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Pusheen the Cat, a friendly platypus, or a smile sushi roll ? For those of you looking for cute things to draw, you ’ ve come to the mighty place !
If you ever wanted to know how bullet train journal artists draw the cutest little doodles, we have a playfulness collection of drawing tutorials that will help you every footstep of the means. From plants, animals, and even superhero doodles, here ’ s a number of 75 simple but adorable things to draw that we handpicked to help you uplift the pages of your daybook .
New to drawing ? Don ’ thyroxine worry ! These easy examples will show you precisely how to begin a scribble and how to finish it. sol, get your playpen and paper fix because our gallery will have you scribbling away with gloat in no meter !

Why You Should Draw in Your Journal

If you think doodling is precisely asinine scribbling on newspaper, think again. According to research, it can be an incredibly incontrovertible and brain-boosting activity that enhances your focus and memory recall. Plus, it ’ s an absolutely underestimate way to get your emotions out in one of the most creative ways possible !

Don ’ thymine panic if your lottery skills are not, particularly up to scratch ; you can get started doodling evening if all you know how to draw are stick figures. In addition, you ’ ll even get all the benefits of doodling flush if the quality of your doodles is doubtful at best !
For starters, pin to drawings that are comfortable and agile to do. This will save you frustration without compromising the way your diary pages turn out .

75 Cute Ideas to Doodle in Your Bujo

Let ’ s get into the fun contribution of this post with these bit-by-bit tutorials of cunning things to draw. Each tutorial starts off with a dim-witted shape and is then refined and has details added. Feel detached to revisit these drawings and ideas at any time and a frequently as you need .

Plant Doodles

It doesn ’ thymine count what kind of spread you ’ re going for ; plant drawings are bound to make your page look evening cuter. If you have a few space spaces that you don ’ thymine know what to do with, draw some plant and leaf doodles !


If you ’ re a implant lover, then go ahead and take inspiration from these bit-by-bit implant doodles. They ’ re amazing if you want to add some cute details to your monthly bullet daybook spread .


It doesn ’ t take besides many steps to learn to draw cactus and succulents, and the colors are easy. hera are five cactus doodles in all shapes, sizes, and patterns to try your hand at !


Terrariums are all the rage in home gardening now. This tutorial is arrant for having your very own bantam plant terrarium wherever you want !

Potted Plants

There are four doodles in here with five steps per each, and we love how simpleton each one looks !

Hanging Plants

plant doodles are the best way to brighten any drab spread, and this finical doodle can be used merely about anywhere in your diary !


Herbs can take some practice, but once worked out, are unbeLEAFably easy to draw, design and color in .

Flower Doodles

Looking for ideas on easy things to draw and how to draw them ? One of the easiest doodles you can add to your bujo is a bloom ! These drawings don ’ t need to be detailed, and there are so many different flowers to choose from !


Violets come in a variety of colors and are relatively slowly to take care of. They besides happen to be reasonably easily to draw — see the proof here in an easy tutorial .


For a more complicate doodle, try drawing this gladiolus. It ’ mho antic for hebdomadally spreads or to equitable break up large texts in your bullet train journal .


An easy hack when drawing daisies is to beginning draw a beat determine to outline the space for the pistil and the petals. It helps you stay in lines, and the flower gets more dimension this direction !


If you are raw to drawing, floral doodles are a great direction to practice and learn. Take a thick dive into bujo illustrations with this intricate peony !


Want to make a reasonably detailed anemone ? here ’ s a detail bit-by-bit drawing tutorial that can make the serve easy !

Floral Doodle

From wildflower doodles to minimalist flowers, you can decidedly add your own twist to this spread by adding your own colors !

Can of Flowers

You are fair four steps from learning how to draw a blossoming watering can ! @ qutedoodles shows us how simple it is to doodle a cunning water can with flowers sprouting out from the top .

Animal Doodles

There are batch of easy things to draw out there, but few are american samoa lovable as animals. With everything from a sleepy sloth to a corgi pup, we ’ ra certain you ’ ll find the scribble tutorial to fit your spread !


This tutorial will let you have an adorable hold in your fastball journal in five easy steps. Just meet in your choice of colors and words, and voila, it ’ sulfur done !

Bee Theme

Looking for fun bee bullet journal circulate ideas ? This bee-autiful tutorial will help you get started !


Foxes are lone creatures who are known to be friendly and curious. This bit-by-bit draw will come in handy whenever you want to add one to your bullet train journal unfold !


Draw a frank in four different poses ! The four bit-by-bit doodles include a glad pawl carry, a cad chewing on a cram, a dog bet with a ball, and a pawl giving paw .


Four steps are all you need to draw the coolest llama in town. You ’ ll learn the easy steps in this tutorial from @ splendidscribbles .


This friendly platypus is the arrant cunning touch to any banquet. Keep this scribble tutorial on handwriting for the following fourth dimension you need it !


