How to Use Facebook Live for Your Business in 2022 : The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

How to use Facebook Live for your business
Facebook Lives are among the best ways to engage your audience, build a relationship with them, and grow your brand. Add to it the fact that Facebook live videos have a two billion+ spectator base and get 6x more employment and 10x more comments than regular videos, and you ’ ll understand why exist pour should be a function of your market scheme .
To help you jump on the bandwagon and leverage this cock, we ’ ve prepared an extensive guide complete with Facebook Live tips, examples, and the basics to getting started. stick with us to the end, and we ’ ll besides tell you how you can make the most out of your live videos—by repurposing and editing them using a simple and easy-to-use joyride like InVideo .
here ’ randomness what we ’ ll top :

1. How to go live on Facebook 
2. 10 ideas for your next Facebook Live video 
3. 9 tips for doing Facebook Lives successfully 
4. How to repurpose your Facebook Live videos 
Let ’ s get down !

A. How to go live on Facebook

First off, let ’ s understand how to do a Facebook Live .
You can go live from your telephone or calculator, and the experience in both is slenderly different. here ’ s a bit-by-bit breakdown for you :

1. How to go live from your phone

There are two ways you can start a Facebook hot from your phone :

Using the Facebook app

Step 1: Go to the Page, Group, Event, or profile you want to go bouncy from .
Step 2: Tap What’s on your mind if you ’ re on a profile or Create a post if you ’ re on a page .
How to go fb live from your phone - Step 2
Step 3: Click on Live video in the station options .
How to go fb live from your phone - Step 3
Step 4: Click Tap to add a description to write a description explaining what your video recording is about .
How to go fb live from your phone - Step 4
Step 5: Click on the magic wand icon to use a filter in your survive video and the three horizontal lines to explore more features like adding a link to your web site or restricting comments .
How to go fb live from your phone - Step 5
Step 6: When you ’ re ready, click on the Go Live button to start the Livestream .
How to go fb live from your phone - Step 6
Step 7: Tap Finish in the bottom-right corner when you want to end the broadcast .
How to go fb live from your phone - Step 7

Using the Creator Studio app

Step 1: On the Home or Posts yellow journalism, click on the penitentiary and newspaper icon in the top-right corner .
Step 2: Select Live from the post options .
Step 3: Add a description for your hot television .
Step 4: Tap Start live video when you ’ ra ready .
Step 5: Click Finish to end the Livestream when you ‘re done .
Pro tip: After you ’ re done with your live school term, you can actually download it and repurpose it by cutting it down into smaller content snippets that you can then post across multiple sociable media platforms. To edit and repurpose your know video recording you can take the help oneself of an easy-to-use tool like InVideo and the thousands of templates it has for diverse use cases to create social media content within minutes .

2. How to go live from your computer

You can go live using your computer ’ south in-built television camera and microphone or use streaming software like StreamLabs and BeLive for more engage and synergistic features like custom backgrounds, overlays, and branding elements like your logo .
Either way, you ’ ll be taken to the Live Producer cock inaugural when going live from your computer or laptop .

Using your webcam

Step 1: Go to the Page, Group, Event, or profile you want to go live from .
Step 2: Click on Live Video below What’s on your mind if you ’ re on a personal account or the Live picture next to Create if you ’ re on a business page .
How to go live from your computer - Step 2
Step 3: You ’ ll then be taken to the Facebook Live Producer. here, select whether you want to broadcast to your timeline or a page or group .
How to go live from your computer - Step 3
Step 4: Click on Create live video to go live now or schedule your Live Video for a later date and time .
How to go live from your computer - Step 4
Step 5: Under television generator, pawl on Webcam.
How to go live from your computer - Step 5
Step 6: Under the Add post details segment on the right-hand side, write a title and description for your survive video, so users know what it ’ second about. You can besides add your location and a thumbnail for your video recording here .
How to go live from your computer - Step 6
Step 7: Use the Audience settings feature to filter who can see your survive broadcast—like users above a specific age group or from a particular location .
How to go live from your computer - Step 7
Step 8: When you ’ re cook, click on the Go live button in the bottom left to start the broadcast .
How to go live from your computer - Step 8

