How to Find a Woman’s Ring Size (Even Without Her Knowing!)

How to Find a Woman’s Ring Size (Even Without Her Knowing!)

So, you’ve finally found “the one” and are ready to propose? Congrats! But do you know her ring size? Here, we’ll show you how to find a woman’s ring size. We’ll even include a few tricks to use to find her size on the DL if you want to surprise her.

How surround size is measured

Ring size is based upon the circumference (distance around) the thickest part of your finger in millimeters. This measurement is the converted to standard ring sizes.
For example, if you measure your resound feel and determine it is 54 millimeter in circumference, this measurement translates to an american call size of 7 on a scale between 3 and 13.

If you ’ re in the United Kingdom, your ring size would be an O on a scale of F to Z. If you happen to live in France, your conversion is easier, as the french simply express ring sizes in the dear quarter of a millimeter .

Ring size conversion chart ( millimeters to ring size )

The U.S. ring size scale goes from size 3 (44.1 mm) to size 13 (69.6 mm).
Use the follow surround size conversion chart to convert a measurement in millimeters to either U.S. or U.K. ring sizes .
Ring size conversion chart - millimeters to US and UK ring sizes.Ring size conversion chart: Millimeters (mm) to U.S. and U.K. ring sizes.

How to measure for ring size at home

You can easily measure for ring size at home with either measuring tape or a piece of string (or dental floss) and a ruler. You can also buy a ring sizing tool like the one’s jewelers use for less than $10.
The best room to find a woman ’ s ring size is to either ask or to visit an have jewelry maker who will measure her finger for you. obviously, if you want to surprise her ( or save money by buying from a top on-line jeweler ), you ’ re going to need to find her ring size on your own !

Find ring size with measure tape

The easiest way to do this is to measure the thickest contribution of her hoop feel with a sew magnetic tape measuring stick like the one pictured below. You can pick up a measurement subscribe for less than $ 5 on Amazon, at Walmart, or any framework shop .
Sewing tape measures can be used to find her ring size at home.Inexpensive sewing measuring tape is the best way to find her ring size at home. Most measure tape has inches on one side and metric measurements ( centimeters and millimeters ) on the back. good be certain your tape has millimeters because inches ( or even centimeters ) will not be precise adequate .

Find ring size with string or alveolar consonant floss

If you do not have measuring videotape, you can find her ring size at home using a piece or string or dental floss and either a ruler or a carpenter ’ second magnetic tape measure .
Simply wrap the chain or dental floss around the thickest part of her ring finger and either cut or mark the string. then measure it with the rule or tape measure .

Find ring size with a ring size tool

last, you can besides buy a ring sizing creature like the ones jewelry maker use. They are quite cheap, with respective options available on Amazon for under $ 10 .
James Allen will besides send you a free one as we explain below .
here ’ s what they look like :

Examples of various ring sizing tools that you can buy on Amazon.

Use this virtual band size

Top-rated on-line jeweler James Allen offers this free virtual call size joyride to help you find your girlfriend ’ sulfur date ring size. If you want to be precise as possible, they ’ ll even mail you a spare ring size tool .
James Allen virtual ring size tool.James Allen’s virtual ring sizer tool will help you find her ring size using an existing ring, by measuring her finger. They’ll even mail you a free ring sizer.

When is the best time to measure for ring size ?

If you’ve ever worn a ring before, you know that your fingers can swell throughout the day or even based upon the weather or your diet. Therefore, it’s important to take multiple measurements to get the most accurate ring size.
At the very least, try to measure her ring size both in the morning and in the even. To be a accurate as possible, purpose to get a few measurements over the course of a few days .
You ’ ll want to use the largest ring size you measure. If your fingers swell improving and you ’ re wearing excessively humble of a hoop, it will be unmanageable and even painful to take off. In extreme cases, you may need to use a ring tender to cut it off .

How to find a womanhood ’ s ring size without her knowing

If you need to find your girlfriend’s ring size secretly, you can try to use the string-and-ruler method while she’s sleeping or measure one of her existing rings.
If you ’ ra impression furtive, you can try to wrap a drawstring around her ring finger while she ’ sulfur sleeping and then measure the string with a ruler .
What if you can ’ thyroxine do this, or she ’ s a inner light sleeper ? The following best matter to do would be to find an existing call she owns. ( Just make certain it ’ s something she wears on her call finger, like a promise resound. ) every finger is a unlike size !

With an existing ring, it will be easier to measure the diameter ( the distance across ) quite than the circumference. measure the diameter inside the ring, not outside it. You can then calculate the circumference with this convention :
Circumference = π x Diameter (π = 3.14159)

How to buy an date ring if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know her resound size

If you want to guarantee your proposal stays a surprise, you may have to buy an engagement ring without knowing your soon-to-be fiancée’s ring size. It’s not a big deal! Jewelers resize rings all the time.
Better however, good ones should offer to do it for release as separate of your leverage .
Of course, you ’ ll want to make an train guess about her ring size before you buy. Most women have U.S. ring sizes between 5 and 7 .
Try to observe the size of her hands relative to other women. Are they smaller, average, or larger ? Buy a size 5 if they ’ re on the smaller side, a size 6 if they ’ re average, and a size 7 if they ’ re larger .
You might just get golden. She ’ ll probably be able to wear it until you can get it resized if you ’ re entirely off a half size or then. The ring may just feel a little lax or nasty .
In the worst-case scenario, your fiancée may not be able to wear her ring immediately after you propose .

How much does it cost to resize a gang ?

Most jewelers will offer at least one complimentary ring resizing when you buy a ring from them. The fee to resize a ring again — or a ring you purchased elsewhere — varies by jeweler but is usually less than $100.
even on-line jewelers will happily resize a resound that you purchased from them for release. Of course, you ’ ll indigence to ship it second and forth .
For case, here is Blue Nile ’ s official resize policy .

We provide complimentary resize for Build Your Own Rings™, and Diamond Bands when within the manufacturer ’ mho recommended sizing range, during the first base year. Simply contact a Diamond & Jewelry Consultant at 1-800-242-2728 to arrange for your free resize.

Brilliant Earth will send you a free hoop size but besides offers a identical utilitarian printable ring size guide that you can use to cursorily find a band size if you don ’ thyroxine want to wait for a size to arrive in the mail. Brilliant Earth besides offers a rid 60-day resize policy, besides. ( Request a absolve gang size or get the size guide here. )
James Allen besides offers free ring resizing within one year of purchase with absolve ship within the U.S. and Canada for the first resize. extra resize within the foremost year cost $ 25 for gold rings and $ 50 for platinum .

How practice jewelers resize rings ?

Jewelers resize rings by making a delicate cut at the bottom of the ring and either adding or removing a small amount of metal to the ring.
As a solution, resize fees may differ depending on whether you are sizing up ( adding metal ) or sizing down ( removing alloy ) angstrom well as the material the surround is made of .
Watch how a jeweler resizes a ring. Some rings can not be resized. These include rings made of alternative metals like Tungsten, rings with milgrain or ornate bands, and some argent rings.


Finding the perfect ring is easier once you know how to find a woman’s ring size. You can do this by measuring her finger with a measuring tape, piece of string and a ruler, or a specialized ring sizing tool that can be purchased for less than $10.
If you need to secretly find your girlfriend ’ s ring size for an engagement ring, you can try to measure her feel at night. But it might be easier to measure an existing ring if she has one !
last, if you simply can ’ t find out her ring size ahead of time, it ’ s not unmanageable to resize a ring. Most jewelers will do this for rid after you buy a ring from them. otherwise, resizing a resound typically costs between $ 25 and $ 100 .

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