How to get more Instagram Likes (and why they still matter)

Despite being one of the first social metrics that indicate post performance, Likes on Instagram still stand as a go-to indicator for many brands. It ’ randomness low monetary value for the spectator : a double wiretap is all that ’ sulfur needed. And an Instagram Like gets wrapped into cosmopolitan engagement numbers .
even as Instagram is in the testing stages of removing public Like counts from posts, the metric unit is hera to stay as an internal measurement. Instagram Like removals have already been tested in several countries, including Australia and Canada, and as of this article ’ sulfur print date, the examination has been extended to the US as well. right now, we don ’ thyroxine know what will ultimately happen with public Instagram Likes so far but importantly for brands and influencers, your analytics will still show the counts .
The downstairs is a medley of tips that we ’ ve assembled to help increase your Instagram Like counts per post. We ’ ve skim fundamentals like taking adept photos and being consistent but it ’ sulfur always a good theme to keep them in mind. These Instagram for business basics are the foundation for your strategy while these tips are the enhancers that can help you get the most out of your content .

9 ways to get more Likes on Instagram

1. Get inspired by other brands and industries

Where do you pull your inspiration from ? If you ’ re only following your diligence or your circle of friends, you won ’ thymine find fresh ideas. rather, take time to inquiry and find inspirational accounts to follow. Make this a combination of your diligence, relate industries and industries wildly outside your r-2. even if the customer base international relations and security network ’ t the lapp as yours, chances are that you ’ ll be able to find some inspiration in their posts ’ strategy to extrapolate for your own.

Williams Sonoma uses illustrations to highlight some tips that otherwise might ’ ve been complicated with a photograph. It ’ mho clear, easy-to-read and ties in with the holidays in a seasonably manner. then while this particular subject might not be relevant to your brand, you can easily see the takeout of using an example to talk about a sturdy topic .

2. Run a Like-based contest

Some of the highest engage message on Instagram are centered around sales and giveaways. People love to enter contests and the easier they are to enter, the more engagement you ’ ll receive .
To run a Like-based photograph contest, you ’ ll need one of the entry requirements to be that they must like the post. normally, the other two requirements will include following the report and tagging a supporter or two. Liking a post for an entry is such a low barrier that you ’ ll be sure to receive quite a lot of betrothal .
In this example, Soma upped the contest ante by partnering up with another sword and multiple influencers in the health and health space. The contest benefits all of them with brand exposure and they get the Instagram Like count rise, excessively .

3. Work on a hashtag strategy

One of the easiest ways to get noticed organically is to utilize hashtags to your brand ’ south benefit. That doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bastardly spam tagging every mail with # top, # amazing or # hair. It means being selective in your hashtags, both brand and industry. When you have a brand hashtag, it ’ sulfur easier to find related contentedness and influencers. industry hashtags function to help you see what ’ s trending in your field and ensure you ’ re not missing out.
Sprout Instagram hashtags report
To find the best hashtags for you, start by reading up on hashtag strategies. You can besides use analytics like Sprout ’ s Instagram reputation to see which hashtags received the most engagements. To go beyond the hashtags you ’ re using and discover more opportunity in your industry, you could use a sociable listen tool like Sprout ’ s to hone in on hashtags you may be missing from top posts in your niche .
Madewell ’ s hashtag strategy on this post is pretty simple. It uses three mark hashtags : two of their own and one of the featured mark. It besides added on a # collabs hashtag to put it into the rest of the collaboration posts out there. You ’ ll besides notice that the hashtag in the caption is kept minimal : there ’ s merely one. The remaining three hashtags are added as a gloss to keep them from distracting from the caption .

4. Tag the right accounts

Give credit where credit is due. When relevant, tag on the position and in the subtitle those that you are working with. For exercise, if you have outstanding products or people in your photograph, tag them on the mail. It takes little time and it gives credit to the makers. Oftentimes, these tags result in the brands liking your post and commenting on them .
CB2 much reposts their customers ’ photos or talk about who contributed to a space ’ south styling. In this particular post, they ’ ve tagged the designers, intersection and venue. For the company, tagging the designers and spaces that use their products enhances customer commitment and acknowledges their work. It ’ s a win-win situation for everyone involved .

