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want to buy a foreclosure but preceptor ’ triiodothyronine know where to start ? season investors know where to find foreclosure listings, and there are batch of unscrupulous companies out there that have built ad-based, subscription websites to pull you in. Just beware : many of these sites are filled with listings that are frequently inaccurate or outdated .
Below are eight ways to find foreclosure listings :

1. Foreclosure real estate agent

Find a substantial estate agent who specializes in foreclose properties. research for agents in your area who have foreclosure experience. Your agent will be able to guide you to foreclosure property listings on the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS ) — a database to which consumers do not have lead access .

2. Check Zillow

Of course, you can besides find pre-foreclosures and bank-owned properties for barren through Zillow. Go to, enter your search sphere and snap “ Listing Type. ” then select “ Foreclosures ” in the “ For Sale ” section to view what ’ s available immediately. For what may become available in the future, choose “ Foreclosed ” or “ Pre-Foreclosure ” in the “ Potential Listings ” section.

3. Newspaper

A necessity for filing a foreclosure is that the Notice of Sale be published in the local anesthetic newspaper of record. Check the legal notices in your local newspaper to find real number auction houses operating in your area. Once you ’ ve identified respective lawful companies, go on-line to check their websites for listings and approaching auctions .

4. Bank websites

Some banks — particularly larger ones — tilt armory of foreclose properties on their websites. The sites are by and large searchable by department of state and city and include prices, photos, descriptions and agentive role reach information for each list .
Some lenders hire asset management companies to handle their foreclosure listings, so it ’ south worthwhile to check those websites a well.

5. Government agencies

Some politics agencies require that offers be submitted through a real estate of the realm agent, while others will accept them immediately from consumers. Check websites for on-line foreclosure listings and leverage procedures from agencies including : Fannie Mae, the Federal Housing Administration, Treasury Department and Small Business Administration .

6. Public records

Throughout the foreclosure procedure, versatile legal notices must be filed in your County Recorder ’ s Office. This information is public record and available to anyone. Just visit your county ’ second function and you can search for a Notice of Default ( NOD ), li pendens or Notice of Sale. Two benefits to searching public records ? It ’ south release, and you may find newly posted properties that seaport ’ thyroxine even reached many of the on-line foreclosure data providers.

7. Do a drive-by

Tour the neighborhoods in which you ’ d like to buy and check for real estate of the realm signs ; you ’ ll likely see some marked “ Foreclosure ” or “ Bank Repo. ” Call the agents whose names are on the signs and ask about other foreclosure listings that may be coming on the market — you barely may get a chute on other buyers by asking about modern foreclosures not however listed .

8. Auction houses

auction companies much hold huge foreclosure auctions, sometimes selling hundreds of properties in a single day. Experts disagree about whether auctions are great places to buy foreclosures ; sometimes the excitation of bid falsely escalates prices, and there are risks to buying properties “ as is. ” But it is possible to find deals — deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you do your homework .

9. Fee-based sites

In addition, you can besides scan listings on websites that charge a fee — normally a monthly subscription .

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