How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google? (With Steps To Do It)

what it takes to get a job at google If you ’ re wondering how hard is it to get a problem at Google, I ’ thousand going to contribution what I know based on my experience as a technical school recruiter. Landing any problem at Google is ruffianly because they hire the best of the best, and they receive a TON of applicants. ( This is the main reason it ’ s therefore hard to get a job at Google ).

But it can be done. And if you want to get hired by Google, make sure you read until the end because I ’ m besides going to share my top tips for how you can get a subcontract at Google. ( It ’ s not easy, but you can overcome the odds by taking a few specific steps ). first, hera ’ s precisely how hard is it to get a job at Google…

How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google?

It is unmanageable to get a job at Google because of their quality standards and the high count of applications they receive per year. For model, INC reported that Google receives 2 million occupation applications per year, which means it ’ south more competitive to get into than Harvard University. however, several thousand people do get hired by Google each year, so it can be done ! ( In the moment half of this article I ’ ll share how to get a job at Google, so keep interpretation ) .

First, let’s look in more detail at why it’s so hard to get a job at Google.

Google wants to hire brainy, motivated, accomplished people. There ’ sulfur no sugar-coating it. Whether you ’ ra apply to be a software engineer or bring in a different sphere within Google, they alone want to hire the best of the best. They ’ re going to look at what companies you ’ ve worked for in the by, and are improbable to hire you and interview you if you ’ re coming from no-name companies that aren ’ metric ton tackling adult challenges like Google is. They ’ re going to look at your educational background, particularly if you ’ re looking to get a job as a Software Engineer or Programmer at Google. ( While there are many dev “ bootcamps ” and quick ways to learn program, Google is still going to favor a traditional 4-year Computer Science academic degree – or more – for many of their mastermind positions, data engineer roles, etc .

Google can be picky because of how many applications they receive.

Because Google receives 2 million applications a class, they ’ rhenium able to be very selective across all teams, and for all types of roles – from engineer positions to customer support. No topic what type of occupation you apply for at Google, you ’ re going to be going up against people coming out of other great engineering companies ( Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. ) You ’ ll be going against people with very impressive educational backgrounds, besides. Google receives hundreds of applicants from graduates of Harvard, MIT, and other circus tent tech/computer skill programs. however, you CAN get a problem at Google, and it ’ second still deserving applying if you think you ’ d like to work there. In the next function of this article, I ’ megabyte going to contribution how YOU can maximize your find of getting a job at Google .

How to Get a Job at Google

now that we ’ ve looked at how hard it is to get a speculate at Google, I want to give you the steps to follow that will give you the best find at overcoming the odds !

Networking is your best chance

first gear, your best luck is being introduced by person in your network. That ’ s not even a undertake you ’ ll catch interviewed, but network is always the most efficient way to get a subcontract because companies trust you more when you ’ re recommended to them. so start by looking through your contacts ( ideally on LinkedIn because you can see their current and past employers there ), and see who has a current or past connection to Google. The best way to approach person you haven ’ triiodothyronine spoken with in a while is to ask a question. Never ask for a big favor upfront ; that ’ s going to get your message deleted.

You ’ five hundred want to ask for something very small at first, like this : “ Hi Jeff – I saw you joined Google ! That ’ second amazing. Congrats on getting the job. I ’ m think of starting a job search myself. Are there one or two things you did that helped you get Google ’ second attention ? ” Or here ’ south another exemplar : “ Hi Amy – how have you been since leaving XYZ party ? I had a promptly wonder : I ’ megabyte starting a job search soon and am going to try to get on Google ’ second radar ( along with a number of other top technical school companies ). I know you used to work in HR for Google, though. Are there one or two things a candidate can do to stand out to Google before applying ? Anything you can share would be big. ” now ideally, you ’ d like person to offer to introduce you to a rent director at Google, or recommend you for a job. But you never want to start the conversation by asking for such a big prefer. And yes – that ’ s a HUGE favor. You ’ rhenium asking for person to stick their neck out and vouch for you. so beginning modest like the case networking scripts above. That ’ s how to get a job at Google via network. If you want more assistant with this, I plowshare more tips and examples in this article on how to find your dream job .

Write the perfect resume

A generic resume international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to get you an interview at Google. Given how heavily it is to get a job at Google, you need a sum up that ’ s absolutely tailored to the job you ’ rhenium give for. besides make sure you ’ re talking about what you ’ ve accomplished in past roles, not equitable what you were creditworthy for. This is a huge deviation and is one of the top sketch mistakes I see as a recruiter. If you want more help writing a stand-out resume, here are some resources you should read to get started :

Be persistent

Because of how hard it is to get hired by Google, you might not succeed on your first try. so be persistent. Apply again in six months if you don ’ triiodothyronine get them to notice you right now. And apply even when you ’ re presently employed elsewhere. Companies are more attract to candidates that are presently working ( not fair, but truthful ! ) This article explains the benefits of looking for a job while employed. then if you try to get a subcontract at Google, preceptor ’ t quite succeed, and accept another position… you can hush apply for more jobs at Google in six months or a year. just because they didn ’ metric ton like you for one place at one point in time doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean they won ’ t see you in the future. possibly they thought your resume was pretty good, but they fair got a few other applications that seemed like a better fit.

Or possibly they needed person with more experience, but the team you applied to has grown and now needs more junior-level people. You never know, so your best course of action for how to get a job at Google is to keep put on, keep network, and not good give up after one or two applications .

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