How To Call UK From US? [Easily Explained]

how to call uk from us Do you want to connect with person in the UK from US ? If yes, then you are on the right page as in this scout we will discuss how you can call any UK-based land line or cellular telephone from any state in the United States .
Connecting with any UK based issue from US is a reasonably childlike job if you know the mighty area code and in which sequence you have to dial the numeral. Keep reading this article till the very end and you will come to know about every view of calling UK numbers from the US .

Things you should consider before dialing the UK?  

Before making a call to the UK, you should know about the time zone differences between the two countries. This will help you to avoid calling people while they are sleeping or interfering in any other crucial work .
1. Figure out the best time to call

United Kingdoms consumption british Summer Time or BST ( GMT+1 ) during the summer and british Standard Time or BST ( GMT+0 ) for the rest of the year. Contrary to the UK, USA, have four time zones, i.e., EST, CST, MST, and PST .
eastern time is 4 hours behind of UK timezone .
CST is 6 hours behind of UK timezone .
MST is 7 hours behind of UK timezone .
PST is 8 hours behind of UK timezone .
2. Schedule your call :
After figuring out the best time to call, you can schedule the shout with the early person to avoid the issues of inaccessibility and calling at the wrong time .

How to dial a UK cellphone from the United States? 

Let ’ s suppose you want to connect with anyone in Bristol, UK .
typically a Bristol number follows this syntax – ( 0117 ) xxx xxxx, where 0117 is the area code .
now, follow these easy steps to connect with that person in no time .
Step 1 : Dial the country exit code – 011
The first step is to enter the state exit code of the US, which is 011. This code informs your telecommunication supplier that you are making an international call .
Do note that in some cellphones, you need to dial + alternatively of 011 to make a birdcall outside the area. Therefore, try both of these options to see which one works best for you .
Step 2 : Dial the country code of UK – 44
After that, you have to enter the country code of the UK, i, 44 in your dial pad. Dialing this number will allow you to call any number in the United Kingdom.

Step 3 : Dial the area code of the UK
Area codes of the UK consist of 2 to 5 numbers. If the first digit of area code is 0, you have to dial the rest of the numbers after the 0 .
now, dial the UK ’ s area code, which will place your bid to the specific part of the UK. In our case, it is 0117, as we want to make a call in Bristol. therefore, we will dial 117 .
Step 4 : Dial the phone number
At stopping point, you have to dial the claim count of the cellular telephone and dial the number to place the call .
The dial number should look like this – 01144117xxxxxxx. now, expect for the other person in the UK to pick up the birdcall .

Some common UK area codes 

Area Code
Bradford 1274
Birmingham 121
Bristol 117
Cambridge 1223
Cardiff 29
Glasgow 141
Liverpool 151
London 20
Manchester 161
Nottingham 115
Southampton 23
Oxford 1865
Preston 1772
Worcester 1905
York 1904
Glasgow 141
Blackpool 1253
Bournemouth 1202
Derby 1332
Dundee 1382

How much does it cost to call the UK from the US?

International calling is normally expensive, and if you are talking overseas for a longer duration and more much, it will increase your telephone bills. One of the best ways to reduce calling costs from UK to US is to use VoIP earphone services .
VoIP phone system uses the Internet Protocol to make calls as opposed to conventional calls, which uses PSTN for establishing the association between the caller and the callee .
additionally, with a VoIP phone organization, you don ’ t have to buy expensive hardware such as PBX, cables, etc. therefore, allowing your business to reduce operational costs and eliminating the necessity of a technical team to maintain your telephone solution regularly .
Other benefits of VoIP phone systems :
1. No hardware requirements .
2. Support distant employment and allow agents to take calls anywhere, anytime .
3. batten integration with enterprise solutions .
4. integration support with business apps such as Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, etc.

5. configure call hang as per business requirements

Wrapping Up 

This guidebook will help you to dial any cellular telephone or land line count in the UK from the US. International calling incurs a significant monetary value on your telephone bills. VoIP telephone services can help you to bring down the price of your calls as it uses the internet to make calls. With a good internet connection, you can enjoy HD voice calling with your friends and conduct cost-efficient business meetings .
plug in with The Real PBX solution experts to know about the best plans for outright international calling within your budget .

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