How to Cite a Website in MLA | Format & Examples

An MLA web site quotation includes the writer ’ second name, the title of the page ( in citation marks ), the appoint of the web site ( in italics ), the publication date, and the URL ( without “ hypertext transfer protocol : // ” ) .
If the generator is unknown, start with the title of the page rather. If the issue date is stranger, or if the content is likely to change over time, add an access date at the goal rather .
Websites don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate normally have page numbers, so the in-text citation is precisely the generator name in parentheses. If you already named the author in your conviction, you don ’ t need to add a parenthetic quotation .

The format differs for other types of on-line content, such as YouTube television, TED Talks, and podcasts .

Citing online articles

The format for citing an article from an on-line newspaper, magazine, or web log is the lapp as a general web page citation. If the article is a PDF of a print article, the format differs slenderly .
Write the article title in deed lawsuit ( all major words capitalized ). Use the most recent publication date on the page, including the day, month, and year if available .

MLA online article citation
Format author final name, first diagnose. “ claim of article.” Website diagnose, Day Month year, url.
Works Cited entry Smith, Helena. “The Women Who Brought Down Greece’s Golden Dawn.” The Guardian, 22 Oct. 2020,­world/­2020/­oct/­22/­the-­women-­who-­brought-­down-­greeces-­golden-­dawn.
In-text citation (Smith)

note, however, that a unlike format is used when citing on-line articles from academician journals .
Learn how to cite journal articles in MLA
If no author is credited, leave out this element, and start with the claim of the page or article rather .
Use a shorten adaptation of the entitle in your in-text quotation. The telescoped title must match the first words of your Works Cited submission .

MLA website citation with no author
Format “ title of article.” Website name, Day Month year, url.
Works Cited entry “US Election 2020: A Guide to the Final Presidential Debate.” BBC News, 21 Oct. 2020,­news/­election-­us-­2020-­54620868.
In-text citation (“US Election 2020”)

If no publication date is available, leave out this element, and include the date on which you accessed the page at the end.

MLA website citation with no author or date
Format “ title of article.” Website list, url. Accessed Day Month year.
Works Cited entry “Citing Sources and Referencing.” Scribbr,­category/­citing-­sources. Accessed 16 July 2019.
In-text citation (“Citing Sources”)

eminence that a specific format exists for citing on-line dictionary entries .

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Citing an entire website

If you cite a whole web site, there is normally no named generator, so the Works Cited entrance begins with the list of the web site in italics .
If the web site has a issue or copyright go steady ( normally found in the pedestrian ), include this ; if not, add the date when you accessed the web site at the end of the quotation .

MLA whole website citation
Format Website name.  Day Month year, url.
Works Cited entry Scribbr. Accessed 11 July 2019.
In-text citation (Scribbr)

When should you cite a whole website?

Most of the time, you should cite the particular page or article where you found the information. however, you might have to cite the entire web site if you are giving a general overview of its content, referring only to the home page, or quoting text that appears on many different pages across the web site ( such as a company ’ s motto ) .
If you cite multiple pages or articles from the lapp web site, you should include a discriminate Works Cited submission for each one .

Publishers in MLA website citations

If the web site is published by an organization with a different appoint than the web site itself, you should include this in the citation excessively. The web site ’ south publisher is normally found somewhere in the footnote, often future to a copyright symbol.
Website publisher in an MLA website citation
If the publisher is the like as the identify of the web site, you leave it out of the citation to avoid repeat .

Website with different publisher Website the same as publisher
The MLA Style Center. Modern Language Association of America, 2019, Scribbr

. Accessed 10 June 2019.

“Antibiotic Resistance and Food Safety.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 5 Sept. 2018,­foodsafety/­challenges/­antibiotic-­resistance.html. “CEU Expresses Solidarity with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.” central european uranium, 3 July 2019,­article/­2019-­07-­03/­ceu-­expresses-­solidarity-­hungarian-­academy-­sciences.

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