Sunny Side Up Eggs

Here’s how to make sunny side up eggs with a perfectly runny yolk! Eat them for breakfast, sandwiches, rice bowls, and more.
How to make sunny side up eggs
Want to make anything into a meal ? Put an egg on it ! Alex and I learned that motto early on in our cook travel, and it ’ s surround true over the past 10 years. Eggs aren ’ metric ton fair for breakfast : they make a rice bowl or sesame noodles into a fill meal. so here ’ s one of our top kitchen basic skills for you : how to make sunny side up eggs ! This easy proficiency makes absolutely cooked whites and a fluid, gooey testis egg yolk : and it ’ s perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. ready to get frying ?

Grab fresh eggs & non-stick or cast iron

How to make the very best cheery side up eggs ? We ’ ve got your covered. There are a few tips you ’ ll need to know before you jump into the frying pan, so to speak ! hera ’ s what to know :

  • Fresh eggs are best. You can use any eggs here. But take note: if your eggs have been in the fridge for a while, the white will spread a lot when it hits the pan. This doesn’t affect the flavor and you can move it back with a spatula to round out the shape. But the best sunny side up eggs are made with fresh eggs.
  • Use a non-stick or cast iron skillet. These pans are the best when it comes to cooking eggs. While you can still cook in an aluminum pan, non-stick is preferable.

Sunny side up eggs

How to make sunny side up eggs

ready to start frying ? Remember : you ’ ll want to cook eggs on medium low or low inflame. The slower the better with eggs, since they ’ ra delicate and can easily be overcooked. here are the basic steps to a perfectly cooked cheery english up egg :

  • Heat the butter: Heat ½ tablespoon butter over medium low heat.
  • Add the eggs: Add 1 or 2 eggs and sprinkle with a pinch of kosher salt and a few grinds black pepper. 
  • Cook: Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until the whites are firm but the yolk is still runny. Don’t flip them!

The best spatula to use? Try a fish spatula for a cast iron pan, or a nylon spatula for a non-stick pan. And that ’ s it ! It ’ mho elementary : but it does require a little delicacy and confidence. The more you exercise, the easier it becomes. Speaking of that…

Ways to serve sunny side up eggs

There ’ s not much that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate taste better with an egg on it ! You can literally add an testis to anything and it ’ s a fantastic hike of protein. ( See below for more egg nutrition. ) And egg aren ’ t just for breakfast ! here are our top ways to serve cheery side up eggs :
Sunny side up eggs

Egg nutrition

Eggs are some of the most alimentary foods on the planet, though they sometimes get a bad pat ! Recent research has found that rather of avoiding eggs for cholesterol reasons, they can increase the good cholesterol the body needs. Eggs are an low-cost and easy-to-eat generator of high quality protein. They ’ re besides specially helpful for vegetarian diets as a natural source of B12. One egg has :

  • 75 calories
  • 7 grams of protein
  • Lots of nutrients

More egg basics

Want to know how to cook eggs…every way potential ? here are tutorials on the most democratic ways to cook eggs :
How to make a fried egg

This sunny side up eggs recipe is…

vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free .
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How to fry an egg

*Perfect* Sunny Side Up Eggs

  • author : Sonja Overhiser
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  • cook clock time : 3 minutes
  • total time : 3 minutes
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here ’ s how to make cheery side up eggs with a absolutely fluid egg yolk ! Eat them for breakfast, sandwiches, rice bowl, and more .



  • ½ tablespoon butter (or neutral oil for dairy-free)
  • 2 fresh eggs (fresh is best*)


  1. In a large cast iron or non-stick skillet, melt ½ tablespoon butter over medium low heat until starting to foam (eggs are best on low to medium low heat**).
  2. Add the eggs and sprinkle with a pinch of kosher salt and a few grinds black pepper. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until the white is firm but the yolk is still runny (do not flip). 


*Fresh eggs are best for fry because the whites hold their shape. The whites on older eggs tend to spread : merely use a spatula to pull back the egg whites towards the middle ( it fair won ’ triiodothyronine look as pretty ! ) .
**The slower the better with eggs : they can easily get overcook. notice that if you ’ ra cooking a second batch, you may need to lower the heat to avoid overcooking the egg since the frying pan is already hot .

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