How To Make A Flowchart In Word

This usher is brought to you by Zen Flowchart, the simplest flow chart godhead. — In this article, we ‘ll show you how to make a flowchart in Word. But first, let ‘s discuss what is a flow chart in the first base place .

What Is A Flowchart?

A ocular representation of the steps of a clientele process in consecutive decree is called a flow chart. The joyride is helpful in many situations, from stick out planning to manufacturing. By breaking down and visualizing the process, it will make analyze and managing your business processes a breeze.


How To Make A Flowchart In Word?

‍ ‍ There are 2 main ways to make a flow chart in Word : using shapes and using SmartArt

1. Using Shapes

shape is a built-in tool in Microsoft Word that allows you to create administration charts. This way includes four steps .

Show The Grid

Gridlines are the horizontal and perpendicular lines that form the cells, rows, column on the entire document. It will become easier and more accurate when using the gridlines to design the diagram. Open the View tab and choose the Gridlines box to show the lines. then they will appear on the drawing canvas .

Select Shapes

go to the Insert tab and choose the Shape option. The Lines and the Flowchart are the two groups that will help you draw the diagram. First, let ’ s select the shapes in the latter group .Flowchart SymbolsFlowchart Symbols ‍

You need to know the meanings the shapes to select the right field flow chart symbols. The basic symbols are :

  • Oval shape: is the Terminal Symbol, showing the starting and ending points of a process.
  • Rectangle shape: describes processes.
  • Diamond shape: refers to decision points.

Click on the shape to insert it. then, a crosshair will appear on the screen. You can adjust the determine by clicking and dragging the crosshair. The first gear form of the diagram will be the start point ; consequently, it will be an ellipse supreme headquarters allied powers europe. once the first symbol is done, use the invention tools in the Format tab key to create your own beautiful flowcharts .

Insert Text

Click on the human body and type the label inside to add the text .

Choose Connector Type

After drawing all of the shapes in the diagram, use the arrows on the Lines class ( step 2 ) to connect them. The elbow and curved are the coarse connectors available in this dropdown menu .

2. Using SmartArt

Open SmartArt

switch to the Insert check and blue-ribbon SmartArt .smartart

Select A Flowchart

After clicking on SmartArt, choose Process. There are different march styles to choose from. Pick one that suits your diagram the most and pawl OK .

Add Changes To The Flowchart

Add Shapes

By default, the stream diagram SmartArt provides is a basic three-step action. If you want to add more steps, select the Add human body button. A new pace will be added to the end of the process .smartart graphics

Move Shapes

Grab the symbol ’ sulfur delineate and drag it to the new topographic point to reposition it.

Change Color

In the Design yellow journalism of the SmartArt tools, click the Change color setting. The color of the integral flow chart can be changed hera. In case you want to make adjustments to a certain shape, choice Format and fill the element with a new color in Shape Fill .

Change Direction

Change the hang of the entire diagram by clicking Right to Left .

Insert text

Choose the symbol and type the text inside it. Another way to do this is right-clicking it and selecting Edit text.

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