Growing Strawberries from Seed


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Growing strawberries from seed is a capital means to establish plants without spending a distribute of money .
Strawberry SeedlingsStrawberry Seedlings

honestly, it never occurred to me to grow strawberries from seed until a acquaintance of mine showed me her beautiful heirloom strawberry seedlings .
strawberry plants are promptly available for sure, but varieties can be pretty limited. Unless a seed company can sell a plain ’ sulfur worth of bare-root plants, they ’ re not going to bother growing them out. That means the in truth unique, specialization varieties are becoming harder and harder to find .
In the past, anytime we want to establish new beds I regulate in a few bundles of bare-root plants. We grow a lot of strawberries you see, both for obstruct and fresh eating. You ’ five hundred be amazed how agile my two and four-year-old can mow through a quarter acre of mature strawberry plants, leaving nothing but discarded strawberry tops in their wake up .
This year we ’ ve planted some adorable heirloom strawberries to trial, and I may well hang most of these tender beauties in hanging baskets out of scope of my two strawberry monsters .
Strawberries grown from seedStrawberries grown from seed

Do Strawberries Come True to Seed?

When something comes ‘ dependable to seeded player ’ it means that the new plants will have the same characteristics as the rear plants. Apples, for case, don ’ thyroxine come true to seed and when you plant apple seeds you never know what you ’ re going to get .
Cherries and stone fruits, on the other hand, come largely true to seed and the offspring will be very close to their parents .
Strawberries do come true to seed, and strawberry seedlings will be very similar to the rear plants ( with a few exceptions ). generally, strawberry flowers are self-pollinating, and unless you have many different varieties growing in a small spot the seeds will come true to the parents .
Some strawberry varieties are hybrids, and they ’ ve grow from seed that results from the cross of two specially chosen parents. After that point, they ’ rhenium propagated clonally from runners. These days, most commercial strawberries you ’ five hundred buy at the grocery store store are hybrids .
When you grow strawberries from seed, it ’ randomness best to stick to old heirloom varieties or open-pollinated wilderness alpine strawberry varieties .

Where to Buy Strawberry Seeds?

Since you won ’ triiodothyronine broadly find heirloom or alpine strawberries in the supermarket, where can you buy strawberry seed for growing ?
There are a number of places that sell forte strawberry sow, and they ’ re all either honest-to-god heirloom varieties or crazy alpine varieties. Either manner, you ’ re in for a alone process because you won ’ thyroxine find these varieties in the grocery store store .

  • Swallowtail Garden Seeds has 7 varieties, though at $6 for a pack of 10 seeds they’re a bit expensive.
  • Johnny’s Selected Seed sells specially bred hybrid strawberry seed, mostly for commercial producers looking to plant a whole field. (They also carry bare-root plants, so pay attention to what you’re buying.)
  • Urban Farmer has a number of heirloom varieties, including an heirloom alpine variety, and they’re relatively inexpensive for packs.  
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has nearly a dozen rare and heirloom varieties.
  • Renee’s Garden Seeds is where I purchased mine, and the germination rates were outstanding.  They’re also relatively inexpensive with plenty of seeds to a packet.  (They’re also where we bought our bulbs for growing saffron.)

There are besides literally dozens of varieties of strawberry seeds for sale on Amazon .
Strawberry SeedsStrawberry Seeds

How to Germinate Strawberry Seeds

The hardest separate of growing strawberries from seed is getting the seeds to germinate in the foremost place. Most strawberry seeds require coldness stratification to germinate, and they won ’ metric ton break quiescence until they ’ ve gone through winter-like conditions .
This is a spot of an insurance policy for the strawberry seeds because there ’ s no point in sprouting in the hang right before a blizzard .
You can mimic “ winter ” by just placing the seeds in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks, which signals to the strawberries that winter is past.

