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Birth Control Ring

What is the birth control ring?

The parentage control call ( AKA the vaginal ring, or the ring ) is a safe and convenient birth control method acting that works actually well if you always use it correctly. You wear a small, elastic ring inside your vagina, and it prevents pregnancy 24/7 by releasing hormones into your body. The hoop has lots of early health benefits, excessively. There are 2 kinds of birth see rings : NuvaRing and Annovera .

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How Does NuvaRing Work?

Each NuvaRing lasts for up to 5 weeks. You take your erstwhile NuvaRing out of your vagina and put in a modern one about once a month, depending on the ring agenda you choose. You can besides use NuvaRing to safely skip your time period if you want to. Read more about how to use NuvaRing .

How Does Annovera work?

One Annovera ring lasts for 1 class ( 13 cycles ). You put the Annovera band in your vagina for 21 days ( 3 weeks ), then take it out for 7 days — Annovera comes with a lawsuit to safely store it during your ring-free week. After 7 ring-free days, put Annovera back in your vagina. Read more about how to use Annovera .

How does the birth control ring prevent pregnancy?

The ring works by stopping sperm from joining with an egg ( which is called fertilization ) .
Like most parentage restraint pills, the call contains the hormones estrogen and progestin. These are similar to the hormones our bodies make naturally. You wear the ring inside your vagina, and you absorb the hormones into your body though your vaginal liner .
The hormones in the hoop catch ovulation. No ovulation means there ’ s no egg hanging about for sperm to fertilize, so pregnancy can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate happen .
The resound ’ sulfur hormones besides thicken the mucus on your neck. This thick cervical mucus blocks sperm so it can ’ thyroxine swim to an egg — kind of like a sticky security system guard .

How do I make the ring work best for me?

To get the vaginal band ‘s entire parentage control powers, you have to use it correctly. Making a err — like forgetting to refill your prescription or not putting your closed chain in on fourth dimension — is the chief reason why people might get meaning when they ’ ra using the ring .
Here are some ways to help make sure you stay on schedule:

  • Use our parentage command reminder app or set an dismay on your earphone .
  • Use a calendar to mark the days you need to take out the ring, put in the band, and get a new band .
  • Be parentage command buddies with friends or family members who besides use the ring, and help each other remember .
  • Your partner can help remind you.

It’s also important to take care of your birth control ring properly:

  • Keep your ring ( randomness ) in the like place so you don ’ thyroxine lose them .
  • shop NuvaRings at room temperature, and away from lineal sunlight for up to 4 months ( 16 weeks ). Keep any NuvaRings that you won ’ t use within 4 months in the refrigerator .
  • When you take Annovera out, wash the ring with balmy soap and halfhearted urine, pat it dry with a clean and jerk newspaper towel or fabric, and storehouse it in the case. Keep Annovera away from children, pets, and extreme point temperatures when it ’ s out of your body .
  • When Annovera is in your vagina, don ’ thyroxine use any vaginal products with petroleum or silicone in them — no vegetable oil or silicone-based suppositories, creams, gels, or lubricants. Water-based lubes are oklahoma to use .

bottom line : do whatever works for you to make surely you use the ring correctly and replace it on time, all the meter .
Want to be extra certain you don ’ thyroxine incidentally get meaning ? You can besides use a condom every clock you have penis-in-vagina sex. That direction you ’ ll be protected against STDs, besides .

Does the ring protect against STDs?

Nope. The parturition control gang is in truth effective at preventing pregnancy, but it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate protect you from sexually transmitted infections .
fortunately, using condoms every clock you have sex truly lowers the chance of getting or spreading STDs. Condoms besides protect against pregnancy — so using condoms and the ring together gives you awesome pregnancy-preventing power .

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