Using a streaming service

If you use streaming software to go know on Facebook, the first few steps will be the same as above. All you have to do is select Streaming Software alternatively of webcam in the video source .
then, it ’ ll give you your unique stream samara, which you have to copy and paste into your streaming service ’ sulfur settings. Every cyclosis software ’ randomness requirements may vary, so it ’ randomness best to check your detail software to understand how to set up the bouncy .
After doing this, add a title and description and configure your hearing settings the same way. once your streaming source is connected successfully, you ’ ll be able to click on the Go live button and start your circulate .
When you ’ re done, click on the red End Broadcast button below the comments and easing tools to end your Livestream. You can then go ahead and repurpose your livestream by saving and editing it to post on other platforms, including Facebook itself. Check out the Facebook video recording templates we have on InVideo to use for creating thumb-stoppping content for your stigmatize or occupation .

3. Going live from Messenger Rooms

What ’ s interesting about Facebook Lives is that you can besides turn a Messenger Room television margin call into a live circulate. This can be a bang-up room to give your fans and followers a glance into your brand, involve them in fun and fooling ship’s company meet-ups, and even announce things like a sale or product launching .
Going live from Messenger Rooms
The caution is that you can only go alive from a Messenger Room if you ’ re its godhead and are using the Google Chrome browser .
then, hera ’ s how to go be from your Messenger Room on your computer :
Step 1: In your Messenger Room, cluck on Live in the upper-right corner .
Step 2: Add a championship for your live video recording ( optional ) .
Step 3: Choose where you want to broadcast your live video—your timeline, a page, or group .
Step 4: Select your hearing and tap Next .
Step 5: Participants then get the option to confirm or leave the room. You can ’ triiodothyronine broadcast populate until this step is completed—the room godhead can besides remove participants who don ’ triiodothyronine answer to proceed .
Step 6: Click Start to go alive .
Step 7: When you ’ re done, cluck Live in the upper-right corner and then End .
Those were all the ways you can go live on Facebook. nowadays, let ’ s explore some agitate Facebook Live ideas to inspire your adjacent ( or first gear ) live video .

B. 10 ideas for your next Facebook Live video

Whether it ’ randomness to build brand awareness, strengthen relationships with fans and customers, or promote your products and boost sales, you can use FB Live video recording in a diverseness of ways to help your bottom line .
here are some ideas to get you started :

Idea #1 – Product launches 

An underutilized but effective scheme to create buzz around your approaching product ( and get some pre-orders ) or merely promote your most late launches is to do a Facebook know .
Go on-air to show off your modern product and distinguish viewers what it does and how to use it. For brownie points, you can besides take up any questions they may have about the product towards the end of the know .
benefit Cosmetics did a estimable job with this—they went bouncy to promote a new product, highlighting its features, ingredients, and the results it brings. What ’ s more, they even added a link to their product on the live so viewers could take action and buy it then and there. Refer to this scout to learn more about Live Shopping on Facebook .
once your live has ended, save the television and create abruptly one minute television from the hale clip to post before your product ’ sulfur plunge on Instagram and Facebook. Check out this product launch template on InVideo that you can use to repurpose clips from your Facebook live to create a thumb-stopping video for your socials .

