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Lost your Airpods sheath ? Fret not, here ’ s how you can recover your lost event. Plus, some tips to never lose it again !
Losing the AirPods sheath can make anyone panic, specially your AirPods will virtually be useless without it. digression from charging, your AirPods case is needed to reset and pair your AirPods .
unfortunately, losing the AirPods case is one of the most common things every AirPods owner will experience at some point. then a lot so that Apple earned up to $ 700 million deserving of substitution AirPods and cases sales in 2019 .
fortunately, you don ’ t have to buy a successor AirPods case immediately upon losing them. There are some things you can try to help you find your AirPods case. And this article will guide you through all that.

Can You Track A Lost AirPod Case?

Yes, you can track your lost AirPod shell. That is, if at least one of your AirPods is in your lost charging case using Apple ’ mho Find My App. Without your AirPods in the lost lawsuit, you ’ ll have to rely on products such as AirTags or early tracking devices .

unfortunately, the Find My App can only track the AirPods and not the shell .

This is because, while the AirPods have Apple ’ s customs H1 chips, the charging case alone has standard chips from its respective suppliers. This means your charging case doesn ’ t have the advanced technology AirPods have that lets Apple ’ south Find My app track them .
furthermore, your AirPods case besides doesn ’ t have its own Bluetooth connectivity, so no third-party app can help you scan their location when they ’ rhenium nearby .
even Apple won ’ thymine be able to track them with your AirPods consecutive phone number. In this lawsuit, your best option is to replace your lose or stolen AirPods encase alternatively .

How to Find Your AirPods Case With Your AirPods in Them

There ’ randomness surely nothing fortunate about a miss AirPods encase but, as mentioned, losing your AirPods case with the AirPods in them is the best potential scenario .
As you ’ ll learn, you have a couple of options to find them without relying on third-party trackers .

Using ‘Directions’ feature

The Directions feature of speech in Apple ’ randomness Find My app, is a antic way to ping an AirPod shell. This feature will direct you to where your AirPods are, but not the case. That ’ sulfur why the feature of speech is alone utilitarian when you ’ ve lost your shell with the AirPods actually inside them .
The following key thing to know about this feature is that the way it works is dependent upon if your event is open or closed. It may sound strange, but there is a logic to it .

  • If your case is open: Your AirPods will emit a signal and appear online. All functionality will be available.
  • If your case is closed: The AirPods enter charging mode, quit emitting a signal, and appear offline. In this state, you will only be able to find the last location where the AirPods case is open – additional movements will be unknown by the app. Furthermore, in this state, you won’t be able to use the ‘Play sound’ or ‘Nearby’ features in the Find My app.

here ’ s a bit-by-bit guide to getting the most out of this have :

  1. Launch the Find My app on your iOS device.
  2. Under the Devices tab, select your AirPods.
  3. You will see a map showing where they are or the last location where they were open and powered on.
  4. For open AirPods cases, you can use ‘play sound’ to create an audible signal to help you locate them.
  5. For both open and closed cases, select Directions to open a map with a guide to your AirPods.

Using ‘Lost Mode’

The adjacent have that can help you is Lost Mode, released with io 15. Whereas the above features utilize your own devices, Lost Mode stretches throughout the entire network of io devices .
How does it work ? When your AirPods are lost, and you engage Lost Mode, a massive search will be conducted by all io phones and devices opting into the network. When your AirPods are found within the network, a message will be sent to you detailing their placement .
Notice the vehemence on AirPods being lost. This is because, like the Directions feature above, the focus will be on the AirPods, not the AirPods sheath .
fortunately, closed AirPod cases ( which are considered ‘ powered off ’ by the network ) are probable to be opened at some point by person. With Lost Mode, you will be alerted once they do so, no matter where you are .

  1. Open up the Find My app, and tap Devices.
  2. Select your AirPods that are in the missing AirPod case.
  3. Under ‘Mark As Lost’ tap Activate.
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. (Optional) Add a phone number and/or email for the AirPod case’s finder to contact you with.
  6. Tap Activate to fully activate the Lost Mode.

How to Replace Your Lost or Stolen AirPods Case

The worst has come to be and you ’ ve lost your AirPods case while you were wearing the AirPods themselves. Since the Find My app looks for the AirPods themselves, you ’ re unfortunately only able to find your own head .
In this case, no tool will help you find your AirPods case unless you search for them manually .
If this is the case, the best naturally of action is to replace the AirPods shell. here are some tips on how you can replace your lost AirPods case :

Get an official Apple AirPods case replacement

fortunately, they are not single as a set. This means that you can either get a substitution from Apple or consider third-party options .
Getting a actual Apple successor case is the best option as your AirPods are guaranteed to work well with it. That is, if you ’ ra will to partially with the compulsory fees.

