What tool should I use to cut metal roofing?

You can make a good cutting blade for sheet metallic element roofing out of a brassy circular saw blade .
Go find your old practice round wood cutting blades, without carbide tooth, or buy the cheapest round learn blade you can buy. There is no point in messing up a beneficial carbide tooth blade. They can be easily re-sharpened .
circular saw blades normally cut about 1/8 edge wide. If you look at them, you will see the teeth are angled outward to make the 1/8 edge abridge. But the blade itself is approximately 1/16 inch wide .
therefore take the used or new sword and stick it in a vise. Use an angle ( side ) grinder to make all the dentition no wide than the remainder of the blade. This is easy to do. If you do not have an lean molar ( like one a welder uses ) then put the brassy blade in the circular interpret and turn it against a grinding gem or grinding roulette wheel. When you are done the teeth are 1/16 wide-eyed.

All the grinding will be on the sides of the tooth. Do not grind the teeth off of the blade, lone the sides of the teeth. When you finish, the blade ‘s teeth will be thin, but the ends of the teeth are not short. This should take lone a couple of minutes. Do not make the sword any thin except at the tooth. This sword has no need of sharpening. It dulls up ampere soon as it hits the metallic element – and cuts fine .
now you can mount the blade in the see and cut the roofing metal, but you are lone removing 1/16 of an edge, a much thin and easier cut .
Metal roofing with rib cuts easier from the back english ( the down side when screwed to the roof ). I use pencil lines, pop lines are excessively bleary.

You can run this flimsy blade forwards or backwards, but after it makes a few cuts, the teeth are not sharply and commission makes little dispute .
This sword will last FOREVER. It will not need ANY focus .
YOU, however, WILL need earplugs. The easiest place to cut metal roof is on the grass. The metal sheets slide about excessively much on a judiciary or table. Lay a 2×4 on the supergrass and hang the end of the metallic dialog box over the 2×4. now your sword is not digging into the turf as you cut.

I have cut painted and unpainted Galvalume metallic roofing this way. If you get hung up or the blade is pinched by the metallic element, stop and adjust. The blade needs to keep moving so it does not get hot and mess up the paint on painted galvalume .
P.S. You can get clean edges by running a 4 column inch angle grinding roulette wheel along the edge where you cut. This should be done RAPIDLY, to merely remove the burr. If you stop moving, the molar will dig in where you do n’t want it to. Do n’t push intemperate on the steering wheel – barely thinly remove the bur left over from cutting. This makes a courteous legato edge if your cut was straight .
I have found identical fiddling rust on these smoother cut edges and I live in a wet climate. I think the zinc in the galvalume migrates to the border somehow .

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