5. Ask to tag a friend

always seen an Instagram post that was thus interesting that you immediately wanted to tell a friend ? When this happens, you normally have a few options : copy the link and text it to them, send it via DM or tag them in a gossip. If you have content that is concern or funny, asking users to tag a friend is an slowly step. They were likely already going to tag person anyhow thus this is just the following step .
These two examples are unlike but they placid produce the like results. One is informative while the other is plain airheaded. however, both directly ask followers to tag a friend. The resultant role is batch of likes and high engagement .

6. Tag your post’s location

specially relevant to travel and retail brands, tagging a location ensures that your photograph comes up when people are looking at a location. It ’ s easy adequate to do and shouldn ’ t take more time out of your publish time.

many Instagram-savvy diners besides use Instagram to research the best food and drink options at a restaurant. By opening up a labeled placement, they can easily find photograph of the meals they want to try out. If your content is commodity, the Instagram Likes will come in organically through the placement tag .
Vogue Living location tagged the city in this post. For those who want to visit or learn more about the topographic point, they can explore all the posts in the location. It ’ sulfur besides potential that others will land on this post because they were looking at Puglia as a potential vacation spot. Those visitors are the ones who will add on to the likes .

7. Make your captions just as good as your photos

We all know already that excellent media is a key to creating a prisoner consultation. But what about the accompanying caption ? Don ’ thymine color over that section as unnecessary or go on autopilot with your words. With the right tone and voice, your captions can be just arsenic captivating as your photos .
Developing thoroughly captions a precedence means creating an arithmetic mean with your audience. They ’ ll look forth to the next mail ’ second captions and spend more time with your posts. Writing engaging captions is a skill that can be developed over clock time .
The New Yorker is known for its words and photos and their Instagram account doesn ’ t fail in this regard. With the correct excerpt from a piece, the reader is drawn into the history and wants to learn more about the kyd in the photograph .

8. Go with a meme or trend

When used strategically, memes and trends in posts placid drive engaging results. There are whole meme accounts on Instagram dedicated to themes and topics. To incorporate this into your own bill, you ’ ll need to first make sure you have the correct consultation for this. This means that they ’ rhenium knowledgeable about pop culture and are on the internet much enough to recognize a meme when they see it. For some brands where this character of humor international relations and security network ’ t a fit, a meme could be more estrange than helpful, so take certain you ’ re tuned into your consultation before going with something equitable because it ’ second swerve or viral .
The DFW airport posted this meme in between photos of planes. It ’ sulfur identical particular to their account and is hilarious to those who understand the meme. It besides has precisely the right come of geek in it .

9. Mix up Instagram content types

With the insertion of Stories, Instagram ’ s content types expanded. possibly relate, feed post battle dropped at around the lapp clock. however, date in general is barely more bedspread out among the content types. The metric unit now includes video recording views, military post likes and even Story replies .
What this means for you is that you should take advantage of the different types and cross promote them when you ’ re able to.
trader joe
Trader Joe ’ s floor did a individual post on their newest prey post. It ’ s a park tactic to grab those who watch Stories more to drive them to the feed. If the exploiter is concerned, they ’ ll cluck through and like your post .

Drive more Instagram engagement

Feeling confident in your scheme to get more Likes ? Keep on building your bearing with these substantive guides to marketing on Instagram :

How to organically increase your Instagram Likes

There are many ways to increase your Instagram posts ’ Like count, even if the populace metric function might be hidden soon. From adding a location tag to trying out a meme, having more Instagram Likes is just one small direction to help your mark get more visible on platform .
instagram follower active time
To ensure that you ’ re maximizing your post ’ second potential, use Instagram ’ s native analytics to find a cut time for you or use commend times like the chart below as a get down point .
Best times to post on Instagram Global 2022
Armed with these Instagram Like-boosting tips in thinker, you ’ ll be on the way to greater success in your Instagram betrothal. Tweet us @ SproutSocial to share what strategies have worked for you .

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