How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on the Wall

  • There are a act of different ways you can hang frameless mirrors. Peter Salerno, the owner of Hook It Up Installation, says : “ One childlike way to hang a frameless mirror is with clips. You merely put two on the bottom, one on each side, and one on the top. You can besides install a track system and mount them so the open is roughly the altitude of the mirror, then tip the mirror into put. typically, it ‘s a dependable idea to put a little mirror mastic on the back of something like that for total security. You can besides buy hardware that will make the mirror look like it ‘s floating out from the wall, which looks actually cool. ” Peter Salerno is the owner of Hook it Up Installation, a professional installation company, which has been hanging art and other objects around Chicago, Illinois for over 10 years. Peter besides has over 20 years of experience installing artwork and other mountable objects in residential, commercial, healthcare and cordial reception context. stead the mirror against the rampart in your hope position. Using a pencil, chump around the circus tent and bottomland corners. Take the mirror off the rampart and put out of the way. Based on the corner markings you made, use a spirit level to draw neat lines across the wall where the acme and the bottom edges of the mirror will go.

    Clipping a mirror besides tightly against a bumpy wall can cause it to shatter. To locate bumps, slide a straight-edged board that is longer than the mirror itself over the wall. A yardstick is a good option, but if that ’ s besides short, try a heterosexual musical composition of 1 column inch ( 2.5 curium ) x 3 inches ( 7.6 curium ) lumber. It will rock back and forth over a demote. Mark these spots with a pencil and sand them down. Studs are the evenly-spaced wooden support beams that can be found behind most inner walls in homes. Slide an automatic rifle stud finder along the rampart to find the scantling. With a pencil, mark the outside edges of each scantling in the area where you plan to hang the mirror. Depending on the width of your mirror and the count of clips you have, distance them out evenly. The mirror manufacturer may have recommendations about how to position the clips most effectively. Using a pencil, make a dot where the screw will go for each clip.

    Using a might drill, drill holes in the locations you marked. If any of the fender holes do not fall on clear of a stud, tap in a fictile wall anchor with a forge until it is bang with the wall. Place a snip over each pilot burner hole and screw it into the wall with a screwdriver or drill. Using a spirit level, draw a credit line vertically upwards from each bottom clip until it intersects with the line for the top edge of the mirror. Line the acme boundary of the top clip up with this point. Mark where the fly hole should be drilled. 8

    Drill the pilot holes and screw the top clip brackets into place. If any of the holes are not positioned over a dot, insert rampart anchors into the wallboard until their lips are flush with the wallboard. Unscrew the two parts of the top clip. The larger slice is the bracket—screw each of these into position on the wall .

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