How to Install and Connect a New Dishwasher

When you buy a new dishwasher from a peculiarity release, the price much includes the delivery team making the hookup, and it may tied include hauling away the old dishwasher. But if you buy the dishwasher from a big-box dwelling improvement center or an on-line retailer, connecting the dishwasher is normally not included—or it may cost you a substantial extra tip to have this done .

fortunately, connecting the dishwasher yourself is a fairly easy job, once the old dishwasher has been removed .

Before You Begin

Connecting a new dishwasher requires three connections : a power-cord connection, a water supply joining, and a drain lineage connection. DIYers can do all of these if they understand what ‘s required .

The power connection may be the trickiest, particularly if you do n’t have feel with electrical wiring. Dishwashers can be “ hard-wired ” with an NM tour cable that feeds directly into the wire connection box on the dishwasher ; or, more normally, they can use a standard appliance cord that plugs into a wall mercantile establishment. Either way, the electrical code requires that a dishwasher be served by its own dedicated circuit, and if yours is not wired this manner, you may want to have a new tour installed at the same time you are replacing the dishwasher. As of 2020, the NEC code besides requires that dishwashers have GFCI protective covering. even where not required, this is the better scheme, since it makes it easier to disconnect the appliance if it needs to be serviced in the future .

There is no reason you ca n’t wire the dishwasher yourself. Both hard-wired connections and appliance cord connections are done precisely the like way, with electrify connections made inside an access jury at the base of the appliance .

The water supply connection is an easy matter of connecting one end of a braided steel add tube to the urine intake valve on the dishwasher and the other end to a shut-off valve on a hot-water add organ pipe. This provide tube is truly nothing more than a longer version of the like kind of supply tubes that feed sink faucets and toilets, therefore if you ‘ve worked on those plumbing fixtures, you ‘ll have no perturb with the dishwasher hookup. Hooking up the water supply tube to the dishwasher normally requires attaching a extra brass fitting known as dishwasher 90—a 90-degree elbow that allows the issue tube to well connect to the dishwasher. This fitting is normally included with the connection kit that besides includes the braid sword issue tube.

Connecting the drain hose  on a dishwasher is an equally bare plumbing problem. The drain hose connects to the drain trap under your dip ; on the way to the trap, it either loops up to the bottom of the countertop under the sink or is attached to an air-gap fitting. The proper method of doing this depends on the code prerequisite in your area, but either method is intended to keep dirty effluent from siphoning back into your dishwasher. As the enfeeble hosiery loops back gloomy, it is attached either to a nipple on the garbage disposal or immediately to a nipple on the sink drain tailpiece .

Dishwasher connection kit

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