How to Unhide Apps on an iPhone

What to Know

  • To add an app to the home screen go to App Library > search for app, tap and hold the icon until it starts to jiggle, then drag it to the home screen.
  • To find apps hidden from view: App Store > tap profile icon > tap name or Apple ID > scroll down and tap Hidden Purchases.

This article explains to unhide apps on your iPhone and how to find apps that might be hidden from opinion .

How Do I Unhide Hidden Apps ?

If you know there ‘s an app on your iPhone, but you ca n’t find it, it could be hidden in your App Library. And if you access the app often, you may want to add it back to your home screen. There ‘s a aboveboard way to do that.

  1. Open the App Library on your iPhone. In most cases, you can swipe from right field to left until you enter the App Library. It might be a few screens over, so keep swipe until App Library shows up .

  2. Using the search bar at the crown of the screen, enter the name of the app you ‘re searching for .
    Do n’t remember the accurate mention of the app you want ? not a problem. You can type one or two letters of the name and then look through all the results that appear until you find what you ‘re looking for .
  3. When the search results appear, pat and hold the name of the app you want. If it does n’t automatically move to your home riddle, slide your finger to the leave without releasing the app to move it to your home riddle .
    Moving a hidden app on iPhone

How Do You Find Hidden Apps on iPhone Home Screen ?

If what you want is to find an app that you ‘re not even certain you have, then there ‘s another way to go about looking for it. You can find it by going through the Hidden Purchases that have been made on your iPhone .

  1. Open the App Store and tap the Account button at the top of the screen ; it probably has your visualize on it.

  2. then, tap your identify or Apple ID on the following screen .

  3. Scroll gloomy and pat Hidden Purchases, and you can browse the list for the app you want. When you find it, tap the download clitoris to add it to your iPhone .
    once you add the app to your call, depending on your settings, you may need to use the instructions from above to locate the app and add it to your home blind .
    Screenshots showing how to find hidden purchases on iPhone.


  • How do you unhide apps on Apple Watch?

    Open the Watch app on your pair iPhone. Go to the My Watch tab key > Installed on Apple Watch and turn on the Show App on Apple Watch toggle for the app you want to unhide.

  • How do I unhide all apps on my iPhone?

    There is no room to unhide all shroud apps simultaneously. You must find each app in Hidden Purchases and redownload them individually .

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