To germinate strawberry seeds: Place the seed package into a Ziploc fictile bulge or tight-sealing jar. place that in the varnish container with the seed mailboat into the refrigerator and leave it there for about a month .
Read cautiously, this is important…
After a month in the refrigerator, take the hale sealed container out of the refrigerator but DO NOT OPEN IT. Allow it to come to room temperature while however sealed, which will prevent condensation from gathering on the cold seeds .
After about a day on the buffet, the seeds will have warmed and they ’ re ready for planting .
( Some strawberry seeds do not require cold stratification, but it ’ sulfur hard to know which you have. They may well germinate without this process, but even if they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it, it won ’ thyroxine hurt them. Better safe than good-for-nothing. )

When to Plant Strawberry Seeds

plant strawberry seeds indoors about 10-12 weeks before the last give frost in your area .
Planting strawberries from seed requires a estimable snatch of advanced plan when you take into account the need to stratify the seeds. Germinating strawberries can be an extend work, and takes somewhere between 1 and 6 weeks .
If the strawberry seedlings are going to reach planting size by give, they ’ ll need to go into the refrigerator for stratification 14-16 weeks before the last frost and to allow them to chill for 3-4 weeks before plant .
Growing Strawberries from SeedGrowing Strawberries from Seed

How to Plant Strawberry Seeds

Strawberry seeds are identical small, and they should be planted at or near the coat of the dirt. Start with pre-moistened seed starting blend in seedling trays. Place 3-4 seeds in each cell, directly on the top of the land .
gently press tamp the seeds down, but don ’ triiodothyronine cover them with dirt. Mist the lead of the dirt with water, and keep it equitable scantily damp until the strawberry seeds germinate .
Strawberry germination takes varies wide and can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. ( Mine took 2 weeks to come up. )
Be patient, keep the trays in a warm cheery outer space and ensure the territory stays merely barely damp without being doughy .
Renee ’ s Garden, where I got my strawberry seeds, has similar instructions, and besides recommends fertilizing to get them off to a strong start :
“ In bounce, sow seeds 1 edge apart and 1/8 inch deep in a container of ticket semen starting mix. conserve at 60 – 70° and provide a hard light source. Keep evenly damp but not doughy. Be patient, seeds can take 14 to 28 days to germinate. Feed young seedlings every 2 weeks with half-strength fertilizer. When they have several sets of leaves, transplant 3 inches apart into a deep container or individual pots then settle systems have room to develop. When 3 inches grandiloquent, gradually acclimate to outdoor conditions and plant 12 inches apart in fecund dirt in full sunlight or fond nuance in very hot climates. ”
Heirloom StrawberriesHeirloom Strawberries

Transplanting Strawberry Seedlings

once the young strawberry seedlings are 2-3 ” tall, and the last spring frosts have passed, it ’ mho prison term to think about planting them in the garden .
Strawberry seedlings are delicate, and they ’ ra accustomed to the consistent abstemious and temperatures in their indoor growing area. It ’ mho important to harden off the seedlings by exposing them to the outdoors before planting .
once the seedlings are hardened off, transplant them to a fix garden bed with rich soil, spacing about 6 to 8 inches apart for alpine varieties and 8 to 12 inches apart for regular strawberries .
( alternately, transplant the strawberry seedlings to containers or hanging baskets. )
Strawberry SeedlingStrawberry Seedling

How Long Does it Take to Grow Strawberries from Seed?

Depending on the duration of your growing season, strawberries grown from seed may actually fruit in the fall of the first year. In short-season climates, you ’ ll have to wait until following spring .
Either direction, keep the strawberry plants well-fertilized as they ’ ra heavy feeders, and mulch with straw to keep the beds weed-free .
The parent plants will be fat for about 4 years before petering out, and during that clock time they ’ ll be producing runners and young clone plants. After 3-4 years, it ’ s fourth dimension to thin the go to bed by transplanting strawberry runners to newfangled locations ( and removing the unproductive rear establish ) .
With this care, the strawberry plants will be self-perpetuating indefinitely, and you won ’ t need to start strawberries from semen again unless you want to try a newly variety .

Preserving Strawberries

once you ’ ve brought in your first harvest, here are some of my very front-runner ways to preserve strawberries.

Seed Starting Guides

batch of tasty comestible perennials can be grown from seed !
Growing Strawberries from Seed ~ Strawberry plants can be started from seed with a bit of care and planning. This allows you to grow heirloom strawberry varieties and rare alpine strawberries not found in stores. Growing Strawberries from Seed ~ Strawberry plants can be started from seed with a bit of care and planning. This allows you to grow heirloom strawberry varieties and rare alpine strawberries not found in stores.

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