How to Draw the Thing from Fantastic Four

how to draw the thing fantastic four
In this drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a member of one of the most celebrated families of superheroes in the worldly concern – the Fantastic Four. As you saw in the preview visualize, we will draw the Thing, or Ben Grimm, an incredibly charm and cute superhero .
Benjamin Grimm, a friend of Reed Richards since college, realized reasonably quickly that science was not for him, and somehow graduate educate, he went to the army, where he showed himself as a dear pilot. That original skills allowed Ben to be one of those who was selected to participate in a space mission, during which Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben came under the cosmic radiation sickness and become the fantastic Four.

Let ’ s begin this example and learn how to draw the Thing from the Fantastic Four !

Step 1

Let ’ s begin with a stickman ( as in all our string tutorials about people ). At first we draw the head in a supreme headquarters allied powers europe of a normal circle. then sketch out the lines of the body : neck, shoulders, spinal column, arms and legs. note, that the head of the Thing is bigger and wider, than the head of an ordinary homo. besides, his torso much wider than the soundbox of a normal man. Recall, that this dance step is only needed to identify stead of the hero on a sheet of paper, and so we need to use identical abstemious lines in the first step .
how to draw the thing fantastic four step by step

Step 2

now we add volume to the Thing, by drawing parts of the consistency using bare geometric figures. First outline the contour of the torso. Sketch out the shoulders and elbows by circles, and arms by cylinders. Sketch out the four-fingered hands, clenched in fists. Below the torso draw the pelvis in a shape of a figure like to a triangle .
The leg should be drawn on the lapp principle as the arms ( using cylinders ) and the knees on the same way, as the knees and elbows ( using circles ).
In the lapp step, mark up the face by a pair of perpendicular lines – the vertical line will is for the symmetry of the font, and the horizontal shows the localization of the eyes .
learn to draw

Step 3

now, using the markup from the previous step, draw a baggy eyebrows, directly below them ( virtually intersecting ) draw the egg-shaped of the nose. besides slenderly below the brows draw contours of cheekbones, that look like the letter “ T ”. Under impudence draw a bombastic lower brim – angular sloping pipeline through the whole face .
learn how to draw

Step 4

Silhouette of the thing from the Fantastic Four is cook, nowadays you can start to draw details. In this example we will add details, like in other drawing tutorials, in the steering from exceed to bottom, that is, from the head to the feet. consequently now erase the unnecessary lines from the side. Draw the eyes ( two semicircles, that margin with the eyebrow line ) and the mouth .
how to draw the thing

Step 5

so, we continue the drawing moral devoted to how to draw the Thing from the Fantastic Four. This step is quite simple, here we erase all guidelines, leaving entirely the most important lines, i.e. the contour of the body. Make these lines smooth, as in our example.

here we besides draw the shorts of Ben Grimm, vitamin a well as the Fantastic Four logo. By the way, we besides have drawing tutorials about the allies ( sometimes foes ) of the Thing – for exercise, Thor, Iron Man and Spider-Man .
how to draw fantastic four

Step 6

immediately we draw the pit texture of the Thing. The chief thing is that, the stones should be drawn in the random way. If you try to make them look alike to each other, it will looks like Ben Grimm made of bricks, and this should not be so. In this tone we sketch out the stone radiation pattern on the head and the body of the Thing .
how to draw the thing from marvel comics

Step 7

thus, we are on one of the last steps of the tutorial on how to draw the Thing. Being guided by the lines of the previous tone draw the stone traffic pattern on the headway. Please note, that the only place, where the stones should be about the lapp – it ’ s the eyebrows Ben Grimm .
how to draw the fantastic four from marvel

Step 8

We perform the like operation with the torso and arms of the Thing. Circle the external contour of the soundbox, to visually separate the arms from the torso. An crucial point – the stones on the thorax should be done smoother and folded to convey perspective. As we said, we ’ ra looking at Ben from the bottom up .
drawing lesson

Step 9

Drawn on the practice on the legs. At the top the stones must be slenderly crouch, to convey the position. Another authoritative point – as you get closer to the soles stones become smaller .
the thing drawing tutorial

Step 10

At the last step, as in other drawing tutorials, we add shadows. And as in other drawing tutorials, dedicated to comics, the shadows here will be drawn in the comics style .
Draw the darkest places of shadows and paint the knock on the shorts. then, using classic comics hatching total shadows to the head, torso and limb. As you can see, the idle comes from the top, so we add shadows to the lower sides of the parts of the body.

how to draw the thing fantastic four
It was a pretty unmanageable tutorial. We hope, that everyone was succeeded. Come to our web site, to learn more about how to draw Fantastic Four. Do not forget to look in our group in Facebook !

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