AirPod variant Standard charging case Wireless/MagSafe charging case
AirPods (2nd generation) USD$59 USD$79
AirPods (3rd generation) N.A USD$79
AirPods Pro N.A USD$99

Wondering about the AppleCare+ that you ’ ve bought with your Airpods ? unfortunately, that doesn ’ thyroxine cover charge larceny and loss. There is a especial AppleCare+ with a larceny and loss plan, but it ’ s only for the iPhone. apart from being sure that you ’ re getting a legalize replacement, Apple besides offers a guarantee for their replacement parts. This depends on how long you had your AirPods before you lost them .
This is because Apple ’ s guarantee duration for replacements can last either for 90 days or the remaining term of your Apple guarantee, whichever is longer .
This makes it a worthy option if you lost them soon after owning them, specially if you ’ ve previously bought AppleCare+ coverage for your AirPods .

Is it okay to get third-party AirPods cases?

Third-party AirPods cases are available if you don ’ metric ton wish to spend that much for an original AirPod case substitute .
For a fraction of Apple ’ s out-of-warranty successor tip, you can get several third-party replacements if you ’ ra always frequently losing them .
however, these third-party cases aren ’ metric ton mean to work with genuine Apple AirPods. They could pose several issues such as over/under charging ascribable to different charging voltages .
aside from that, the custom-made Apple silicon H1 nick might detect the consumption of non-Apple certify accessories. This could result in precarious connections or errors when pairing your AirPods to other devices .

How to Set Up AirPods With New Case

If you have replaced either of your AirPods or a new charging character, they ’ ll ask setting up before you can use them again. Simply putting them back into their charge font will not work .
Thanks to their intuitive design, you can well set them up with these steps :

  1. On your iOS device, go to Bluetooth in Settings.
  2. Tap “i” next to your AirPods.
  3. Tap Forget This Device and tap again to confirm.
  4. Put both AirPods in your charging case.
  5. Open the lid and check the status light. It should flash amber.
  6. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for a few seconds. The status light should flash white.
  7. While at the Home Screen on your iOS device, open the case with your AirPods inside and hold it next to your iOS device. A setup animation should appear on your screen.
  8. Tap Connect to pair your newly set up AirPods with your iOS device.

How to Avoid Losing Your AirPods Case

As it ’ s frequently said, prevention is better than cure. To save you from this, we ’ ve come up with some practical accessories to keep your AirPods within your reach .

AirPods case cover with anti-lost straps

Before applying “ high-tech ” solutions, you can consider using the AirPods shell cover with anti-lost straps for your AirPods encase .
They not only provide protection to your AirPods case with shock absorbing silicon but besides act as a keychain that you can handily attach to your bag or backpack. This is one of the most low-cost options as it doesn ’ t involve any elaborate technology .
however, this international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate goofproof as it depends on your due diligence to keep them fastened to your accessories by the keychain .
There ’ south besides a Multifunctional package Combination that provides all the necessity accessories to keep your AirPods securely with you .

AirPods case and AirTag cover

Our future foot would be adapting Apple ’ s AirTag to your AirPods. Since its introduction in spring 2021, third-party accessory makers have hustled to make all kinds of creative accessories to complement the AirTags .
One such accessory is the 2-in-1 Protective Skin Case for AirPods Pro and AirTag Case Combo Set. not to worry, they besides have it for the 1st and 2nd generation AirPods. Soon, we can expect one for the AirPods ( 3rd Generation ) .
Besides protecting your AirPods case, you can place an AirTag in it to aid the track of your AirPods .
AirTag leverages Apple ’ s huge Find My network to locate itself. It makes use of Apple-designed U1 chip harnessing Ultra Wideband engineering, to enable Precision Finding. It can besides play a sound with its in-built speakers just like your AirPods .

Tile trackers

similar to AirTag, you can try attaching Tile trackers to your AirPods. Tile has been one of the most successful crowdfunding project that materialised into one of the most democratic lost item tracker .
tile trackers leverage Tile ’ s huge network ( every call running the Tile app and Tile ’ s own Network Extenders ) to track lost items .
Unlike Apple ’ randomness Find My app which is single to Apple devices, Tile has its own app that is compatible with Android, Apple and other platforms.

Better yet, Tile has subscription plans for customers such as Premium Protect where the caller will actually reimburse you up to $ 1,000 per class if Tile is unable to help you find your lose detail within seven days .


As you can see, it ’ s not then easy to lose your AirPod sheath with the right countermeasures in space. But, at least now you can have confidence enjoying your AirPods and bringing their case anywhere you go without the fear of losing them. And even if they get stolen, you ’ ll know where and how to start looking .
Did we miss anything ? What worked for you ? Share your lost and found stories of AirPods with us if it ever happened to you .

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