Make this koala bear the future summation to your hebdomadally bedspread ! You can dial up the personality by tweaking the facial expressions excessively !


Pandas are an slowly and irresistible animal to add to your drawing know-how. @ julia.pezowicz shows us how to draw a giant panda yield using simple geometric shapes .


In six steps, you ’ ll have a sloth hanging out on your fastball journal page. Leave him in playpen or color him in ; it ’ s up to you .


If you ’ re crazy about corgi, this is the doodle tutorial for you ! It makes this adorable dog breed easy to draw in precisely five simple steps .

Koi Fish

For the fans of japanese koi art, this tutorial is very utilitarian to have on hand to master this beautiful and popular fish !

Sea Life Doodles

When we think about cute critters, our minds tend to drift more toward downy, four-legged animals than sea creatures. But there are tons of subaqueous cuties you can draw that will melt your affection and make you go “ awww ! ”

Marine Life

Wondering how to draw your favorite ocean doodles like seaweed, a seashell, or the arrant jellyfish ? This four-step scribble tutorial will make you a pro in no time !


C is for cancer but besides for cute ! This adorable crab doodle is one you can make in fair seven simple steps .


There are hundreds of different types of seashells, including cockles, backbone dollars, conch shells, and more. Feel spare to include them in your ocean-themed bujo summer ranch !

Sea Creatures

Underwater sea creatures are a sight to behold. Bring some cheer into your future spread with these adorable aquatic bunch !


This cherished little narwhal is barely excessively cunning, and we know you won ’ metric ton resist sneaking him into one of your spreads !


This scribble begins with a circle and ends with the most adorable killer whale we ’ ve ever seen. Check it out if you want an extra acid of cunning !


What is an ocean subject without a jellyfish ? These stinging swimmers were drawn in a cute Kawaii style .

Seasonal Doodles

Looking for cute themes matching the different seasons or holidays ? From pumpkins at Halloween and sugarcoat canes at Christmas, bring the seasons to your bujo pages with the bare doodle instructions below !

Fall Theme

Going with an orange theme in your fastball journal this fall ? These simple doodles would be great for any foliate ! Plus, that fox is adorable .


We love how simple this pumpkin tutorial is. It makes doodling in your bullet daybook much less daunting when you are merely starting out !

Autumn Theme

here are some fall doodles that in truth speak to what the harvest season brings to us. Acorns, colored leaves, and pumpkin caffe latte for the chilly afternoons !


Learning how to draw simpleton things like an acorn will help you fill out your fall bullet train diary spread and make it feel cozy and warm !


Grab a pencil and get busy drawing a cultivate of toadstools complete with long fragile stalks and colorful caps. They ’ re all so adorable that we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think we can choose a favorite one !


You can never have besides many Halloween tutorials when you ’ re starting to layout your spreads for the skittish temper. besides, how cunning is that little ghost with the candy bag ! ?


Whether you ’ re setting up your October monthly ranch or barely adding some decoration to your Halloween-themed temper tracker, this cute fiddling bat is fun and easy to incorporate !

Potion Bottles

No Halloween bujo banquet is dispatch without at least one potion bottle. This bit-by-bit tutorial gives you a many as six different options, and they are all worth checking out !


Talking about skittish things turned cute, this bit-by-bit haunt tutorial makes it extremely comfortable to add some fun decoration to your Halloween gap !


Is anyone up for an Easter scribble hunt ? A sum of five spring-themed drawings for you to choose from and try to draw in your own fastball daybook .


Get inspired will all things Easter ! From downy bunnies to decorated eggs, Easter-themed doodles are playfulness to add to your planner or bujo .


This doodle tutorial from @ ginger.bullet.journal will have you making cute summer drawings before you know it !

Summer Drink

You can turn reasonably much anything that reminds you of summer into a doodle ! How about a lemonade jar with big red-striped straw and wedges of lemon ?

Camping Essentials

even if it is not summer, some summer treat doodles are constantly welcome ! here are some clean little camp doodles perfect for your planner or bullet daybook .


Some cozy doodles of all the essentials to a frigid winter season ! A sugarcoat cane, pucker beanie, and hot cocoa with whisk cream !

Holiday Gnome

The holiday gnome bit-by-bit scribble is a must to learn how to draw for your December bullet diary .

Christmas Tree

There are decidedly more ways to draw a Christmas tree than just the bore zigzag of three triangles, and this kawaii Christmas tree doodle helps you with precisely just that !

Gingerbread Cookies

It ’ s not Christmas without gingerbread cookies, so this detail bit-by-bit doodle is perfect to draw for the calendar month of December !

Golly Extras

A cute Christmas spread for you to take your shoot at. From wreath, baubles, and gifts, you can choose and add your own colors to it !

Food Doodles

Doodle ideas can come from anywhere, and adding drawings of food and drinks makes a fun summation to your planner or journal. Check out these food and nosh doodles that are excessively cute to eat !

