47 thoughts on “HOW TO GET HAILEY BALDWIN'S SKIN: Chemical Peel Before & After! | Shallon

  1. My dermatologist also told me that a mild cleanser, toner, and moisturizer is all you need. So 2-3 steps that she said is 100% real 👍🏻

  2. Did she say that there are a lot of “non-comedogenic thickeners in micellar waters”? Comedogenic means pore-clogging, so non-comedogenic is a good thing, that’s what you want. How does such a certified esthetician make that mistake? Also, nothing wrong with micellar water to remove makeup. It’s supposed to be washed off after though, it’s not meant to be left on the skin like a toner, since it’s not skincare. If it’s washed off with your usual cleanser, the way it should be, it’s fine.

  3. I loved seeing a beauty video! Would really like to see a video on micro-needling, it is supposed to be a game changer.

  4. LOVE TCA PEELS!! What peel did you use? Percentage? Yes – please do more of these videos. Does Taylor Swift get along with anyone? Who cares? Love you Shallon!! ❤️💞

  5. Ugh, 0:48 — beautiful profile, Shallon, you do look much fresher without make up. Maybe you got some extra smart lighting over there, idk, but that's what it looks like. Update edit: I think I figure why you look (in my eyes, at least) So much more fresher and youthful without make up. Because you got such nicely plump face, but with make up you make it look way mode narrow .This plump sort of baby face is way to go 🙂 you can experiment with more lovely and gentle looking it's in more up as well..if you ever feel like it, it is, otherwise there's no point.

  6. I adore this esthetician!! She’s so kind, candid, upfront and balanced. Thank you for having her and giving us this information. ❤️

  7. Your skin really does look crazy good in the after. You should do a makeup tutorial! Like the makeup you do for your videos

  8. I used to have hormonal acne. I took diuretic pills to get rid of it. Diuretics would stop the hormones from reaching the skin. I later realized the hormonal imbalance was caused from eating cottage cheese and yogurt

  9. After doing many many treatments including lasers, peels, microdermabrasion, micro needling I can confirm that it does nothing long term. You skin looks great immediately after because it is inflamed, and therefore plumps up. Once the inflammation from the trauma has gone down, your wallet is lighter and your face has suffered more inflammation and trauma. The skin knows how much it needs to shed; it doesn't need extra help. As for acne, my adult acne completely disappears when I stopped eating anything processed. Diet is the cornerstone of good skin.

  10. I use an amazing brand called Glymed Plus, it has changed my life. The product contains glycolic and lactic acids, so its like having a mild peel every single day and the effects build over time. At first your skin will peel daily, which can be a bit annoying, but eventually it will adjust and you will be glad you stuck it out. The rewards are clean, smooth, dewy, healthy skin. If you use the glycolic and lactic acids daily your skin never has the chance to build up dead skin so your pores don't block. One thing to remember is to ALWAYS wear sunscreen while using these products, your skin will be sensitive to sunlight. If you are having issues with acne, blackheads, rosacea, aging skin, I couldn't recommend it more. PS. I know this sounds like a commercial, but I promise I am not paid by this company, I am just so pleased with the results I tell everyone I can about it. My sister recommended the product to me, she worked with a dermatologist who used it with his patients.

  11. OMG Shallon,I thought I’m the only one who loves to see her own skin peel😀 The look of the new,baby,rosy skin is like no other.Question:how have the men in your life reacted to your shedding look? Any advice on that?

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