8 Hidden Ways to Get Free Audible Credits (2022)

audible is offering us by far the best audiobook service and free books, but some audiobooks can cost you up to $ 40. How do I get these books cheaper ?
We ’ ve got batch of tricks for getting free audible credits and audible credit rating promo codes here. In this post, you will learn to gain steep discounts on audiobooks by playing with audible credits, and it ’ s 100 % working .
The best audible discounts come from the Audible free test. normally, you can get 3 titles for unblock, but here you will learn how to get the 4th even the fifth free championship .
60% off coupon for the first month of Audible Membership. When your free trial ends, you can enjoy your first month at a discounted price. audible is now offering afor the first calendar month of audible Membership. When your free trial ends, you can enjoy your beginning month at a discount price.

1. Get free Audible Credits for a second time

get audible credits for free
When you start a new audible membership, you will get one absolve credit immediately. however, many Audible spare trial members miss their second recognition .
audible Send this Book feature allows you to recommend a reserve you love to your friends and kin for loose, even if they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have an audible membership .
The first gear recommendation can be redeemed for free. You can send your darling book to a ally or family extremity who hasn ’ metric ton redeemed one before and receive one audiobook recommendation from others .
note that you will lose all of your audible credits when you cancel. sol make sure to use them before canceling your subscription. The good news is that you will be allowed to keep all books you have in your library .

2. Take advanatge of Audible Originals

audible originals
You ’ ll receive 2 release audible Originals once you start your loose test. The tilt changes every calendar month, and there are normally hundreds of titles to choose from across a solid crop of genres .

You can start a free trial again by creating another Audible/Amazon account with a new credit card. It works as long as you have a legal credit card.

3. Return books you don’t want

return audible books
You can return a koran and get your credit back even if you have listened to it in broad. It ’ s okay to return a book you ’ ve finished, but as for the ethical motive of it, well, I leave that to you .
Although Audible hasn ’ triiodothyronine made an announcement about how many books you may return, it ’ mho better not to abuse this feature. If you keep the huge majority of books you ’ ve tried, you won ’ t have to worry about any flag .
To exchange an audiobook :

  1. After logging in, go to your Audible Account Purchase History.
  2. Click Exchange next to the book you no longer want.
  3. Select a reason, then click Exchange to confirm.

If you see the message “ Not eligible for return “, don ’ metric ton worry. lone a certain total of books can be returned using this on-line tool. For others, you need to call Customer Service to process the return. If you don ’ t tactile property like a cry, you can contact audible via e-mail or live new world chat .

4. Enjoy Household Sharing

Audible household
Household sharing allows you to plowshare any audiobooks in your library with the other member of your Amazon Household .
Members of a family include 2 adults, up to 4 teens, and 4 children, but you can entirely partake your contents with the early adult. Children and teens can only enjoy some benefits but not audiobooks .
eminence that each extremity must be from the same region/country. If you leave one family, you can ’ thyroxine join any Amazon households for the following 180 days. however, you can re-join the old family again. Check how to set up family sharing.

Besides Household Sharing, you can share your Audible account on as many devices as possible, since there is no limit on the number of devices you can use with your Audible account. One drawback of doing this is that you will share your account details as well as your payment options.

5. Cancel Your Membership to Enjoy 50% Off

cancel membership
If you click the Cancel Membership button on your audible account, Audible will try to keep you as a member by offering you Keep Listening for Less, but this is eligible if you ’ ve already used all of your credits .
This offer can be triggered if :

  • You are on a Gold/Platinum Audible plan for at least 30 days.
  • You have one or zero credits left on your account.

Please note that the membership cancellation option is not available on the Audible app. You will have to do it from the desktop locate .
This extend saves you 50% off the Gold Membership design of 1 citation per month, so you pay just $ 7.49 per calendar month for your first 3 months rather of $ 14.95. If you break this down, it means you are getting an audiobook credit for $ 7.49 .

6. Buy Audible Credits cheaper

If you have already used up all of your audible credits, you can buy a 3-pack of extra credits at a discount price. The price varies depending on which Membership design you ’ re on. Generally speaking, it ’ second normally cheaper with annual plans .

Plan Name Price for 3 Extra Credits
Gold Monthly $35.88
Gold Annual $29.90
Platinum Monthly $34.41
Platinum Annual $28.68

7. Turn on Deals Alert

If you ’ re an avid user of Audible, it ’ randomness recommended that you turn on deals telling to receive exclusive deals on the books you love. audible sends a daily consider telling to their subscribers and the discounts are much huge – sometimes up to 90% off !
On the desktop web site, go to your Account Details > Notifications and then check the choice for Sales and Offers.
turn on audible sales alert
sometimes audible offers 2 for 1 audiobook script deals — you buy two audiobooks and you get a third loose or sometimes they offer you 2 books for 1 credit. note you will need to be signed up for their newsletter to see this extend .
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find like electronic mail subscriptions, you can visit the Reddit train of thought rather, which will update all current sales and deals for all regions .

8. Save money with Whispersync for Voice

Whispersync for Voice is a have that allows you to read Kindle Books with Audible Narration .
Let ’ s take Rich Dad Poor Dad as an exemplar. If you buy this audiobook directly on Audible, it costs you $24.99. however, it will give you a shrink price of $7.49 when you buy a Kindle book ( $ 5.12 ) and add an sound recording companion. Well, if you are getting a $ 24.99 book for precisely $ 7.49, it is a no-brainer that you would decidedly go for the latter .
Whispersync for Voice
buy audible books cheaper If you ’ re on Kindle Unlimited, you can besides get a tell version for unblock for a choose count of books. however, the survival of e-books by lead authors is reasonably thin. still, you can find some popular books there. When you find one, you can download it for unblock at $ 9.99 with Kindle Unlimited.

kindle unlimited


Saving on Audible is quite easy — you can take wide advantage of the absolve trial, share with your class or friends, cancel your membership to get a half-price, and you can return books you don ’ thyroxine like even though you have read it through, etc. If you ’ re on an annual design, you can buy supernumerary credits at a discount price. If you still prefer physical books, a book subscription box may save you a draw of money .
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