How to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothes if They’ve Been Washed and Dried

Remove Set In Oil Stains and Grease Stains #laundry #stainremoval #oilstain #oilstains #laundrytipsgraphic with text: how to remove set in oil stains (even if they've been washed and dried)graphic with text: how to remove set in oil stains * even if they've already been washed and driedgraphic with text: how to remove set in oil stains (even if they've been washed and dried)graphic with text: how to get stubborn oil stains for good
Do your clothes have petroleum stains that are hush there after washing them ? Or did you find grease stains fresh out of the dry ? This is the easiest way to get oil out of clothes, and you already have these ingredients around your house .
Have you always sat down to fold laundry fresh out of the dry only to find oil stains or dirt stains on your clothes ?
No matter how difficult you try sometimes, food with cooking oils can ruin our clothe.

oil stains on t-shirtoil stains on T-shirt
today, we ’ re going to get refractory vegetable oil stains out with equitable a few supplies you probably already have around the house .
And don ’ thyroxine worry if you ’ ve already washed and dried those stains. While it ’ s genuine that a dry will “ set in ” those vegetable oil stains, you ’ re going to learn the antic on how to “ revive ” the oil tarnish and wash it out for good .
graphic with text: how to get stubborn oil stains for good
It took me a few years to learn to check for stains before putting them in the wash, but for years, I dealt with set in anoint stains. I came across this method when I found myself without a stain pre-treater or spot remover .
I ’ ve tried this method on cotton and polyester, and this method works best on cotton. On synthetic fabrics, you may have to repeat the process OR allow the detergent to work long before putting it in the laundry .
disavowal : Do not attempt this on “ dry clean only ” clothing. Use your own sagacity before proceed .

How to Get Oil Stains out of Clothes

Supplies needed for oil stain removal

You will need to prepare your workspace with a few items. Make sure you have enough of natural inner light, as catch artificial fall can make it hard to see the anoint stains .

Why this method works

In searching for ways to remove anoint stains, I remember I read somewhere that you can “ come to ” old oil by adding a little more oil .
I tried vegetable oil and olive anoint, and the only thing I accomplished was making the oil stain bad. It got larger and more apparent .

A neighbor recommended I try WD-40 to remove oil stains. She said she used it all the clock .
WD-40 might be a tad extreme, but since we already WASHED and DRIED these oil stains on high hotness, what do we have to lose ?
It ’ s unconventional, and credibly not something you ’ d visit non-toxic, but sometimes you got tantalum do what you got tantalum do .

1. Reviving the Oil Stain

Preparing the clothing

If your stains are on a shirt, shorts, dress or any article of clothing that doesn ’ triiodothyronine have buttons to open, don’t skip this step .
putting cardboard behind oil stain
Place your quarrel of cardboard underneath the stains, between the battlefront and back of the jersey ( or other article of invest ) .
shirt with cardboard behind stains
This is crucial because you do not want the WD-40 to spread through the mark to the back of the shirt and create a new blot .

Carefully apply WD-40

Q-tip and spoon
If your stains are super bantam, try spraying some WD-40 in a shallow bowl ( or a spoon ) and use Q-tips to dab it on stains .
applying WD-40 with Q-tip
same goes if your WD-40 does not have a sprayer attachment .
oil stain on shirt and WD-40
If your can of WD-40 does has a spray attachment, this will be pretty straight forward .
spot of WD40 on oil stained shirt
gently spray the plaza of each stain. Less is more. The WD-40 will spread !
spraying WD40 on oil stains
even if your pip-squeak doesn ’ triiodothyronine cover the whole stain, give it a infinitesimal, particularly if the dirt is on the smaller side. It will spread and cover the entire mark .
wd40 spreading on t-shirt
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2. Lifting the Stain

baking soda for stain removal

Sprinkle with baking soda

I read that baking pop is great at fair about 1,000,000 different things .
so I wondered…would it work to remove anoint stains ?

