How to get a FREE MERC-5 Soldier SKIN in Call of Duty Mobile

How to get a FREE MERC-5 Soldier SKIN in Call of Duty Mobile Hey guys today all you need to do to get a free character skin MERC 5 Championship Streak …


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  1. I don’t think it’s available anymore :,(

  2. I have a flagship phone but the play button isnt there?

  3. I use tengu undead cursude in codm but for tengu I used merk 5 blood in water

  4. Where are the icon that you said?

  5. Im so idiot i dint even click that bcause it just wanna make watch livestream idint know it give rewards:(


  7. I missed the live 🙁

  8. i had the play button a couple days ago it disappered yesterday

  9. It’s really easy because I just leave my iPad open for an hour and check on it every 4 minutes or so. Or as I watch my live school session I keep my iPad open as the session finish

  10. i got GKS champions streak camo

  11. I got this skin 🔥🔥

  12. I have garena is that global

  13. Can it be a past live stream or does it have to be a present live stream

  14. I put my phone on lock and fell asleep

  15. When is next life stream for cod mobile champions league

  16. It's not showing the icon

  17. Codm gives me the heart attack because I watch video 1 hour when come to my main lobby and I see no rewards in my mailbox and I was sad but restarted my game checked the mailbox and I saw all rewards has comed to my box

  18. Im new to cod but how do you find the world championship button on the home screen

  19. My play button or Hexagon is gone is not there I missed it out😔😔😔 but I had it 1 hour ago

  20. Is this available on PH?

  21. Hope they'll add more for the next live streams.

  22. It’s not there ??!!! The icon… am I late ??

  23. Damn I missed it by one day🙄

  24. Hello JHC, I watched all 4 hours and I didn't collected rewards as I was waiting to record full collection video and then post it on my channel, but I can't see that option now. Is there any way I can get that reward?

  25. There is no option for changing resolution in my device 😑

  26. Oh wow, dude thank you! I'll go ahead and subscribe too while im at it, never know what else I could be missing out on 😉

  27. There is no play the championship over sir

  28. i had a dream last night and its the exact video right here

  29. That skin isn't worth it's so bad

  30. No fair I don't have that in my phone but I can still get like it's not Merc 5 it's the police or the he has mask

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