Use this template

Idea #2 – Q&A session

One of the simplest ideas for an FB Live is to do a quick, value-packed Q & A seance with your consultation .
Hop on a know and give your followers a chance to ask their most press questions and get to know you better. By answering their questions, you ’ ll besides get an opportunity to showcase your cognition and expertness, which can help build credibility and encourage more people to follow you or buy from you .
benefit Cosmetics is a great example of this, too—they hosted an entire live to answer any hilltop makeup-related questions their followers had .
The Q & A format works specially well if you have an established exploiter base that engages with you enthusiastically—this will ensure your populate sees a good turnout and that your viewers keep the questions coming in, making the session a fruitful one .
fair make sure to call people out by their name, so they know you ’ re answering their question. You can besides source questions from your consultation in promote by putting out an Instagram or Facebook floor or post asking them to drop in questions they ’ d like you to address. To create a promotional Facebook history, check out this easy-to-edit template from InVideo and customize it for your sword :

Use this template

Idea #3 – Tutorials & How-to’s

Whether you ’ re a chef, baker, makeup artist—any professional creator or mark, a Facebook Live teaching viewers how to do something ( like making a particular recipe or using a makeup technique ) can be a great manner to educate, entertain, and engage your consultation .
Martha Stewart ’ s FB Live serial “ Martha Bakes ” is an excellent example here. She used to pick one recipe per know and demonstrate how to go about it, creating an exciting experience for all cook enthusiasts .
example of Martha Stewart’s FB Live series “Martha Bakes”
As this exercise shows, what makes live tutorial video a great mind is their authenticity factor .
Pre-recorded, polish tutorials and how-to videos frequently skip the challenges people face. But with lives, you ’ re performing the undertaking in front of the viewers and giving them a realistic video of the process, likely problems that may arise, their solutions, and the results. You can even share quick tips with viewers while demonstrating to keep them glued to your video .
And of class you can always share the saved populate video recording as a separate tutorial subsequently on. This helps you create two pieces of content from a individual video recording. Simply add your logo, an intro and outro using a tool such as InVideo and you can easily share the Facebook live tutorial on other long-form content channels such as YouTube .

Idea #4 – Product demos

A related but highly effective theme for a alive is to give viewers a demonstration of your intersection .
Take them through its features, how it works, and its use cases to build interest around it and boost sales. When you ’ re done excuse, take up questions viewers may have about your product to overcome any obstacles and push them closer to a buy .
This live video from Sephora spotlighting two of their products followed by a Q & A school term is a good case of this .
Example of live video from Sephora spotlighting two of their products followed by a Q&A session
You can besides take a leaf out of Benefit Cosmetics ’ ledger and add a link to purchase the product justly in your hot. And if you want to repurpose your alive late on, hera are some product show templates from InVideo that you can use to effectively do therefore .

Idea #5 – Interviews with experts

What better way to use Facebook Lives than a lecture picture where you invite industry experts to discuss a subject and share their expertness ?
Besides providing you with an enriching feel, this can provide huge value to your audience as you ’ ll bring them insights, tips, and tricks straight from diligence leaders. It can besides help you reach fresh people because you ’ ll catch to tap into the audiences of your guests .
InVideo ’ s very own FB Live series, “ Just Between You and Me, ” is an excellent exercise of this. Our host, Steve Dotto, used to invite a raw node speaker every week and interview them on topics our consultation wanted to know more about .
InVideo’s FB Live series
When starting your lecture display, brainstorm a few topics you ’ d like to cover and think your audience would find valuable in advance .
While preparing for every episode, make a list of questions you ’ ll ask and brief the guest about them in advance—so you both know how the conversation will flow and stay on track. To make the chat more interactional and helpful, you can besides open the floor to your viewers and take questions from them .
Pro tip: Start your live interview on a high note with an engage and excitement-building introduction video, as done in the example above. You can customize one of InVideo ’ s templates for this or create a video from scrape using InVideo ’ s collection of stock certificate images and videos. You can then add text, music, and a voice-over to complete your intro video recording to perfection. then, equitable download it and parcel your screen when you go be from your background !

Idea #6 – Broadcast live events 

If you ’ re hosting a conference, empanel discussion, or seminar, live-streaming is the way to expand its reach and even make people who are not attending in-person feel like they ’ re a separate of the event .
For example, this is how Sephora took to FB exist when fabled makeup artist Pat McGrath visited one of their stores .
Example of how Sephora took to FB live when legendary make-up artist Pat McGrath visited one of their stores. 
even if you ’ re fair attending an consequence, see if you can Livestream significant moments of it to engage your on-line consultation and give them a glimpse of your work .

