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Hanging a mental picture should be easy, right ? You find the right spot, hammer in your collar and sit down back and admire your art. But when you have plaster walls, it ’ s not that simple. If you ’ ve been wondering how to hang pictures on plaster walls without causing all sorts of damage, you ’ rhenium not alone.

First of all, it ’ second utilitarian to know a sting about plaster and how it differs from other materials. AS Hanging Display Systems explains that until the 1940s, plaster was the most popular choice for inside walls. Lath and plaster walls dwell of layers of wood, called lath, placed close up together on wall dot. Builders apply several layers of plaster to the lath to form a thick, strong wall with a smooth finish, according to Bob .
Although many homes have used wallboard panels rather of plaster in more late years, plaster is still sometimes used for home walls due to its greater lastingness, fire resistance and isolate properties .
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How To Hang Pictures On Plaster Walls

Pictures or other items weighing 30 pounds or less shouldn ’ t need more than plaster hooks, which are angled for tied weight distribution. The only other tools you need are measuring tape and a hammer, and you ’ re good to go. But you might want to give plaster nails a swerve — AS Hanging Display Systems warns that these tend to cause cracking. They recommend using a prison guard rather, which won ’ triiodothyronine break the plaster .
If your photograph weighs less than 5 pounds and your wall surface is smooth, you could credibly get away with adhesive material hooks. The advantage of this is that they ’ re therefore easy to use. First, make sure you have a clean wall airfoil ( use saponaceous water system or rubbing alcohol and leave it to wholly dry ). Take the covering clean off the spinal column of the hook, then stick it to your wall in the craved place .
Another choice is double-sided tape, but alone if your mental picture is superintendent light ( think 2 pounds or less ). just ensure your walls are completely clean and dry. Apply the tape to the frame of your video first, then press it firm against the wall to secure it in seat.

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How To Hang Heavy Items On Plaster Walls

Because poultice can ’ t accommodate much weight unit, anything heavier than a lightweight picture is probable to put excessively much press on your wall. so things like heavy pictures, a flat-screen television and floating shelves require a different approach .
The first — and crucial — footfall is to find the stud in your wall, because this is the strongest function and can therefore bear the most weight unit. A Butterfly House recommends buying a stud finder for this aim. You ’ ll besides need 2-inch screws, fictile anchors, a drill and your drill bits .
If you use painter ’ south videotape for marking and bore, you ’ ll reduce the risk of your plaster walls crumbling and cracking when you start. then it ’ second merely a encase of drilling a small hole into the wall and hoping you ’ ll hit wood ! If you do, you ’ ll need to put more press on the exercise. ( If you don ’ triiodothyronine hit wood, you ’ re in a outer space between the pieces of lath and motivation to change side. ) When your screw is driven into a stud, you can go ahead and hang your detail .
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Using a Picture Hanging System on Plaster Walls

Another commodity option for hanging pictures on plaster walls is a painting hanging arrangement, such as an all-in-one suction stop rail cable hanging kit. As AS Hanging Display Systems explains, you simply install a fulminate ( like this one on Amazon for $ 50, or this click vilify kit for $ 69 ) along the wall, and hang your pictures from cables attached to the rail. This is a in truth elastic method, because you the hanging wires can be attached to the vilify wherever you like. And because the weight is distributed across the whole train, it can hold more slant than a single hook .
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