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How to Diffuse Curly Hair in 5 Easy Steps

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If you have curly hair or crinkled hair, you may be well acquainted with a haircloth diffuser, and if you ’ ra not, we ’ re about to transform your curl styling routine for the better… If you ’ re looking for more uniform, less-frizzy, more copious curl, a diffuser is the answer. In this steer, we ’ ll explain how to diffuse wavy hair’s-breadth and curly hair’s-breadth correctly so you can embrace your natural hair’s-breadth texture. From using the right hair’s-breadth products online to knowing how to moisturize curly hair, we ’ ve got all the advice you need to maintain your delectable locks when diffusing .

How To Diffuse Curly Hair

It doesn ’ t take a pro stylist to diffuse your haircloth by rights. In fact, diffusing your curl is far easier than giving yourself a polish runaway. Follow the slowly steps below to learn how to use a diffuser on curly hair and achieve frizz-free, ready-to-go coil in no time.

Step 1: Prep Your Hair
After showering, using our guide on how to wash curly hair, get your darling leave-in products ready to style your hair. Run your favorite style product through your curls and shape them. We recommend our Curl Enhancer for wavy haircloth, our Curl Definer for curly hair, and our Curl Elongator for coily hair. All lock products are formulated to provide both condition and styling benefits so you can hydrate the hair before you apply heat and help your curls hold their shape .
following, you need to use a heat protectant-always. This is an absolute must when it comes to curly hair tips. We recommend using either our Heat Styling Spray or Restore Instant Protection before diffusing your hair to provide proper thermal protection .
Step 2: Choose the Right Heat Setting
The adjacent dance step is to get to know your shock dry and select the right hotness setting for your lifelike hair. Most blow dryers have high, medium, and low settings ampere well as a “ cool ” release that blasts hair with aplomb atmosphere alternatively of heat.‌
When you diffuse your curls, start with the lowest heat and travel rapidly settings and then work your manner up as your hair dries as needed. At the roots, use the cool release to infuse your haircloth with volume .
Step 3: Work In Sections
now you ’ re ready to start diffusing. Begin by drying the ends of your hair. Use the diffuse attachment as if it was your hand, gently cupping hair in the stadium of the diffuse and piano scrunching the curl from the ends up. Move around your lead, working in small sections, spending a few seconds on each section, and moving up toward the roots as you go.

Step 4: Diffuse Upside Down
once you ’ ve got some of the moisture out of the ends of your textured haircloth, flip your head top down. Diffusing your hair top down will add bulk to your look. Plus, it will allow you to dry hard-to-reach spots in the back of your head and at the roots .
Step 5: Apply a Finishing Product
once your textured haircloth is dry, finish your look with our Curl Moisturizing Shine Oil for a promote of radiance and moisture. Massage it into your roots to add even more volume to your search. once you ’ ve applied your finishing product…voilà ! You ’ re ready to rock your define curls and hair as-is or have a perfect head of haircloth to try out in different hairstyles for curly hair .
With the right products and a diffuse, you ’ ll see more coil definition and coil formation in your hair .

Why Use a Diffuser? 

This shove off dry attachment disperses the air travel so that the heat from the hairdryer is distributed more evenly and lightly to your curls. It is typically shaped like a bowl with small cones that catch your curls, helping to support your hair ’ randomness natural coil pattern.‌
Your average hair dry will not alone disrupt your natural lock convention but besides inflate frizz, but when you slap a diffuse on it, you can keep your natural coil formation entire, increase definition, and reduce hair frizz. Plus, without the practice of a blow dry, it can take forever for curls to dry. so, unless you want to leave the firm with wet hair’s-breadth, a diffuse is necessity for embracing your lifelike curl. ‌
In accession to keeping frizz at bay and cutting dry time, a diffuser besides increases bulk. This is specially helpful for curly girls whose curl up startle more toward the middle or ends of haircloth and can tend to weigh down the roots. With a soft, it ’ s possible to experience bouncing curls and bulk all over for boastfully curly hair.‌

Using a diffuse can be extremely beneficial for all curly hair types, particularly if your curls are unmanageable, inconsistent, or less curly than you ’ d like. With the tips above, you ’ ll achieve beautiful, manageable, and tighter curls .

How to Dry Curly Hair Without a Diffuser

While adding a diffuser to your curly hair manage routine can be a game-changer, it ’ s not constantly an available choice. There are ways to dry curly hair without a diffuse. Of course, air travel dry is the simplest and most heterosexual forward option, but you can besides use a normal haircloth dry without a soft fastening on curly hair if you alter the dry method acting a spot. You can do this by tying your haircloth up with a microfiber towel or tied a cotton T-Shirt so your curls don ’ t take the brunt of the heat. ‌ ‌
At the end of the day, if you ’ re serious about styling your curls, a diffuser is an essential investment—and it doesn ’ t have to break the bank. Learning how to diffuse wavy hair or curly haircloth is the first step to embracing your natural haircloth texture and enhancing your coil definition. There are enough of well designed soft attachments you can add to any blow dry. then, follow these steps and voilá ! Your beautiful, bouncing curls will be back in carry through .

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