Idea #7 – Go live with an influencer 

Teaming up with an influencer from your diligence to provide never-heard-before information to your audience is a solid idea for a Facebook Live .
Your influencer doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessitate to have a massive following—it can just be person with a higher social media standing than you, then can you leverage their audience and boost mark awareness .
You can partner with an influencer who ’ s used your merchandise and host a live new world chat with them where they talk about it and their have. Or, take inspiration from Grazia UK, who went exist with an influencer and nail salon founder to show their viewers some nail art ideas .
Example of  Grazia UK, who went live with an influencer
Liked the countdown shown at the get down of this populate ? You can create a alike video recording using a template like this and share it with viewers before your alive starts .

Use this template

Idea #8 – Breaking news 

Any industry-specific news or drift that affects your brand and hearing should be mindful of is good cannon fodder for Facebook Live .
The best separate about such populate video recording is that they require little readiness and no fancy set-up. You should chalk out what you want to say during the exist, but you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have much time to prepare if you want to deliver the newsworthiness on time .
Providing utilitarian information to your consultation regularly via short and quick lives can help you grow your brand, make users look forward to your subject, and help you start a conversation and receive engagement on your foliate .

Idea #9 – Special announcements 

On the like note, you can besides ditch traditional formats and deliver ship’s company newsworthiness through Facebook Live .
Whether you are shifting to a newly function, expanding your team, have a sale coming up, or equitable restocked a product, a know can be an matter to way to announce the newsworthiness and build exhilaration among viewers .
Taking the example of Benefit again—they ’ rhenium doing an excellent caper at using FB Lives to engage and educate their audience—here ’ s a know they did to announce their nomination at an prize picture and tell their fans to vote for them .
example of Benefit Cosmetics using FB Lives
During the hot, Annie even discussed why she felt they were nominated and what their mark started out to do and stands for—again, a great means to build a joining with your audience .

Idea #10 – Behind the scenes 

One of the best ways to use FB Live is to give your fans a sub-rosa expect at your brand—whether it ’ s through a day in the life video, or showing them your workspace, how you make your products, the people behind it, or teasing an approaching product or consequence .
Besides making for engaging message, this can besides help humanize your sword, bring it to life for your audience, and frankincense, build deeper connections with them .
This live video recording from Dunkin ’ is an excellent model of this. It featured a chef of theirs, who took viewers through their aim facility and told them about their brand fib, history, and how they make delectable treats, making it a extremely interest television to watch .
 example of live video from Dunkin
No matter what the theme, one thing all these Facebook Lives have in coarse is how harbor and engaging they are. Keep the same in mind for your future live—be authentic, showcase your personality, and embrace mistakes if you make any, and you ’ ll put up viewers with a memorable experience. And preceptor ’ t forget to save and repurpose your live video recording for extra contented without besides much of an attempt. Check out InVideo ’ s Facebook video recording editor to create multiple videos from your live seance itself .

C. 9 tips for doing Facebook Lives successfully 

The above examples would have got your creative juices flowing, but as you brainstorm ideas for your adjacent live, keep these tips in mind to increase its chances of achiever :

Before you go live

Tip #1 – Understand what your audience wants 

While the ideas above are evergreen and will give you a good read/write head start, coming up with relevant ideas for Facebook Lives regularly can be a challenge—but not if you do some social heed .
The best source of ideas for your Facebook Lives is your community of followers and customers—understand the trouble points they face and the questions they normally ask you to ideate lives .
You can besides ask them what topic they ’ d like you to cover adjacent during your live or through Facebook Stories ( using polls or the motion dagger ) or posts .
benefit Cosmetics ’ live series Tipsy Tricks is a great model of this—the hosts kept track of the questions customers left on their page to understand what beauty tips they could cover next .
once, they even asked their followers on Snapchat what topic they ’ d like to learn about next and then delivered an FB Live on it .
example of Benefit Cosmetics’ live series Tipsy Tricks

