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once you have finished the nail down trimming, reward your computerized tomography with batch of treats, cuddles, playtime or anything else that will end the have on a positive note .

Trimming Cat Claws: Tips from the Pros

To increase your chances of nail trim success, follow these tips :
Practice first : Before you get out the clippers, put your caterpillar in position and practice extending their nails one at a clock time. When your cat-o’-nine-tails is used to this work, it will help them acclimate when it ’ south time for the real complete trim. If you use a breeze through bomber, you should turn it on during these practice sessions. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually use it on their nails at first—these practice sessions are just to help your computerized tomography catch used to the noise .
Stay relaxed : Your cat is consummate at reading your energy. If they sense that you are anxious or awful, they may want no part of the event. Fake it if necessary.

Play soft music : classical guitar, meditation songs, any type of soothing music can help both you and your computerized tomography relax—as long as it does not have dame calls in it .
Use feline pheromones : Stress-relieving pheromones, like a Feliway diffuser, can help your guy chill out when it ’ randomness time for a reduce.

Use cat treats as a reward, not as a bribe : Treats can be a herculean incentive, but don ’ t give them away before you get your guy to cooperate. Let your kitty know you have the treat to gain their interest, and wait until they allow you to clip a nail before you deliver the payoff.

Consider using a padded ironing board instead of your lap : If sitting your cat in your lave is not feasible, a cushioned iron board makes an excellent training surface. Standing up can give you a better position, and it allows a benefactor to work on one side to help restrain your cat when you ’ rhenium cutting guy nails .
Use the least amount of force necessary to restrain your cat : emphatic techniques—such as scruffing, in which you hold the cat by the nape or free skin of their neck—can result in a rapid escalation of stress for your cat ( and related aggression or efforts to escape ). Losing patience will lose the end game and can destroy your big cat ’ randomness trust in you. alternatively, hold your guy in a means that ’ s both fasten and comfortable for them .
Learn to read your cat’s warning signs : dock twitch, growling, body stiffen and pant are all signs that your cat is becoming perilously angry, and may bite or scratch you. even purring can be a sign of stress. If you notice any of these, take a break and allow your caterpillar to calm down .

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