The Social Media Content Calendar Template Every Marketer Needs [Free Template]

Have you been on a time crunch to create sociable media capacity ? Most of us have and it ‘s a nerve-racking position to be in. Creating message in the consequence it needs to be published is less than ideal for more reasons than you may realize. not only is your content less likely to meet the needs of your consultation, but you ‘ll besides miss out on the creative social topics and events that can be planned for in advance .
In this usher, you ‘ll get the best social media contented calendar template and a bit-by-bit guide explaining how to use it .
HubSpot's social media calendar template pictured in an ipad Use the Above Template to Plan Out Your social Media Holiday Posts

What is a Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar is a plan document that organizes your publish schedule by date. This enables you to keep track of deadlines, better manage your contented creation team, and create foil with stakeholders who rely on your publication schedule .

Why do I need a social media calendar?

There are respective benefits of having a social media calendar. The first is that it keeps you and your team organized. Rather than coming up with content ideas on the vanish, you can plan your message around your organization ‘s needs, trending topics, and stream events .
Another benefit to having a social media calendar is that it can help you scale your capacity production without overwhelming your commercialize team. You can footstep the production around your team ‘s bandwidth and early duties your department is responsible for by planning the content in advance .
Creating a big content calendar is n’t a elementary as adding a few Instagram mail ideas to your Google calendar. You ‘ll want to make certain you include the discipline components in your calendar to make it easy for your team to use and stakeholders to understand .

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Components of a Social Media Content Calendar

  1. Key
  2. URLs and UTM Parameters
  3. Date and Time
  4. Message
  5. Campaign
  6. Image

Perfecting your social media content calendar doesn ’ thymine have to be a job. With these substantive components, you ’ ll have a foundation to organize your social media strategy at a tactical horizontal surface .


As you noticed in earlier sections, your stakeholders will appreciate having an easy-to-read key that they can use to understand the information in the calendar .
ampere farseeing as your samara is clear, barely about anyone in your constitution can view your social media contentedness calendar and understand precisely what ’ s happening on all platforms .

URLs and UTM Parameters

We ‘ve harped on these UTM parameters throughout this post for good reason. They ‘re critical to tracking the success of your campaign. Without them, you wo n’t know what ‘s working and what is n’t .
URLs and UTM parameters are similar, but they ’ re not one and the same. URLs are the links you ’ ll want to share from your web site ( or flush another web site if you ’ re curating content ) on your sociable media platforms .
On the other hand, a UTM parameter is an extension of your URL. It ’ s a chain of tracking code that ’ s appended to the end of the URL and it helps social media marketers track how well their posts are driving traffic to their web site. By tracking and analyzing UTM parameters, you ’ ll be able to see what subject is meeting your conversion goals and what content is better for battle on social media platforms .

Date and Time

If you have stakeholders or early teams that rely on your social media content, you ’ ll quickly see the profit of including dates and times in your social media calendar .
When teammates can view the calendar and identify precisely when a mail was or will be scheduled, they ’ ll be able to cursorily proceed with their work flow which is beneficial for you, excessively. That means you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be interrupted to give status updates about every tweet on the docket for the day .


transparency and context are invaluable when it comes to social media content calendars. Giving a brief outline of the message or even sharing the caption for a post can go a long way in helping others within and outside your team understand what the intent of the stake will be .
professional lean : If you ’ re adding a video recording to your social media message calendar that isn ’ metric ton finished, consider adding a short Loom video that gives an overview of what the video recording will be about .


When it comes to tracking, it ’ south excessively late to start when the campaign is over. Start tracking your sociable media campaigns in your content calendar. You can make this prescriptive by having a dropdown tilt of predetermined campaign names, or if your campaigns are few and far between, simply replicate and glue the names next to the comparable subject .
pro tip : Align your campaign name with the campaign department of your UTM argument for seamless trailing .


Your social media content calendar will become just another spreadsheet without some imagination. Since much of your social media subject will probably be ocular, add a thumbnail-sized translation of the prototype that will be included in the published position. Coupled with the message, stakeholders who view the calendar images will have a reasonably good mind of what will be shared and when. To make editing your images for each platform easier, check out this cheat sheet for ideal image dimensions on each platform .