Tip #2 – Plan and structure your live 

Facebook Lives are all about being authentic and spontaneous, but that doesn ’ metric ton beggarly you should dive into them without a plan. Outlining your video ’ second structure is all-important since a be will represent your sword, and you won ’ triiodothyronine get any retakes or do-overs in case things go wrong .
The first step here is to understand the purpose behind your live and what message you want to put across. then, create a number of talking points, topics, or questions you ’ d like to cover, so you stay on track and don ’ t have to think about what to say or ask on the fly. Don ’ thymine prepare a word-for-word script, or you ’ ll kill the gladden of spontaneity .

Tip #3 – Promote your live 

An often-ignored but crucial strategy to increase your FB Live ’ sulfur success is to promote it in promote .
Facebook Lives are like an event, and you ’ vitamin d want to get the parole out about them to see a good output and ensure things go angstrom planned .
You can publish puzzle posts on Facebook to build hype around your live and arrest top-of-mind. rather of telling users when and where you ’ ll be going live, give them a taste of what you ’ ll cover and the tips you ’ ll unwrap to attract them .
And good because you ’ re going live on Facebook doesn ’ metric ton think of you can ’ t promote the consequence on other channels—make certain to cross-promote your live in your electronic mail campaigns, on your web site, blogs, and other social media platforms. For model, here ’ s a post we created on Instagram to promote a then-upcoming episode of our FB Live series :

You can also straight-up showcase your work, and let it do the talking for you. Whether you’re a copywriter, a filmmaker, or a photographer, here are over a dozen free InVideo templates that you can edit and use to create a portfolio of your work.

2. Introduce your team

What is a brand without its team members? Let your team members take the spotlight and introduce each of them, the role they play, and the value they add to your team, and perhaps a special quirk or habit they have on a personal level.

You can create a similar teaser video using a template like this—just customize the text and visuals if required, and you’ll have a promo video ready within minutes. You can then post it on your socials or even add it to your marketing emails.

Use this template
Another theme is to schedule your live ahead of time on the Facebook Live Producer. This will create and publish an announcement post on your page, letting your consultation know about the approaching air. The post will besides come with a “ Get Reminder ” option which people can click on to receive a notification before your live starts .
schedule live
It ’ ll besides mechanically publish a post with your Livestream when you go exist, so users can easily tune in .

Tip #4 – Do a test run

A reasonably simple point, but one that can ensure your live goes smoothly is doing a test run before you go live. You can do this by selecting “ merely me ” under the audience if you ’ re going live from a personal account or toggling the “ Create a test broadcast before going live ” button when going live from a page .
test your live with only me
test your live with only me
Use this feature to check if the ignite is proper, your equipment is in position, your connection stable, and your voice audible, and then you ’ ll be ready to hit alive .

During the Live

Tip #5 – Keep providing context to new viewers

When you start your live video, you ’ vitamin d ideally take the time to introduce yourself and tell viewers what ’ second in storehouse .
But remember that people will keep tuning in and out of your live—so make sure to re-introduce yourself and give context about the bouncy to new viewers at regular intervals .
Say you ’ re doing a exist with an influencer. When you see many new viewers joining in, you can say something like, “ For those who ’ ve just joined in, I ’ meter John, and I have Amanda hera with me today. We ’ ve precisely covered [ previous subject ] and are immediately discussing [ current subject ]. ”
You can besides pin a comment explaining the crux of the know ( and preferably, including a call-to-action ) to offer context .
pin a comment
Besides, subtitling the video in the comment section now and then is besides a great theme. For exemplify, we write down the highlights of a particular discussion like this in all our FB Lives, allowing both new and existing viewers to catch up .
Example of writing down the highlights of specific discussion