Fast Food

Since these fast food drawings are kawaii doodles, they all have some fishy faces added to them. It ’ s a great fiddling tip to enhance your doodles !

Ice Cream

Try this bit-by-bit tutorial to draw your favored frozen treats. Popsicles, ice cream cones, soft serve, or water ice .


If you choose a lemon subject for your monthly fastball journal banquet, you ’ ll beloved this tutorial. It will decidedly help you to squeeze the day this summer !


Perfect the art of pineapple describe and so many early fruits in this amazing doodle scatter !

Kawaii Food

A bit-by-bit tutorial for kawaii food doodles and how you can create a fun daybook dispersed with these simple drawings !


This outspread is a sushi fan ’ s dream ! Adorned with happy-faced sushi doodles, it features maki, nigiri, sashimi, and more .

Cartoon&Anime Drawings

If you ’ re bored with your usual bullet train journal spreads, adding a few of these animated characters will make a huge affect on the means they look and feel. Talk about a 10 out of 10 on the prettiness scale !


Are you looking for comfortable ways on how to draw Pikachu ? This 4 step tutorial is perfect for your bullet diary or fair for fun !


If you love Totoro adenine much as we do, take advantage of this simple doodle tutorial. You can draw the fuzzy monster shielding himself from the rain with Satsuki ’ s umbrella !


One Pokemon GO giant that we can ’ metric ton get enough of is Eevee. Learn how to draw this fox-like animal in 5 steps .

Toy Story

Take a slip down memory lane with this Toy Story tutorial ! Highly recommend checking Lollo ’ mho Instagram for more cartoon-themed doodles .

Pusheen The Cat

This scribble how-to is perfective for Pusheen lovers of any skill level. A great way to instantly add some prettiness to your banquet !


Draw a little Moomin in three unlike poses : sip on a hot beverage, rummaging in a pot, and napping. What a gem of a scribble !

Winnie The Pooh

Are you a fan of Winnie The Pooh ? Learn how to draw the lovable bear with a very little brain and his forest friends in 3 steps .

Harry Potter Doodles

Looking for some cool and nostalgic stuff for your bullet journal ? Get back to Hogwarts with these Harry Potter bullet journal ideas. Perfect for all the Potterheads out there !

Harry Potter Theme

From magic trick potions to parchment pieces, this bit-by-bit easy scribble tutorial covers it all !

Sorting Hat

If you ever feel like drawing a sentient charming hat, here ’ s an 8 step tutorial that you can follow and include in your Harry Potter-themed spread !

Hufflepuff Theme

For the Hufflepuffs out there, we have a yellow-and-black spread featuring a tease, Hufflepuff ’ sulfur Cup, a strip scarf, and a Prefect ’ mho badge .


Aww, look at this cute Hedwig ! If you want to make this in your bullet train daybook, take inspiration and try this doodle tutorial !

Golden Snitch

Learn how to draw the most crucial ball of the bunch with this black-and-white tutorial ! Seven clear steps and the dashed lines of each step actually help with the final result .

Ravenclaw Theme

Are you a Ravenclaw ? If sol, then you ’ ll fall in love with this scribble go around ! It has the house mascot, Rowena ’ sulfur lost crown, and Luna Lovegood ’ sulfur glasses !

Star Wars & Superheroes Doodles

Holy scribble, Batman ! ( Literally. ) Whether you love Star Wars, Justice League, or Avengers, these superhero-themed tutorials will have you smiling and wanting more !


not everyone is big at drawing, but with this tutorial, pretty much anyone can learn how to draw Spiderman, Captain America, and Thor in under 5 minutes .

Baby Groot

We are Groot, but are you Groot ? Try this scribble tutorial to find out !

Baby Yoda

Ah, the prettiness that is Baby Yoda ! If you ’ re anything like us, you credibly melt at the sight of the adorable little creature. Learn how to draw it in five easy steps !


More bit-by-bit instructions on how to draw Avenger characters, including Doctor Strange, Black Widow, and Iron Man .


This elementary 6 step tutorial on how to draw Batman makes it so easy for anyone to create the cutest Gotham vigilante. excessively a lot playfulness not to try out !

Star Wars Theme

If you ’ re on the hunt for some Star Wars bullet diary root ideas, then this ranch fits the charge !

Tell Us About Your Favorite Things to Draw!

quick to grab your penitentiary and get drawing ? We hope our drift of fun and easy things to draw will help you step up your doodle game and stay divine !

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If you ’ re a pen and newspaper bujo artist thinking about switching to your iPad, be sure to read our article about 40+ cool things to draw on reproduce ! Going digital is an stimulate step to take, and you ’ ll need all the inspiration you can get .
And if you ’ d like to improve your drawing skills and learn how to sketch people, check out our steer on how to draw people to get your creative juices flowing !
What do you think of these fun and easy things to draw for your bullet diary ? Do let us know in the comments ! happy doodle !

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