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

  1. Identify your goals.
  2. Align your team.
  3. Consider diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
  4. Decide what social channels you’ll use.
  5. Determine your publishing cadence.
  6. Set up UTM tracking.
  7. Create an analysis tracker in your calendar.

Step 1: Identify your goals.

The first gradation you want to take to build your social media content calendar is to identify your goals. These will determine how frequently you post, who should be involved in the subject initiation summons, and which channels you ‘ll want to use .
If you ‘re not certain where to start with setting up your social media goals, we cover that here .

Step 2: Align your team.

With your goals etched in stone, it ‘s time to align your team toward these goals. Social media contented universe is a improbable order, specially for list market teams, so do n’t short yourself on resources — particularly talent .
One matter we know to be true today is that video recording content is taking over good approximately every major social chopine. That means you ‘ll want to have on-camera talent dedicated to producing video subject to meet the needs of your social media calendar .
If you can, find a subject godhead who is well-versed in short-form written subject, video capacity, and audio content to keep your contentedness production moving promptly and prevent bottlenecks .

Step 3: Consider diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Diversity, equity, inclusion body, and belonging are topics to consider when developing your social calendar. You ‘ll want to make certain your content reflects and respects the values and experiences of your audience. furthermore, the faces, voices, and stories you share on social networks should be representative of your hearing and the larger community where your business operates .
This is n’t something that can happen by accident, so you ‘ll want to plan for diverseness and inclusion as you develop your content calendar. If you ‘d like some steering on creating diverse and inclusive content, check out our original research on the topic .

Step 4: Decide what social channels you’ll use.

Every social channel is different and the content you post on each one should appeal to the layout of the platform and the users who use it.

If you ‘re a seasoned seller or have a big team, you may find that using all of the popular channels and even experimenting with a new one could be beneficial to the goals you set in step one. however, if you ‘re a team of one, or your team is already stretched sparse, it ‘s all right to start with a few social channels and work your way up to more .

Step 5: Determine your publishing cadence.

exchangeable to starting small and working your means to more social channels, the same applies to your publish cadence. It ‘s not uncommon for brands to post casual on platforms like Twitter while posting once a week on LinkedIn may be more than enough to keep that hearing engaged .
Take a look at the research for each social media platform you plan to use to get a sense of the posting cadence best practices. then, compare that to the bandwidth on your team and the goals you want to achieve. Remember : the goal of a social media calendar is to create and publish a sustainable stream of message to your audience — it ‘s a marathon not a race .

Step 6: Set up UTM tracking.

One of the most crucial parts of a social media calendar is actually the part you do n’t see — analytics and tracking. The easiest means to track how your social media content is performing is to use UTM parameters to track it. “ UTM ” sounds like a chilling acronym, but they ‘re volt ery bare to set up and manipulation .
once you ‘ve got them in place for each link on your social media posts, you can review the metrics of your social media contented .

Step 7: Create an analysis tracker in your calendar.

For stakeholders who want to stay abreast of how well your social media capacity is, create a tab that shows clicks, views, engagements, and other metrics you plan to track to deem your content a success. Tracking analytics can be vitamin a bare or detailed as your team prefers .
For a full list of metrics to track and tools to do it, take a search at this class ‘s Ultimate Guide to Social Media Analytics .

How to Use HubSpot’s Social Media Content Calendar Template

If you do n’t have time to create your social media content calendar from cancel, start with HubSpot ‘s free social media contented calendar template. Download it nowadays, and follow along with the steps below .

Featured Resource: Social Media Content Calendar Template

HubSpot's Social Media Content Calendar Template
download now
The follow subsections will show you how to fill out each of the check you see in this template — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest .

Review the Monthly Planning Calendar tab.

