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How Does the Loan Approval Process Work

Updated May 01, 2021
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How does credit approval work?

unfortunately, when you apply for financing, lenders wo n’t merely offer you money. You have to go through the loan blessing process first. sometimes, this can happen quickly, like when you apply for a credit wag and get an clamant decision. In other situations, such as applying for a mortgage, you ’ ll need to provide certain fiscal records, like wage stubs, bank statements, or tax returns, and go through a entire cover process .
loanword approval can happen quickly, or it can take days or weeks ; the process involves the lender making an appraisal of how hazardous it is to lend you money. There are a number of different steps to the process — and different things lenders may consider — so it helps to understand how this loan process works if you ’ ra aiming to borrow .

The Steps of the Loan Approval Process:

The steps of the lend approval process can vary, depending on the type of credit you ’ re asking for, the come you want to borrow, and the lender ’ second policies. broadly, the approval work likely includes the comply :

  1. The applicant submits a request for loan pre-approval.

Loan pre-approval is a preliminary step where you ask the lender if they might be volition to lend to you and on what terms. You aren ’ t formally applying for credit however, and frequently lenders can pre-approve you without a arduous credit check.1 This means no citation inquiry is made on your credit report card, which is dependable because besides many credit inquiries could actually hurt your credit rating score .
When you get pre-approved for a loanword, you provide some basic fiscal data, but the lender doesn ’ thymine normally ask for many documents to confirm the details. You can find out if you ’ re likely to be approved and at what rate — but your approval status or concern rates could change if it turns out you provided inaccurate information or if the lender finds out other details about your fiscal situation by and by in the loan approval process.2
Loan pre-approval international relations and security network ’ metric ton constantly necessary or required and some lenders don ’ triiodothyronine flush offer it. But it can be helpful if you ’ ra shopping around for rates with different lenders or trying to see the type of finance you might qualify for.

  1. The applicant applies for credit.

When you ’ re actually ready to apply for recognition, you ’ ll need to submit a recognition application for finance with your lender. Most lenders immediately allow you to apply on-line for loans, but you may have to visit a local anesthetic ramify of a fiscal initiation .
The credit application process and requirements can vary, depending on what kind of credit you are trying to get. If you ’ ra applying for a credit calling card, for example, you may only need to fill out a elementary on-line class with your Social Security total, contact details, and income. If you ’ re applying for a mortgage, the credit application will typically be much more in-depth and may require you to submit bank statements, tax returns, and many other documents.3

  1. The lender reviews your credit application and assesses the risk of lending to you.

This process is besides called “ underwriting. ” Usually, it involves the lender looking at fiscal factors like:4

  • Your credit score
  • Your credit report and borrowing record
  • Your income
  • Your employment history
  • The current level of debt you have
  • The number of assets you own
  • The amount you want to borrow
  • Your income relative to your debt

Some lenders may weigh certain factors more than others. For model, some lenders truly only care about your credit score and the measure of income you have, while others will need to see documentation that you ’ ve worked for the same employer for a while — and may even contact your ship’s company to get proof of employment .
No matter how it ’ mho done, the purpose of this process is for the lender to make an assessment of the likelihood that you ’ ll pay back the loanword as promised, versus the chances you ’ ll default option or stop make payments .

  1. The lender notifies you of loan approval or denial.

once the lender has completed a credit gamble assessment, they will either approve or deny your lend. The lender will besides decide what sake rate to charge you. If you ’ re considered bad, you may be denied credit entirely or you may be offered a lend with a identical high interest pace. If you have good credit and present a first gear hazard, the lender may decide that you should be approved and may offer you their most competitive rates .
Some important things to note : If you are denied a loanword because of bad credit, you have the right to receive a copy of your credit rating report. On the early hand, if you are approved, you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate required to take the lend — you still get to decide if you want to accept the funds and the agreed-upon repayment terms .
If you are looking for an option to help manage your medical bills, consider financing through the CareCredit credit wag. The CareCredit card is an easy way to pay for health and health wish and offers promotional finance options. * To apply, go to

*Subject to credit approval. minimum monthly payments required. See for details .
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