How to Forward iPhone Calls to Another Number


How to Forward iPhone Calls to Another Number

By iPhones have a capital feature that allows you to easily ahead calls to another phone number. This tutorial covers the steps including screenshots along the way .
ever since I bought my first iPhone 3G back in 2008, the first thing I do when I get home plate is ahead all calls from my iPhone to my home earphone. originally I did this because my house sits in a black hole, and AT & T service sucks. Although this finical issue is fixed with Wi-Fi calling, I still regularly ahead my calls as it ’ s a nice way to drop the call at the doorway and “ unplug ” without the worry of missing a shout.

so, if you ’ re like me, and you still have a home phone… follow the bare steps below to forward your iPhone to any numeral. The steps are confirmed to work for the original iPhone angstrom well as the iPhone X. Although this tip is for iPhone users, the process is the same for Android users adenine well. That said, you can besides use Carrier codes if you don ’ metric ton want to screw around with your iPhone settings .

How To Forward iPhone Calls to Another Number

footprint 1 – Tap Settings on your iPhone iphone settings option footfall 2 – Tap Phone iphone phone screen step 3 – Tap Call Forwarding iphone call forwarding option screenshot step 4 – Tap Call Forwarding to toggle on ( turn on ) the sport

Note: To disable Call Forwarding late, return to this menu and toggle off. iphone call forwarding option screenshot After toggling on Call Forwarding, the Forward To option will appear and prompt you for the number to forward calls to. If you ’ ve already used this sport before, the previous # you forwarded your iPhone to will be displayed. If that ’ s the case, you ’ re done. If not, continue with Step 5. step 5 – Tap Forward to choose a number to forward your call to. iphone call forwarding option screenshot step 6 – Input the phone number starting with Area Code. Tap Call Forwarding back clitoris when done. iphone call forwarding option screenshot once call Forwarding is enabled, you will notice a new Phone Icon on the lead prevention of your iPhone sieve : iphone call forwarding icon This icon means that your telephone has been forwarded to another total. Don ’ triiodothyronine forget about this ! I can ’ t tell you how many times my wife has texted me telling me my call is still forwarded family. ; )

As I mentioned earlier, about all phones on all carriers have the ability to forward calls to another number. For case, AT & T, Verizon, and Sprint allow you to forward older model non-Smart Phones using *72 and the earphone #. exemplar : *72 206 555 1212. This is actually how I constantly forwarded my previous flip phone back in the day.

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