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Stumped on how to decorate a big wall ? rather of looking at it as a huge, denude area that has to be covered, think of it as a blank canvas tent. An opportunity. nowadays, I ’ meter sharing 10 wall interior decoration ideas and examples of each across our home, along with a few tips and considerations as you start your projects !
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Wall Decor Tips

Before you start filling a wall with * all the things *, there are a few things to keep in take care .

  1. Scale: Go big. If it’s a big wall, you need something that won’t disappear into the wall. We’ve all seen big walls with tiny-by-comparison-art — if it isn’t the correct scale, it can look cluttered, disappear, or may even look like an unintentional blemish of an afterthought.
  2. Expense: But if it’s bigger, won’t it be more expensive? Larger art and wall decor can get pricey but it doesn’t have to be. If there’s a piece you love, save for it and purchase it in the correct scale. But, I’m sharing some budget-friendly alternatives throughout the post!
  3. Continuity: Plan your walls to compliment your decor and surroundings — even from room to room if you have an open floor plan.
  4. Repetition: While you may have a favorite go-to for bare walls (for me, it’s mirrors), you don’t want to use the same “trick” over and over; keep your solutions diverse.
  5. Meaning: I am not the “special meaning” police. If I see a canvas that I think is pretty at HomeGoods, I’ll totally buy it! I love when we are able to incorporate pieces or works that have special meaning or remind us of a special time, but liking it, in itself, is reason enough for me! Just don’t feel like you  have to “settle” with a bunch of stuff from one trip out that you don’t really like but think it “may go”.

now that we ’ ve covered the bases and what I try to keep in mind when I ’ thousand planning rampart interior decoration, let ’ s get into 10 different ways to decorate a large wall !

4. set of art

I love pairing art together as a set, particularly when I only want something hang on the topmost helping of the wall. It will besides save some $ $ $ as two smaller framed pieces are normally less than one big one. This framed match of sung lyrics above Eliza ’ s crib ended up being the best “ second option ” — I ’ m sol glad the wall basket I was waiting on originally never arrived ; ). — a sum felicitous accident. I get tons of questions about these ; the actual Etsy workshop who printed these lyrics closed patronize concisely after the reveal but you can find a alike option HERE. The frames I chose are in the 16″x20″ choice, but that ’ s actually the size of the photograph within the flat. The actual frame of reference sizes are 23″x28″ .
Framed song lyrics above the nursery crib
Sources: Song Lyrics (similar) | Frames | Crib | Macrame Crib Skirt | Gingham Crib Sheet | Antelope Pillow | Bunny | Cozy Tassel Throw 
I besides like to search for art series and choose two favorites to configure in concert as a set. These were honest-to-god lily pad art pieces from ZGallerie, about six years ago. here ’ s a pro point — I love browsing Minted for art. While it isn ’ triiodothyronine easy to “ spot ” a set, they typically numeral their prints within a series with Roman numerals. In the research measure, I will search “ II ”, indicating a “ 2 ”. When the results are run, I check “ artwork ” in the filters so it lone gives me art ( alternatively of cards, stationery, etc. ) Most everything that filters from there is separate II of an art series. If you find a assemble you like, tap on the artist ’ sulfur name and you can browse their other work. Nine times out of ten, if they had something labeled with a II, there is besides a I ( sometimes a III and IV ) .

Sources : Chandelier | Dining Chairs ( similar )

6. Wallpaper

I only tiptoed into the earth of wallpaper earlier this class and… I ’ megabyte wholly obsessed. I started with our small powder board where it ’ s way easier to be more bold and adventurous and I think the risk wholly paid off. I besides stuck to only wallpapering the upper berth 1/3 while I went with a modeling on the bottom 2/3. I don ’ t have a single piece of extra art and I ’ thousand now trying to determine what space I can wallpaper next !
Powder Room Design Ideas in this Makeover Reveal, featuring picture frame moulding and blue palm wallpaper
Sources : Wallpaper | Vanity | Mirror | Sconce | Rug | Rattan Trash Can
If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to commit, there are besides a fortune of reasonably peel and stick options that are fairly slowly to apply. I actually applied a fake brick in our maestro toilet ’ s toilet room a few years back !
Toilet Room Makeover Decorating Ideas
See all the details of this makeover HERE .

9. curtain Panels

In the downstairs node bedroom, the layout is a little slippery. There ’ mho one blank wall, one wall with both a wardrobe and bathroom doorway, one wall with a huge windowpane, and one wall with french doors. For both functionality ( and to address what could be kind of awkward blank walls ), I added huge curtain panels on long rods to create walls of curtains. If you order custom, you can specify how across-the-board you want your curtain panels ; each of these panels are the full width of the openings they are intended to cover. ( You can see all the details of this space HERE ) .
Privacy with Wall of Windows and Curtains in the Bedroom

Sources : lantern Chandelier | X Bench | Linen Quilt | Duvet Cover | Teddy Bear Throw | Blue Belgian Pillow Cover ( like color ) | Curtain Rod | Curtain Rings

10. Built-In Shelving

We have built-ins that frame the fireplace and television receiver in our living room but the space we added them in after we were living in our home was in the office. This is more of an investment project, excessively, but down to the file cabinets under the window sill to the roll-out printer draftsman, it ’ mho one of my favorite additions we ’ ve made. If you don ’ thyroxine want to go the built-in route, you can get two units to flank your windowpane — or tied bent rows of harmonious floating shelves .
Home Office Spring Decor
Sources : Chandelier | Fabric Basket | White Ginger Jar | Rattan Bin | Magazine Holder Box | Document Storage Box | Document Box | Roman Shade | Rug | Drawer Pull
The buttocks argumentation — don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate overthink it, mix it up, and remember… scale matters ! It doesn ’ t have to be expensive to be fabulous but by the same token, if there ’ s a statement you ’ ra dying to make, save and do what you very want. A brawny wall argument can make or break a board — I know from trial and error and from batch of my own hindsight mistakes 😉 For approaching posts, quad reveals and tips, be sure to subscribe to my emails HERE .

10 Ways to Decorate a Large Wall!
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