How To Install Bathroom Sink Drain

Although plumb projects are far from being the most glamorous depart of a renovation or repair problem, they are necessity. many jobs you will credibly want to leave to the professionals. however, being able to repair or install a toilet slump drain is a skill that any DIYer can handle .

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Bathrooms are ill-famed for developing bantam issues that can drive one brainsick. The motivation to know how to fix running toilets, leaky drain pipes, dripping faucets just goes with the territory.

Luckily, these are very basic plumbing skills that anyone can learn. Knowing how to perform these common repairs will go a long way in making your biography easier.

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Parts of a Sink Drain

sink plumbing parts

  1. pop-up stopper
  2. lift rod
  3. pivot rod
  4. Extention strap
  5. pop-up (from top to bottom – flange, rubber washer, pop-up body, rubber gasket, flat washer, locking nut)
  6. tailpiece
  7. waste arm
  8. waste line connector (solvent welded to waste line. May be screwed or glued to waste arm – depending on the type)
  9. slip washer
  10. reducing washer
  11. slip nut
  12. j-bend
  13. extension pipe (purchased separately)

Things to Know Before Attempting To Install a Bathroom Sink Drain

Always do a preliminary test meet, measure, and make cuts before finalizing the installation.

Slip washers and gaskets are constantly placed with the bevel facing the connection joint ( or where the two ends will meet ) .

Materials You Will Need:

  • Sink Drain Kit* 
  • P-Trap Kit*
  • Extension tube* – needed when the tail pipe isn’t long enough to reach the p-trap 
  • Plumber’s putty* – some drain kits come with a washer that eliminates the need for plumber’s putty.

Tools You Will Need:

  • Channel lock Pliers*
  • Hacksaw* or pipe cutter

How to Install a Bathroom Pop-Up Sink Drain

sink drain flange footstep 1 – Roll plumber ’ s putty between your hands to form a piece about the size of a gummed worm. Place the furled putty around the bottom of the sink flange.

NOTE – Some drain kits come with a flange washer – as this one did. In this encase, you would not use plumbers putty .
sink drain flange place the flange in the slump hole. Press firm into position .
How To Install Bathroom Sink Drain step 2 – If not already done for you, assemble the pop-up book body by placing the lock nut and flat washer over the threads of the pop-up book. Slide the condom gasket on survive. The gasket ’ second tapered end should face up.

Step 3 – Screw the pop fly body to the flange through the hole from the bottom of the slump. Make sure the pivot gat open faces the back of the sink.

Step 4 – Hand tighten the locking nut on the pop fly torso until the gasket fits snug against the bottom of the slump.

Using the groove interlock pliers, reduce two to three extra rotations. Do not overtighten. Wipe away the surfeit putty around the flange as needed .
pop-up stopper step 5 – Drop the pop fly conversation stopper down into the drain opening. Make sure the fix for the pivot rod is facing the rise of the bury .
pop-up lever step 6 – Insert the face-lift rod through the top of the sink faucet.

How To Install Bathroom pop-up Sink Drain footprint 7 – Attach the annex strap to the lift gat from underneath the sinkhole .
How To Install Bathroom Pop-up Sink Drain step 6 – Slide one end of the pivot rod into both the pop-up book consistency and through the hole in the stopper. Tighten the testis over the pivot rod afford.

Step 7 – Slide the other end of the pivot gat through the propagation flog and the attachment clip as shown above. Test the pop fly and make adjustments as needed with the pivot gat and the extension strap connections .
installing tailpiece to sink drain step 8 – Wrap thread videotape around the threads of the tailpiece and screw the tailpiece to the pop-up book body. ( weave tape should be included with your enfeeble kit ) .
How To Install Bathroom Sink Drain step 9 – If a tailpiece extension is needed, slide a slip crackpot followed by a reducing washer over the end of the tailpiece. Make surely that the bevel border of the washer is pointing down .
sink drain then, slide the elongation over the tailpiece and tighten the en .

How To Install P-Trap to Bathroom Sink Drain

sink plumbing parts - waste arm pace 1 – Slide two slip nuts over the godforsaken credit line arm. One should face the neutralize out and one should face the p-trap. Add a slip washer with the bevel facing the waste-out connection.

Step 2 – Attach the waste line arm to the rampart. loosely tighten the slickness nut.

How To Install Bathroom Sink Drain step 3 – Slide a slickness addict followed by a slip washer over the bottom of the reference pipe ( over tailpiece if not using an annex ). Attach the j-bend and tighten the nut .
vanity sink plumbing assembly step 4 – Turn the j-bend shriek until it meets up with the barren line arm. Make adjustments as needed in the pine away arm-to-wall connections in rate to get the proper alignment. Attach the j-bend pipe to the consume line sleeve.

step 5 – Tighten down all the nuts and connections.

Step 6 – Test for leaks and make adjustments as needed .

Final Comments

Most sinks, whether the kitchen or bathroom, will follow this basic process. There may be some slight deviations for limited situations or designs, but once you understand the process, it should be easy to figure out any change-ups that are needed.

Double sinks can connect to the same waste production line with the addition of a few extra connectors. compromising pipe can be used when the wall connections are off-center.

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