Tip #6 – Engage your viewers 

The best character about populate video is that they ’ re not a one-way conversation. Your viewers can send reactions, interact with you, give feedback on the smudge, and drop in their questions—make maximal use of this feature .
high engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares can besides help increase your live ’ second relevance grade, making Facebook appearance it on more users ’ feeds .
so, make sure to welcome and say hello to people who join in, prosecute people who are commenting, and address their questions by calling out their names. This can encourage them to engage far, a win for both sides .
Birchbox did this well in this survive. not alone did they take up questions from viewers, but they besides asked them trivia questions to up their live ’ s battle .
They flush created a game show around this, saying those who engage the most and ask the most questions will get a gamble to win their mascara for free. now that ’ s a great way to incentivize viewers and boost interaction !
Birchbox - engage viewers
engage and entertaining viewers and keeping path of comments can get a fortune, so consider enlisting the avail of an extra person to watch, monitor, and respond to comments or relay the best questions to you so you can answer them as Birchbox did above .

Tip #7 – Keep the length in mind 

While you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine elongate your live unnecessarily, you want to give users enough clock time to discover and join your be and allow the algorithm to gauge what it ’ randomness about and its relevance to distribute it to a larger hearing .
Facebook recommends going live for 30-60 minutes, while a discipline says the top-performing hot videos are 15-20 minutes farseeing on median. The theme international relations and security network ’ t to let your live run dry and your content thin—just make certain you have adequate cannon fodder before you hop on a bouncy and give users meter to tune in .

Tip #8 – Don’t forget your call-to-action

If people stick till the end of your be, make sure to leverage their pastime in your brand and direct them to an action you want them to take .
therefore, after thanking them for joining in, you can remind them to hit “ Follow ” to receive notifications every time you go live .
You can even direct them to your web site, merchandise page, latest on-line course, or Instagram page. Or, you can add links to these places in your description or as a pin comment in your live. The basic idea is to keep them engaged long after your live ends .
If you ’ re doing a series of lives that you want your users to access late, you can besides have a CTA around accessing the save series on your Facebook page or group. Of course you can make minor edits to these live television by adding intro, outros and your logo using the InVideo editor program before you create a playlist. This is besides a great exercise for brand .

After the Live

Tip #9 – Analyze your performance 

You ’ ll be feeling meet and fulfilled after interacting with your audience and delivering an excellent live broadcast, but your job doesn ’ t end there .
Make sure to check your Facebook Live ’ s analytics to understand what went right and wrong and how you can improve .
The good news is that this information is within your strive. Just go to the Insights section of your page and then Videos, and you ’ ll find analytics like the following for every survive television :
– The people reached
– Demographics of your viewers
– Breakdown of reactions, comments, and shares
– average completion rate
– average watch fourth dimension
– Peak live viewers
– sum views
FB Live Insights
You can evening click on each of these metrics to see how they changed during your live .
not only will this data help you plan and optimize your following bouncy, but it can besides help you understand which portions of your live engaged viewers the most and are worth re-using, which brings us to our adjacent section .

D. How to repurpose your Facebook Live videos

As Ian Anderson Gray said in his live with InVideo, the 5Ps of live-streaming are planning, pre-promote, output, post-promote, and (re)-purposing .

You might think your live broadcast is good one nibble of content and was only valuable at the consequence for those who tuned in—but that couldn ’ metric ton be more improper .
You can cut, slice, and edit your live video into many more valuable pieces of content with just a little piece of attempt. But before we get into repurposing, let ’ s first understand how to download your exist video recording .

