7 Ways to Improve Your Handwriting Today


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In the digital age, beautiful calligraphy has become a lose art. Recover that art and improve your handwriting with these seven simple techniques .
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How to Improve Your Handwriting

When you go on-line and look at other people ’ s beautiful calligraphy, it ’ randomness intemperate not to compare it to your own. Beautiful write is fantastic to behold, but it frequently has the inauspicious effect of making you feel self-conscious about your handwriting .
I know that annoyance, my friends. I have always lamented that my handwriting didn ’ thymine look like some ancient script from a parchment coil. While I might never have that kind of longhand capability, I have been able to amp up my calligraphy in this last year with a few cardinal techniques .
I want to share these techniques with you so you can improve your handwriting like a champion ! You ready ? Let ’ s go !

1. Invest in Proper Materials

Buying a fantastic, smooth write has been a huge blessing in my calligraphy skills. Yeah, you can pick up any old 10 cent pen that you incidentally stole from your bank narrator, but it ’ s just not a good .
You want a pen that makes you want to write with it every day. I have a huge diverseness of pens that I love ( and you can see them all at my My Supplies page ), but my identical favored for daily publish is the Pilot Metropolitan spring penitentiary .
Do you need to get a fountain pen to improve your handwriting ? Of course not ! But you might find that you enjoy your writing experience much more with the smooth ink hang and significant weight of the playpen .
Writing with a spring write might bring out your inner gregorian monk and make you feel inspired to write with dash. If you want to try out a fountain playpen but don ’ metric ton want to spend so a lot for one penitentiary, try out the Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens. They are a great gateway drug… uh, I mean pen… to get you into fountain pens .
You besides might want to consider using a properly bore of newspaper. Of course, notebook paper will do just fine. But there are a variety of options out there for writing commit that might tickle you .
For model, a notebook of French ruled paper might be a big direction to help guide you as you practice your write. I besides think that keeping my practice sheets together is better than having them all floating about in my apartment .
I typically write in my Leuchtturm1917 journals, using both a department of transportation grid and plain paper. Both are thoroughly enjoyable !

2. Hold the Pen Correctly

When you hold your pen, you should have a relax grip. many people hold their pens besides tightly, resulting in cramp calligraphy and a cramp arm. You should be able to slide the penitentiary out of your writing hand with relative ease .
The pen international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to wildly buck and chute about, so you don ’ t need to control it. You are working with the pen, you are not controlling a wild animal. so loosen up !
woman's hand gripping a pen tightlyA tight grip will result in strain on your muscles and cramped handwriting.woman's handing holding a fountain pen with a loose grip. A loose grip will be much more comfortable way to write and will result in a smoother flow of writing.

3. Write Using the Proper Body Parts

You might think this sounds cockamamie. You write with your hand, right ? not precisely !
Most folks learned to write with their fingers, myself included. This means that you are keeping your arm and palm stationary while your fingers move the pen around to create the letters .
This is not the best way to write. Most master calligraphers write with their wrist and sleeve while keeping their fingers stationery .
If you aren ’ t certain, sit down and write out a few random sentences right immediately. Pay care to what muscles you ’ ra using. Are you using your fingers ?
Try writing another few sentences without moving your fingers at all. It can be awkward at first, but after a fiddling bite of drill, you will find much more smooth, consistent handwriting .

4. Sit Up Straight!

Your sitting pose can besides have a big effect on your calligraphy. If you slouch and lean, it can make your handwriting discrepant. To maintain proper pose when you sit, you need to :

  • Keep your back straight
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor
  • Position your legs at a 90 degree angle
  • Let the chair support your lower back (or go buy a support to add to your chair)

5. Stretch

good like with any physical action, it ’ south good to get in a dear stretch before you begin. Try flexing your fingers, turning your wrists in circles, and rotating your arms to prepare yourself for a good write session .
You may besides want to turn your neck in circles to loosen up. If you begin to write with your arm rather of barely your fingers, you will find that you work out muscles you didn ’ thymine recognize you had .
It can be a bit tiring at first, but with practice comes better master and strength. Stretching will help enormously with this transition .

6. Slow Down

When you watch people with good calligraphy write, they typically go pretty fast. This may lead you to the decision that you, besides, must write fast. But writing is not a race !
While you are retraining your body to write with proper form and pose, you need to go dull to build the fresh muscle memory. It will get faster with time, I promise .
For now, good be consider and publish slowly to actually build the habits and techniques that will improve your handwriting .

7. Write Morning Pages

What I truly mean is practice, practice, practice ! But for me, anyhow, the best drill was three pages of longhand cursive in my morning Pages .
The act of writing Morning Pages has been wildly beneficial to me in a million other ways, but I have decidedly tightened up my calligraphy after months and months of practice. Whatever you do to drill, make certain you stick with it .
Like exercising, if you want to improve your handwriting, the hope change doesn ’ triiodothyronine happen nightlong. sol preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate perspiration it when your calligraphy doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate look american samoa pretty as you ’ d hoped in only a week. If you can commit, you can have the coolest handwrite ever before you know it !
so that ’ s it ! Employ one or all of these techniques and I ’ meter certain you can improve your handwriting in no meter. Just remember to be patient with yourself and have playfulness with it .
Try keeping an analogue planner with the bullet train diary to write on a daily footing, or keep a gratitude logarithm. If you want to reconnect with friends and family in a more personal way, try writing letters to hit two birds with one stone .
If you want to get a small fancy ( and who doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, truly ? ), pop on over to my ultimate pass lettering template to see how you can get started with the basics of modern calligraphy !

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