Pour a pile of baking pop on the oil stain. Make sure you add more than you think you ’ ll necessitate !

Brushing in baking soda

Bring out the toothbrush and spread the bake sodium carbonate into the dirt .
brushing baking soda into oil stain
The baking pop will absorb all of the vegetable oil that the WD-40 helped revive. It ’ south important to brush the bake pop well into the fabric to get all of the oils out .
small lumps of baking soda absorbing oil stain
Continue brushing until you end up with slenderly lumpy chunks of sodium carbonate. Dust off the excess broil sodium carbonate into a sink .


next, we ’ ra going to repeat the process of scrubbing baking sodium carbonate. Pour more bake pop on the grease stains and brush the baking pop into the fabric .

You want to see the lapp collocate of baking pop as the final step, but they should be smaller this time .
brushing baking soda in a second time
duplicate this process until you have future to no lumps of baking sodium carbonate. Some stains are bigger than others and you might have to repeat a one-third or fourth time .
You will then have something that looks like the image under .
shirt after first baking soda treatment
Notice the fine powdery bake pop everywhere. This is what your baking pop should look like when you ’ ve taken out most of the oils : a fine, dry dusting with no major lumps .
besides, expression at how the petroleum tarnish transferred to the cardboard bit .

Had we skipped the cardboard, this would ’ ve transferred to the early side of the invest deoxyadenosine monophosphate well !
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3. Pre-treating the Stain

After we are done soaking up the oil or grease by brushing baking sodium carbonate into the blot, we move on to the liquid dish soap or laundry detergent .
Pour the liquid detergent directly to the mark .

Using the soup-strainer, brush the pre-wash treatment into the stained areas .
brushing liquid soap into stain as pre-treatment
Allow the liquid soap to sit on the stains from 30 minutes to overnight .
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4. Wash and Dry as Usual

Add the stained clothe to the wash, following the instructions on the dress tag for water temperature, wash hertz, and the dry .
If you followed all of the instructions, you won ’ t need a longer wash time, heavy wash cycle, OR an excess rinse bicycle .
Before putting the shirt into the dry, take a front at the tarnish spots. You might not be able to see them when the invest is wet. If you can see them, add more liquid detergent to the spotlight with the soup-strainer and launder again. Be surely to use wool dry balls for agile dry time .

5. Finished

shirt with oil stains removed
If you still have the oil stains in the fabric after drying, repeat the steps above. For these particular stains, I had to repeat the action after washing the beginning time. anoint stains, man .
I have done this numerous times with different types of fabrics and have found it works good with cotton and cotton blends. Click below for the full video recording tutorial on YouTube, and find printable instructions below .
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oil stains on shirt

How to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothes

give way :

1 clean t-shirt without oil stains

homework time :

3 minutes

active meter :

15 minutes

extra clock time :

1 hour

total clock time :

1 hour

18 minutes

trouble :


Do your clothes have vegetable oil stains that are still there after washing them ? Or did you find grease stains clean out of the dry ? This is the easiest way to get petroleum out of clothes, and you already have these ingredients around your theater .


  • oil-stained clothing
  • WD-40
  • baking soda
  • scrap of cardboard
  • small bowl or ramekin


  • toothbrush
  • Q-tips


  1. Reviving old oil stain – Place your scrap of cardboard underneath the stains, between the front and back of the t-shirt (or other article of clothing). Carefully spray (or dab WD-40) onto stains.
  2. Lifting the stain – Sprinkle baking soda onto oil stains. Using toothbrush, scrub the baking soda into the stains. Continue brushing until the baking soda clumps. Dump baking soda into sink.
  3. Repeat – Apply more baking soda onto the stains. Make sure the baking soda clumps get smaller each time.
  4. Pre-treat with liquid detergent – Add liquid dish or laundry detergent as a pre-wash treatment. Brush the liquid soap/detergent into the stains.
  5. Wash + dry clothing – Wash and dry clothes as usual. You’re done!


If stains hush persist, repeat from step 1 .

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