1. How to download Facebook live videos

once your Livestream ends, it ’ ll mechanically get posted on your timeline—you can choose to keep it on your timeline for 30 days or choose “ never delete. ”
so, the easiest way to increase your exist video recording ’ s shelf life is by keeping it on your timeline ( and not deleting it ) so viewers can watch and rewatch it .
then, to download your live television :
Step 1: Go to your Facebook page, navigate to Videos, and select the video you want to download .
How to download FB live videos - step 1
Step 2: Click on the three horizontal dots in the upper mighty corner. then, pawl Download Video .
How to download FB live videos - step 2
And voila, your video will start download and be saved to your device !
Pro tip: After having posted it on your page, you can even boost the live video or run Facebook Ads for it to reach a larger audience. This can not only help you increase video views and engagement, but besides brand awareness and your following. You can read more about boosting your FB Lives here .

2. How to edit and repurpose Facebook Live videos 

once you ’ ve downloaded your television, it ’ sulfur time to brainstorm all the different ways and places you can re-use it. But before that, it ’ mho authoritative to make your video social media-ready. Never edited a video before ? Don ’ thyroxine worry, you can use InVideo, an intuitive video recording editor which allows you to create and edit professional-looking videos in minutes, even if you ’ ve never done it before .
Follow this bit-by-bit method acting to edit your FB alive television :
Step 1: Login to InVideo or sign up if you haven ’ metric ton already. On the home page, choose Blank Canvas, 16: 9 aspect ratio and click on Make a Video.
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 1
Step 2: Once you reach the editor program, click on Upload Media on the bequeath panel and choose your download FB live television .
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 2
Step 3: Your video recording will immediately be visible on the bequeath upload panel. From here, drag-and-drop your video to the canvas .
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 3
Step 4: When you see this prompt, either chatter on Use Full Video to use the entire video or use the sliders on the corners to cut your video. When you ’ re satisfy, click on Done.
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 4
Step 5 : Use the Text option on the leave panel to choose a baptismal font, baptismal font size, and textbook stickers to add message to your television, and make it more interactional .
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 5
Step 6: Use the Overlays option on the left panel to pick an effect, and apply it to a specific section of your video, for cinematic effect. This can specially help you engage your consultation during humorous, sarcastic or wildly impactful moments in your be video recording that you want to highlight in the repurposed version .
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 6
Step 7: Use the Speed option above your video to increase or decrease the amphetamine of your video .
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 7
Step 8: You can besides use the Blur choice above the video recording if you want to blur out a specific section of the video and highlight some textbook or a transition. You can control the indistinctness through the bar indicated there .
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 8
Step 9: When you ’ re done with your edits, click on Download, and then Export.
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 9
Step 10: Your video will now render. Once that ’ s done, click on Download or directly contribution on social media .
How to edit and repurpose FB live videos - step 10
nowadays that your bouncy video is edited, it ’ randomness time to repurpose it. hera are some agitate ideas :
1. Create a blog post around the topics and key points covered in the live—you can even include insightful quotes from the guest you interviewed .
2. Turn your exist ’ randomness sound recording into a podcast for users to listen and learn from on the travel. This works best if your FB live didn ’ thymine have many ocular elements like slideshow presentations or intersection demonstration .
3. Upload the live video on YouTube to multiply its reach beyond Facebook .
hera, make certain you edit your video to make it crisper and more desirable for a non-live audience. For case, while going populate, you ’ d have introduced yourself and then waited for some time for people to tune in and settle—but the waiting period and pauses are something you can cut out when posting your video on YouTube .
You can besides record a newfangled initiation when repurposing your Facebook Live for YouTube or use templates like this one to spice up your television ’ s beginning and end .

Use this template
4. Pick out concern insights and soundbites from the exist and turn them into quote videos for social channels like Instagram .
For example, this is how we turned this quotation from our live with Kim Garst into an Instagram mail .

You can also straight-up showcase your work, and let it do the talking for you. Whether you’re a copywriter, a filmmaker, or a photographer, here are over a dozen free InVideo templates that you can edit and use to create a portfolio of your work.

2. Introduce your team

What is a brand without its team members? Let your team members take the spotlight and introduce each of them, the role they play, and the value they add to your team, and perhaps a special quirk or habit they have on a personal level.

