking if you want to install ExpressVPN. Select “install,” and ExpressVPN will be quick for you to log in after you see the telling that the app is installed .
    unlinked step6

How to Add Google Play Store to Your Firestick

As we mentioned earlier, all Fire TV devices run on a version of Android that has been altered in assorted ways by Amazon. This means that Firesticks are compatible with about anything that can run on other Android devices — such as phones — which includes the apps on the Google Play Store .
That said, while there is inactive an APK available on-line for putting the Google Play Store on Firestick and other devices that don ’ t come pre-loaded with it, this APK can no longer work properly on Firesticks. deplorably, with late updates to the Firestick OS it is no longer potential to get the Google Play Store working on Firestick devices until person discovers a new exploit around .

Best Apps for Jailbroken Firestick Devices

Although the Google Play Store is no longer available, it ’ s calm possible to download tons of the most popular apps using the downloader app and the Unlinked APK app shop as we showed you. We ’ ra going to briefly look at two of the best apps for jailbroken Firesticks that you can ’ t normally get on Firesticks .


Kodi is an incredibly full-bodied media player that is completely unblock and open beginning. It uses a “ ten-foot exploiter interface, ” meaning it ’ s purpose-built to be used on a television receiver with a distant control from a reasonable distance away. This makes it great for managing your digital library in your media center .
kodi permissions
Kodi is able to play about any form of media, including podcasts, music and video from both local and net memory media ampere well as streaming content from the internet .
Using third-party Kodi add-ons will allow you to access spare streaming content on-line, some of which might be illegal. That ’ sulfur why Amazon does not want Kodi listed on the Fire television receiver Stick app memory despite its widespread popularity .
kodi jailbreak
Most of the apps that are banned or not listed on the Amazon app storehouse are left off because they handle third-party content. While this in itself international relations and security network ’ t illegal, some of the streaming add-ons are used to illegally share copyrighted contentedness. vitamin a long as you ’ re not using Kodi for this reason, it makes a antic and legal media player for any television .


The early app that is very popular with jailbroken Firestick users is called Real-Debrid. This app is used to optimize your streaming to ensure that you are connecting to the best available server. This app pair specially well with Kodi, which is presumably the main reason it can ’ thymine be found on the standard Firestick app memory .
real debrid
If you ’ ra having issues with videos scrubbing while you stream or downloads taking excessively retentive, Real-Debrid can be a huge help. It ensures you are connected to the best server possible and besides gives you access to extra unrestricted servers .
This means that you can download files with the entire focal ratio of your internet rather than being limited by the amphetamine of the server you ’ re download from .
however, because it does give you access to more servers, there is a subscription tip for using the full moon features of Real-Debrid. It only comes out to about $ 5 a month, but for those who have frequent problems with Kodi buffering or downloading slowly this can be a enormous help .

Final Thoughts: Jailbreak Firestick Devices

now that you know how to jailbreak Firestick devices, you can start enjoying all the apps that Android has to offer right on your television. Plus, with a jailbroken device, Amazon won ’ triiodothyronine be able to see what it is you watch and do with your Firestick .
Was it harder or easier than you expected to jailbreak a Firestick ? Have you jailbroken another device before ? What apps do you plan to use now that your device is jailbroken ? We look ahead to your answers in the comments below and, as constantly, thanks for learn .

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  1. Interesting. I will try it, except that I already us ProtonVPN and don ’ thyroxine wish to change that. If I jailbreak my Firestick can I precisely follow your instructions and use ProtonVPN alternatively of ExpressVPN which I know is less procure against government spying or court orders than ProtonVPN is ?

    1. yea of course they are exchangeable man
  2. I followed your instructions and all worked up cashbox I went to download Kodi. then I got a “ DL failed message-chain establishment failed ” Any idea why ? BTW, thank you so much for your instructions. so easy to follow !
  3. Is there any way to record programs from the downloaded apps early than the OTA local ones from the antenna. several channels I watch are not on the OTA is there a way to record from the firestick to a DVR such as the fire television recast. specifically a channel like the history channel or cartoon network which are on cable .
  4. No download comes up for expressvpn
  5. Doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for me either

  6. I tried to download the expressvpn, chain validation failed. Tried a search for apk, APK time v2.2, chain validation failed. lapp message for anything I try to download. What gives

    1. I ended up getting IPVanish
  7. My fire television receiver doesn ’ thyroxine have a developer option

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