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Getting started with Biteable

Create Facebook video ads that take your business further

traditionally, finding electric potential customers for your stigmatize was a challenge, as you could only use traditional media like radio and television and hope the final was wide adequate to bring in customers. Nowadays, Facebook is the arrant way for business of all sizes to get their products in presence of a cosmopolitan audience – and video ads on social media are the perfect way to engage your target hearing. With Biteable ’ s on-line television manufacturer, you can make the perfect ads wherever and whenever you want. All you need is a brand.

More effective than television ads

People love video content. Facebook knows this and favors it consequently. This means creating Facebook video ads are guaranteed to get in front of people ’ s eyes when they ’ re checking their News Feed. And on top of that, you can choose the demographic of people you want your ads to appear for, meaning more exposure to customers who will identify with your post. If you ’ re here, you ’ re already considering making Facebook video ads. But how can you do it like a pro, without dropping a whole crowd of cash and fourth dimension on it ? Look no further than Biteable ’ sulfur on-line television maker.

Tiny investment, huge payoff

With Biteable, you can make seriously professional-looking videos and enchant your sociable media audience day by day with a bantam investment. All you need is a couple of spare minutes in your workweek to turn out a television campaign with big-budget looks. No know required. depart with one of our television templates. Edit textbook. Add your own photograph, footage, and colors. Or start from scribble. Either way, you can create ads in no time. Make your own video, your way.

The basics of video making

Make Facebook video ads that stop the scroll

precisely like you follow a recipe to bake a patty, there ’ s a formula to making a successful Facebook video recording ad. Follow these simple tips from our market guru and you ’ ll be sure to serve up a video initiation that all your viewers will love. It ’ sulfur clock to send your video views through the ceiling.

Short, sharp, sweet

On your outings into the sociable wilderness, it ’ s rare to come across a video in your News fertilize that ’ second longer than thirty seconds. Why ? Shorter videos have higher engagement rates and are more likely to be watched to the end.

Another fantastic thing about short video recording ads on Facebook is that they automatically loop, meaning there ’ s no need for your spectator to hit the replay button. This goes a long manner to raking in the views.

Let text do the talking

You can ’ t trust on voice over and audio to grab people ’ randomness attention, because most people consume Facebook video ads with the sound off. The following mistreat is a strong, witty, or intriguing written argument. Keep your text short and shrill, and make it big enough that your viewers will be able to read every word. Biteable ’ randomness Facebook ad templates are a arrant place to start if you ’ rhenium looking for marketing crusade inspiration.

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