3 Ways to Erase iPhone Without Password Easily

Need to factory reset and no passcode.
I am trying to do a factory reset on my wife ‘s iPhone 8 and we do n’t know the password. Is there a way to wipe everything and reset to factory without any passcode or without using iTunes ? Or does it need to be done at an Apple animate place ?
– question from MacRumors
iPhone password is set up to protect your privacy. sometimes, you may have to erase iPhone without password for some personal reasons. You may have difficulty making it by visiting the Settings app on iPhone. How can you wipe an iPhone without passcode ? Keep reading the guidebook, there are three ways to help you out.

Why do you want to erase iPhone without password?

Before seeking for solutions, let ’ s figure out why you want to erase iPhone without passcode so that you can choose a more desirable method .
● Forget the password. It is the most ordinary reason, which has besides shown in the doubt above.
● iPhone is lost or stolen accidentally. It is unfortunate, but to protect your information from using by others, you have to wipe iPhone clean a soon as possible.
To sell the used iPhone. It is judicious to sell the use iPhone after you have bought the latest iPhone. And for the sake of your privacy and the condom of your data, it ’ randomness necessary for you to deeply reset iPhone to factory.
iPhone is not working well. It will be troublesome if your iPhone doesn ’ thyroxine perform well as it should, and factory reset is the last hope for you to make iPhone operate well again .
Note:  To avoid any data passing when resetting your iPhone to factory, you may need to click here to backup all your iPhone data and erase iPhone without feat .

How to erase iPhone without password ?

broadly speaking, Apple allows you to factory reset your iPhone or erase all the data by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to make it. When you want to go further, you will be asked to enter the passcode. fortunately, you can make it with iCloud, iTunes, or professional third-party software .

Method 1. Factory reset iPhone with iCloud remotely

It ’ s a good way to reset iPhone with iCloud when you lost iPhone by accident because it provide you a manner to wipe iPhone remotely. Follow the steps to make it .
step 1. Go to www.icloud.com/find > Log in your iCloud ID > Click Find My iPhone .
step 2. Click on the choice All Devices > Find the lock in iPhone > Click it on .
step 3. Click on Erase iPhone. then your iPhone will be wholly wiped .
Erase Iphone From Icloud
Tip: Factory reset iPhone with iCloud can alone be available when you have previously enabled Find My iPhone. If not, try other ways below .

Method 2. Wipe iPhone by iTunes

Apple besides offers you iTunes to wipe iPhone completely which can be a decent choice if you forget the password of your iPhone. So how do you reset iPhone when you forget your password ? Depending on whether you have synced iPhone to iTunes, the methods can be slightly different .
If you have synced iPhone to iTunes
Step 1. Update the latest interpretation of iTunes on a calculator and open it > Plug iPhone into the calculator .
step 2. Click the Device pill > Click Summary > Click Restore iPhone… option .
Restore Iphone
• All data on your iPhone will be erased. The latest adaptation of io will be downloaded on your iPhone arsenic well .
• To restore iTunes accompaniment, connect your iPhone, and go to iTunes > Select your iPhone > Restore Backup > Choose a accompaniment version and click Restore. iTunes may encounter problems, you can try to fix it or turn to another manner to backup and restore your iPhone .
If you never sync iPhone to iTunes
>> Step 1. Put iPhone into recovery mode.

The methods differ from the models of iPhone. Connect your iPhone to a computer, and follow the specific steps to put your iPhone into recovery mode .
For iPhone X or later, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus:
Press and hold the Side button and one of the volume buttons until the power off luger appears > Drag the luger to turn off your iPhone > then connect your iPhone to computer while holding the Side button > Keep holding the Side button until you see the recovery mode screen .
For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:
Press and hold the Side button until the power off slider appears > Drag the luger to turn off your iPhone > then connect your iPhone to your calculator while holding the volume Down clitoris > Keep holding the volume Down push button until you see the recovery mode filmdom .
For iPhone SE (1st generation), and iPhone 6s and earlier:
Press and hold the Side ( or Top ) button until the baron off skidder appears > Drag the skidder to turn off your iPhone > then connect your iPhone to your calculator while holding the Home push button > Keep holding the Home button until you see the recovery manner screen .
>>Step 2. A pop-up box will open, click Restore to factory reset your iPhone.
iTunes Recovery Mode iPhone

Method 3. Erase iPhone via AOMEI MBackupper

No matter you want to sell the erstwhile iPhone or make it work well again after erasing, you can make consumption of the Full Backup function in AOMEI MBackupper foremost to create a full iPhone stand-in to avoid any data loss. then, you can rely on the Erase iPhone serve to wipe your iPhone deeply and wholly, and the data can not be recovered any longer .
Download AOMEI MBackupper beginning. then have a try .

Download Freeware


secure download
pace 1. Run AOMEI MBackupper > Connect iPhone to calculator with a stable USB cable .
footstep 2. Click Erase iPhone on the interface. ( If you want to save iPhone data first. Click Custom Backup to backup selective data or Full Backup to backup all data on your iPhone. )
Erase Iphone
step 3. Click I have understand the consequence of erasing data, and I am sure to erase data.

Erase Options
tone 4. Click Erase iPhone.


Hope you can erase iPhone without password after reading this guidebook. If you business about your data condom, it is suggested that AOMEI MBackupper is your best option. For more information, you can contact us or give your comment on this page. We will reply to you a soon as possible .

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