You can create a similar post using one of InVideo ’ s quotation mark templates —just customize the text, colors, and visuals if required, and you ’ ll create an exciting and value-packed sociable media mail .
5. Pick video snippets from the be and turn them into social media posts to give your followers a glance into what the discussion was like .
For exemplar, we used this snip from our hot with Kim for an informative post around the importance of television in marketing .

You can also straight-up showcase your work, and let it do the talking for you. Whether you’re a copywriter, a filmmaker, or a photographer, here are over a dozen free InVideo templates that you can edit and use to create a portfolio of your work.

2. Introduce your team

What is a brand without its team members? Let your team members take the spotlight and introduce each of them, the role they play, and the value they add to your team, and perhaps a special quirk or habit they have on a personal level.

Liked the intro video recording used in the post ? You can create something similar using any one of InVideo ’ second templates —all you have to do is customize the textbook and then add the snip from your live video !
6. Compile the top learnings from a detail section of the be into a snackable video post. For model, hera ’ s an Instagram post summing up a section of our live with Luria Petrucci .

You can also straight-up showcase your work, and let it do the talking for you. Whether you’re a copywriter, a filmmaker, or a photographer, here are over a dozen free InVideo templates that you can edit and use to create a portfolio of your work.

2. Introduce your team

What is a brand without its team members? Let your team members take the spotlight and introduce each of them, the role they play, and the value they add to your team, and perhaps a special quirk or habit they have on a personal level.

alternatively of going for a unconstipated image post, you excessively can create a bite-sized explainer video like the above to capture your audience ’ second matter to and compel them to check out your be .
Use a template like this, edit the text, customize the visuals if needed—you can even pick images and videos from our collection of stock footage—and you ’ ll be done .

Use this template
7. Pick and compile the best moments from the live to create a highlight video for your socials .
Besides value-packed moments, you can include some funny story moments or bloopers hera to engage viewers and entice them to watch the stallion live .
To bring this video to liveliness, just upload these inadequate clips to InVideo, add transitions between them to make the change of scenes smoother, and finish it off with some text, background effects, and music .
Bottom line: You can repurpose one live video of yours in multiple ways and engage audiences across platforms. however, make sure it matches the military post dimensions of the platform, includes only substantial information and no fluff, and has branding elements like your logo. This is where InVideo can help you. Besides offering 5000+ templates and 8 million+ neckcloth footage that can enhance the appeal of your social media posts, the on-line instrument besides lets you add text, music, animations, and graphics to your television stake to make it more attractive and engage .

Wrapping up 

As Luria Petrucci said in her chew the fat with InVideo, when it comes to Facebook Lives, people want joining, not paragon. We ’ ve covered all the tips and tricks you need to know to get started with and leverage Facebook Lives, but the best advice is to just be yourself and provide value, and you ’ ll create an excellent know for your viewers .
If you ’ re feeling up to it, we have many more posts on Facebook selling which you can check out here. If you ’ re a ocular learner, we besides have many videos on Facebook marketing and advertise on our YouTube distribution channel to guide you .


1. How to watch Facebook live?
If one of your connections—like a page you ’ ve liked or a Facebook friend—goes live, their video recording will appear in your Newsfeed .
alternatively, you can besides click on Watch on the bottom-left of your Newsfeed and then click Live under it to find and watch live videos. You can besides use the search creature to find lives by specific pages or accounts .
2. How long can you go live on Facebook?
You can go populate for up to eight hours if you ’ re circulate from your computer—whether using your camera or streaming software. When streaming from your mobile, the limit is four hours .
3. Can I watch Facebook Live without an account?
It depends on the privacy settings of the person going live. If they change the set to “ public ” or if the hot is from a Business page, you can watch it with or without a Facebook account.

4. Is Facebook Live different than Facebook?
Facebook Live is a partially of Facebook, a feature it offers that lets you broadcast events, gatherings, conversations and connect with your audience in real-time .

This post was written by Komal and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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