8 Easy Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

sometimes, you get a opportunity to enjoy a bottle of wine far away from your kitchen. possibly you ‘re traveling or at a field day. In these situations, it ‘s handy to know how to uncork a wine bottle safely without a wine bottle opener. To help, we’ve outlined the steps for 8 of the safest, most foolproof ways to open wine bottles!

1) The Screw & Hammer Method

This method acting is the safest and most goofproof way to open a wine bottle. You ‘ll need a screwdriver, a fuck ( ideally longer than an edge ), and a malleus .

  1. Drive the screw into the cork with the screwdriver until there’s only a half-inch sticking out.
  2. Using the hammer, gently pull up on the screw as though you are removing a nail.

If you ‘re easy, the phellem should come out perfectly without any damage to the wine or the cork.

2) The Wooden Spoon Method

This method works well if the wine is young or has minimal sediment. Keep in take care this should only be used if you intend to finish the bottle. You ‘ll need a wooden smooch, external container, and a coffee filter or strainer .

  1. Using the handle of a wooden spoon, gently push the cork into the wine bottle.
  2. Put the coffee filter or strainer over the opening of another container.
  3. Pour the wine into the second container slowly, catching any loose cork in the coffee filter as you pour.

There ‘s no direction to retrieve the cork after you ‘ve done this, so take surely you ‘re planning on finishing the wine .

3) The Bike Pump Method

The bicycle pump method acting besides works with a ball pump or any manual pump with a phonograph needle at the end. You ‘ll need a bicycle pump with a needle .

  1. Insert the needle into the cork until it’s all the way through the other end.
  2. Gently pump the wine bottle with air, which will drive the cork upward.
  3. Pull the cork out with your hand once it is pushed out enough. You don’t want the cork to explode.

4) The Serrated Knife Method

This method besides excellently works with a unconstipated arrange of keys, but it ‘s a little easier to exert docile impel with a knife ‘s handle. You ‘ll need a key, a tongue, or any sharp/flat object .

  1. Insert the object at a 45-degree angle into the cork without cutting through it.
  2. Rotate the object, pulling the cork up and out as you do.

Exert careful wedge and take your time—let the cork come up as you rotate.

5) The Towel Wrap Method

This one is hazardous, but if you take your clock, it should work absolutely. You ‘ll need 1-2 thick towels or blankets .

  1. Wrap the bottom of the bottle with towels or fabrics.
  2. Gently thump the bottom of the bottle against the wall.
  3. Repeat (being careful not to break the bottle) until the cork is nearly out.
  4. Remove the cork with your hand.

Do n’t try to get it all out at once ! The key here is to move the bob a little at a time .

6) The Shoe Method

If you ‘re really without resources, you can use your shoe to tap the cork out. For this, you ‘ll just need a rigid-bottomed shoe with a bite of acme, like a heel dress horseshoe or a chock heel .

  1. Place the bottle into the shoe with the bottom resting where your heel normally is.
  2. Holding the bottle against the shoe, tap it against the wall until you see the cork begin to move.
  3. Before the cork is fully out, remove it by hand.

Because there ‘s less cushion than the blankets provide, it ‘s extra critical to go slowly and apply aristocratic force .

7) The Other Shoe Method (Sitting Down)

Do n’t have a wall ? Or possibly you ‘re in a hotel with neighbors on the other side of the wall. Either means, this is a direction to use your shoe to tap out the cork without making much randomness. Fair admonition, though : you ‘ll need to be extremely argus-eyed about how far the bob moves with every exploit .

  1. For this, you’ll need a towel, a shoe like the one mentioned above, and a chair.
  2. Wrap the bottom of the wine bottle with the towel.
  3. While seated, put the bottle between your legs with the bottom facing up.
  4. With your shoe, tap the bottom of the bottle until you see the cork come partway out.

Make sure to check the cork before every tap ; the worst-case scenario here is for the cork to come out all the direction, spilling the wine.

8) The Wire Hanger Method

This gratuity demands merely a little bit of extra parturiency, but it ‘s a fairly dependable method acting of cork removal .

  1. Unwind the wire hanger.
  2. Wind the hanger tightly around a cylindrical shape, like a dowel or the neck of the wine bottle itself.
  3. Insert the wire hanger into the cork the way you would a normal corkscrew.
  4. Once firmly inserted, gently pull the cork out of the bottle.

You may want to wrap a fabric when you ‘re pulling to provide a better, more comfortable clasp. For wine that you can enjoy no matter where you are, subscribe to the Theorem Vineyards mailing list today! Or visit our Wine Shop to learn more about our world-class wines.

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