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You might be able to get Windows 11 even faster than Microsoft in the first place projected. last month, Microsoft reported that users are upgrading to Windows 11 at doubly the pace that they did for Windows 10. The company ‘s new operate organization has been rolling out to eligible devices early always since Microsoft launched its modern operational system on Oct. 5. Everyone using Windows 10 can upgrade for free if they have a compatible computer, but a lot of people are still waiting for the opportunity. Microsoft is rolling out the OS in phases, then your organization might not prompt you to upgrade just so far — in fact, you might not find it even if you tell your calculator to check for updates. last August, Microsoft estimated that “ all eligible devices [ will ] be offered the release upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022, ” but now Microsoft has said Windows 11 is “ beginning to enter its final phase of handiness, ” which puts the party ahead of its initial mid-2022 design. flush with the changed timeline, it ‘s oklahoma if you inactive do n’t want to wait ! Read on to find out how the Windows 11 Installation Assistant is your shortcut to Windows 11.

If you ‘re not in a rush, the Windows 11 update will be pushed to your device at some point in the derive months when Microsoft ‘s datum indicates the upgrade is quick for that device. When the new OS is available to you, the upgrade serve will feel alike to a normal Windows 10 update, a farseeing as your device is compatible and meets the minimum requirements. ( And even if it does n’t, Microsoft will offer a workaround, but in that case your Windows 11 initiation wo n’t be supported by the company. ) Read more :   Windows 11 recapitulation : Familiar but fresh In the meanwhile, you still have the option to manually download Windows 11 and check out its fresh features, such as widgets, crack layouts, virtual background and the raw Microsoft Store. We ‘ll tell you how under. Before your download, here ‘s everything you need to know about Microsoft ‘s new software .
To see if your stream Windows 10 personal computer is eligible for the absolve upgrade to Windows 11, you can check in a few different ways. And if you buy a modern personal computer, that calculator will besides be eligible for the free upgrade. If you have n’t updated to Windows 10 even, do n’t worry — there ‘s a whoremaster for downloading Windows 10 free that however works. nowadays would be a dependable time to make the switch so you can prepare your machine for the Windows 11 upgrade. That flim-flam will be the same one you use if you want to manually upgrade an older car to Windows 11, though Microsoft does n’t encourage doing this as it may not be eligible for the same updates. Read more :   Everything we know about Android apps coming to Windows 11

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Windows 11 Installation Assistant: How to download Windows 11 without waiting

windows-11-review-4 Some users can download Windows 11 the same way you ‘d get any new adaptation of Windows. Just go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for Updates. If available, you ‘ll see Feature update to Windows 11. Click Download and install. Again, notice that the Windows 11 rollout will be behind — it could take months before it ‘s available on your device. New PCs will get the upgrade first gear, and all compatible devices are expected to receive it by mid-2022, depending on device old age and hardware.

If the upgrade is n’t available to you so far, but you want to upgrade now, you have a few options. The best and simplest option will be to download the. Choose Run after the download to make surely your hardware is compatible. then Accept and Install to agree to the license terms and begin the installation. When the program is finished installing, you ‘ll be prompted to restart your computer. Your personal computer might restart several times during the march of finishing the initiation, then do n’t be alarmed. Just keep your personal computer on until everything ‘s done. If you ‘re not able to use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant, you have a couple of backup options, but be warned that these are more complicate. We badly advise that you consider waiting for the update to come to your device. If you ‘re sealed you want to proceed, you can create Windows 11 facility media or an ISO file. Microsoft ‘s page has those steps in greater detail .

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What’s in Windows 11

Windows 11 features a streamline new design, with pastel colors, rounded corners, a raw startup sound and overall a more Mac-like attend. The Windows Start menu has moved from the bottom leave of the screen to the center, with app icons arranged in the center next to it. You ‘ll find lots of raw desktop tools, like widgets that can give you at-a-glance information, and easier virtual desktop creation. And Android apps will be integrated into Windows and installable from the Microsoft Store — though that feature wo n’t be available right away. ( Check out all of the best Windows 11 features and how to use them. ) The update marks the foremost major transfer to Microsoft ‘s function system since Windows 10 launched in 2015. Rumors about a major Windows redesign have been circulating for the past year. At the Microsoft Build developers conference on May 25 end year, CEO Satya Nadella said Microsoft was planning “ one of the most significant updates of Windows of the by decade, ” confirming that a major change was on the horizon for the 1.3 billion users of the OS in 2021. And in mid-june, Microsoft softly announced that it would end digest for Windows 10 in 2025 as leak images of Windows 11 banquet. For more, check out everything we wanted to see in Windows 11 but did n’t, and all of the big differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 .

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