The yellow journalism Monthly Planning Calendar provides an overall snapshot of your monthly social media campaigns. It ‘ll help you coordinate with other stakeholders and keep all the moving parts in order. here ‘s what it looks like :
social media holiday calendar template
There are three sections to take bill of when you edit this template. First, the color-coding key. Each color represents a type of contentedness or political campaign you might coordinate, like ebooks, webinars, web log posts, intersection launches, and then on. Though lone some of these might be relevant to you, they ‘re fair the get down of what you may want to include here — thus be sure to add and remove categories that align with your own types of content .
The other two sections you ‘ll need to edit are the Month and Year at the acme of the calendar, angstrom well as the cells below each sidereal day of the workweek. In those cells, you should enter the type of contentedness you ‘ll be promoting that day and color-code it to align with the campaign it ‘s supporting .
alternatively of deleting all the content in this spreadsheet each calendar month, I recommend copying this worksheet twelve times over and creating a separate plane for each calendar month. ( If that gets to be excessively overpowering, you can constantly save those tabs as a separate workbook. )

Populate your first social channel in the calendar.

Alright, immediately let ‘s get to the sociable media capacity part of the calendar. For the sake of this web log post, we ‘ll use Twitter as an case, but these steps will work for each social channel check in the template .
Let ‘s say you want to add some tweets to your scheduling template. Scroll over to the Twitter Updates check in the contented calendar spreadsheet, where you ‘ll see this :
HubSpot social media content calendar for twitter

Day, Date & Time

The first gear four column, Day, Date, Time, and Date & Time are there for your appliance, and if you choose to use a third-party app for pre-scheduling your tweets ( like HubSpot ‘s Social Media Management Software ), then these columns will be utilitarian. For now, equitable meet in the go steady for when you ’ ll publish updates to Twitter, and the time at which you ‘d like them to go out. The Date & Time column will automatically change based on what you type in the former two column .


now, let ’ s motion over to the Message column. here, input the copy you ’ d like to appear in your pinch, bearing in mind you should cap it at 217 characters to allow adequate room for a liaison. ( Read this web log post for a full quality count guide. ) This spreadsheet will auto-calculate the number of characters you ’ ve entered to keep you on steer, turning chicken and finally crimson as you approach 240 characters .


After you ‘ve composed your tweet, paste the URL you ‘d like to include in your tweet in the Link column. Be sure to include UTM parameters then you ‘ll know whether these tweets are driving traffic, leads, and customers. This is an crucial gradation to remember if you ‘d like to demonstrate ROI from social media. You can besides use the Campaign column to add an associated campaign which helps with more detail traverse and report .


finally, in the Image column, attach the tweet ‘s image ( if you have one ). For Twitter, we recommend images that are 1200 x 670 pixels .
( Click here for a wide deceiver sheet of social media persona sizes. )
If you ‘re having trouble attaching your image to the spreadsheet, follow these steps :
Step 1: Click on the cell where you ‘d like to place your trope .
How to add an image to an excel cell, step 1 click insert
Step 2: Click Insert in the top rowing, then click the Image button, and last, chatter effigy in cell to choose your trope. How to add an image to an excel cell, step 2 click image and image in cell
Step 3: In the Insert image windowpane, choose the option your photograph will come from. In this model, we uploaded an visualize from our calculator .
How to add an image to an excel cell, step 3 upload the image
Step 4: You ‘ll now see the effigy appear in the cell. How to add an image to an excel cell, step 4 final step, image appears
Pro Tip: This work is good for organizational purposes. If you decide to upload the spreadsheet to your social media publishing software, it will not attach — you ‘ll have to do that manually. If you ‘re a HubSpot customer, details for how to bulk upload your chitter content to the HubSpot Social PublishingTool can be found within the download template .

Don’t Forget to Interact With Your Followers

Whether you use this spreadsheet to plan your message or upload it to a third-party app, you ‘ll silent need to supplement these updates with on-the-fly content. Breaking news hits ? Whip up a quick update to parcel it with your network. Did person in your net tweet something interesting ? Give it a retweet with some comment. Got a intrigue gloss on one of your updates ? react with a “ thank you ” for their interaction .
Coming up with and scheduling your social media contented in advance is a huge time-saver, but it should go without saying that you still need to monitor and add to your social presence throughout the day .
ultimately, we encourage you to experiment with your sociable media publishing. This template provides publish dates and times for each social net, but you may find those are room besides many updates for you to fill, or possibly besides infrequent for your booming social presence. If this is the case, you should adjust your social media publishing frequency as needed .
immediately that you ’ ve got the ins and outs of a social media content calendar, download the one below for release and start planning your content .
Editor ‘s note : This mail was in the first place published in January 2020 and has been updated for breadth.

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