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But sometimes, it can feel impossible to get rid of them ! These enfeeble flies reproduce extremely fast, so before you know it, you ’ re practically a drain fly hotel. Let ’ s talk a piece more about what drain flies are and how to stop them from reproducing in your home. If you have a trouble with pests at your home or business, we can help. While our HQ is in Dallas TX, we besides have locations in the Charleston SC, and Greenville SC areas including Spartanburg. We besides serve Sulphur Springs TX .

What are drain flies ?

drain flies are little bugs that hang out around your enfeeble. But, they go by many names. Some people call them moth flies, sewer flies, filter flies, and even fruit flies. however, they are much unlike than yield flies. Though they can look similar, drain flies hang out around your drain and look a bit more comparable moths rather than flies. drain flies are true flies, but they are highly bantam. At fair about 1/8th inch, they can be hard to see if there is alone one or two of them. But as they begin to reproduce and hang out around your sinks, you ’ ll notice them.

The flies lay their eggs in your drain and overflow pipes. This can be any pipe, but you ’ re most likely to see them in your kitchen sinkhole because they feed off of the sewage and fermented food that hangs out there. however, it ’ s not unheard of to see them in your bathrooms adenine well .

What do drain flies look like ?

While drain flies are flies, they look a draw like moths. Most of the time these flies are black and brown university. They have wings that spread out like moth ’ sulfur wings and have slender veins on their furred wings. On their heads is a tuft of fur, and they have long antenna that look feathery or striped. Their shaping characteristics are :

  • small body at 1/8 thorium column inch
  • Black or brown
  • Striped wings with slender, directly veins
  • Moth-like wings spread out
  • Tuft of fur on their read/write head
  • Straight, feather-like antenna on their heads

What causes enfeeble flies ?

Drain flies love the humidity, so you ’ ll often find them if you live in a humid environment. On top of that, they love being in drains that are contaminated with sewage. This may be your kitchen slump, sewer, septic tank, or even dirt. When a slump is left entirely or not by rights sanitized, there can be sewage that is contaminating it. Because drain flies like the impart behind ferment sewage, they fly around the drains and feed at it. then, they reproduce. unfortunately, they are extremely fast with reproducing. They lay their eggs within two days of being born themselves, and they lay 30 to 100 eggs at a fourth dimension.

Before you know it, you could have thousands of enfeeble flies in your home, and it can be very unmanageable to get rid of them. You need to use your sinks and by rights sanitize them to prevent drain flies from coming about .

Do drain flies bite ?

Drain flies do not bite. Biting or not, no one likes to have bugs in their theater. While drain flies are decidedly a pain, they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to bite you like some other flies or other flying bugs that you may have .

Are drain flies harmful ?

surely, any wiretap eat sewage can not be good, right ? well, deoxyadenosine monophosphate annoying as drain flies are, and vitamin a gross as their diets may be, they aren ’ metric ton harmful to us. There are no cases of drain flies harming humans or causing any illnesses or diseases, so you don ’ t have to worry about that ! still, they are annoying and may cause you to be frustrated .

How to get rid of drain flies

thankfully, there are five ways you can get rid of drain flies naturally. These DIY methods to get rid of drain flies can help you stop the generative cycle, which will help cut down on the issue that you see. If you catch the problem early enough, they can be pretty easy to get rid of .

  1. Pipe brush : Use a pipe brush to brush the pipe vitamin a far as you can go. Brushing the pipe dislodges the eggs and larva from the pipe. then, flush the pipe with boil body of water and sanitize the shriek brush therefore you don ’ triiodothyronine unwittingly keep larva around .
  2. Traps : You can besides use a trap with carbohydrate, water, vinegar, and dish soap. Put adequate parts of water system, sugar, and white vinegar. then, put a couple of drops of serve soap in there equally well. The flies are much drawn to the smell of this soap and then end up in the water .
  3. Boiling water : boiling water can kill the larva, but it won ’ thyroxine do a lot for the flies already flying about. twice a week, pour a pot of boiling water down your drain to dislodge and remove any larva and eggs .
  4. Salt and baking sodium carbonate : Using ½ cup of salt and a ½ cup of baking sodium carbonate, sprinkle it in your sink and down the enfeeble. Once you ’ ve done that, pour a cup of vinegar down the drain. It may fizzle and foam, so be surely your sink or organ pipe has enough room to let out this surfeit. Let it keep foaming nightlong, then pour boiling water down it in the good morning .
  5. Apple cider vinegar : For flies already in your dwelling, use apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Pour equally much as you want into a bowling ball and cover it with plastic wrap. then, poke a few small holes in the fictile wrap. This will trap the flies .

Call a professional

many times, drain flies can be intemperate to get rid of because they reproduce indeed quickly. If you seem to try all of the DIY methods and don ’ thyroxine seem to get anywhere, you ’ rhenium not alone. In that case, it may be time to call a professional. An exterminator knows precisely what needs to be done to stop the generative cycle of the drain flies. They have better treatments that work immediately, and the trouble will be gone a lot agile.

While enfeeble flies may not be harmful to your health, they can cause a general spirit of nausea. No one wants bugs flying around their base, dishes, and food—especially not bugs that consume sewage. To get rid of them quickly and efficiently, call an exterminator and tell them what you ’ rhenium dealing with .

conclusion : How to get rid of enfeeble flies

If you ’ re in the Dallas – Fort Worth areas, you ’ ra not alone. The last matter you want to find while you ’ re heading out the door to the Rangers Stadium or the Star is a bunch together of weird-looking moths. Save yourself the time and trouble by calling Vinx Pest Control. We ’ re a locally owned and operated company that knows how to deal with the local bugs—including enfeeble flies ! Give us a call nowadays to tell us what you ’ re dealing with. We ’ re so confident that we can help that we guarantee our service, so we ’ ll keep working until we ’ ve got it handled ! With over 200 Google reviews and a 4.9-star rat, you can rest assured we ’ ll get the job done properly !

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