7 ways to prevent static hair – How to stop static hair

cardinal heating system, humidity, over-enthusiastic brush … whatever the cause, static hair can be frustrating. It occurs when negatively-charged electrons fly off your hair, leaving your strands filled with positive charges that resist each other, resulting in flyaway, unpredictable hair that barely wo n’t lie flat. But there is hope if you ‘re looking to find out how to stop electrostatic hair. From smasher hacks to moisturising shampoo, here are seven ways that can help combat static hair, whatever the weather …

How to stop static hair

a blonde tress with a natural oil or serum for hair care lying on it

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Metal combs are better for static hair

formative is not your friend when it comes to flyaway hair. Metal comb are better for combing away electrostatic hair’s-breadth. Why ? Because alloy is more conductive and will cause the electric charges building up in your hair to discharge, reducing the amount of inactive show. But they are n’t the most ennoble on your haircloth so should n’t replace your even brushes and combs.

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How to use hairspray to stop flyaways

Before leaving the house, spray some hairspray liberally on to your brush and run it over your hair from root to tip to thinly set your style in place and smooth flyaways. This technique is besides great for touch-ups throughout the day .

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Hair oil can prevent and cure static hair and flyaways

first, adding hair oil into your act before stylising can lock in moisture and reduce crimp and flyaways. But a handy hack to stop static hair, is to take a spend of oil, rub it between your palms and then smooth down your hair with your lightly oiled hands, avoiding the roots. This one by Percy Reed had an 88/100 score when tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute .

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Water can tame flyaways in an emergency

It ‘s the simplest trick going, but if you ’ re without hairspray or moisturiser, precisely use water to get your haircloth under dominance .

Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner

Make certain your shampoo and conditioner are arsenic hydrating as possible, as dry hair equals static. Try to look for products that are not lone nutrify, but besides exempt from sulphates parabens, silicones and dyes for glistening, smooth, goodly hair .

Towels can give you static hair or flyaways

When hair’s-breadth is wet it absorbs a large sum of water and this swelling causes the knocked out layer, known as the carapace, to lift up. This makes your hair particularly vulnerable. Standard towels are harsh on your delicate locks, this wrong leads to breakage and dry damaged hair prone to frizz and fly aways. But there are other options. Try a microfibre or jersey towel to dry your hair, they absorb the excess without drying out the hair. even a new jersey jersey does the job.

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Or for a protective means to dry that works while you ‘re carrying on with the respite of your routine, the classic towel pillbox has been reinvented in microfibre like this one by Glov .


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Silk pillows can help flyaways and stop static hair

not only do silk or satin pillow cases add a touch of Hollywood Glamour to your bedroom, they besides protect the epidermis while you sleep. Being pacify on your haircloth as your roll and turn, you ‘ll wake up with moisturised and well behaved hair .

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For a more low-cost option you can get pillows with silk just on one side, cutting the cost. And lots of pretty colours are available, excessively .

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If you ‘re feeling actually glamorous or do n’t want to break from your bedding aesthetic, you can besides ordering deluxe silk hair wraps .

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These are peculiarly good for ready-to-go haircloth in the morning as your locks wo n’t be at all tousled from tossing and turning. Simply twist your haircloth and broadly tuck into the pillbox and in the dawn you ‘ll be good to go. They besides help distribute your hair ‘s natural oils along the lengths of the hair for glossy locks and minimal flyaways.

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