Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy

If you love food, wine and long lunches with friends, then come on in ! ! today I ’ m opening the doors to my base home and inviting you into my Sunday Roast Lamb Lunch with my friends. Take a glance behind the scenes, share some laugh, admire my gorgeous friends and laughably cute off jump, see my Baby Hands in legal action .
At the center of it all, the pride and joy of my lunch – a authoritative Aussie Roast Lamb Leg with a season packed gravy. It ’ second Lambalicious ! ! After more ideas? Browse all my roast lamb recipes !
A classic, perfectly cooked Roast Lamb Leg with a classic smooth, rich gravy. It's Lambalicious!

2 1/2 years ago, I was what I call “ internet diffident ”. I tried to avoid having an internet presence. I had Facebook but rarely used it. I never left messages on blogs flush if I tried and loved a recipe. I didn ’ triiodothyronine know what Pinterest or Instagram were. Twitter baffled me ( it still does ) .
How things have changed ! As I ’ ve continued down this way that has become my wax clock job, it became impossible not to open up. Because I love to cook to contribution with other people. Whether it ’ s sharing the food I make, or sharing the recipes I love here on RecipeTin Eats. And my very favorite foods always have some connection with my animation. so by sharing my food, I have to share my life. 🙂
so today, I ’ thousand doing something pretty special that I ’ ve never done before. I ’ m opening up my home and inviting my readers inside to join my Sunday Roast Lamb Lunch with my fabulous friends. ❤️
A classic, perfectly cooked Roast Lamb Leg with a classic smooth, rich gravy. It's Lambalicious! Sunday Roast Lamb Leg Lunch
It was supposed to be a spring Lamb lunch out on my deck but unfortunately the weather wasn ’ thyroxine behaving ☔️ ☔️☔️ indeed at the last moment I had to drag everything indoors. 😭 It was a bite of a squelch, but we made it happen !
I ’ m not actually one for delicate table decorations and I don ’ t have a flourishing flower garden either. Plus, my fold up tables are reasonably narrow… .. so I thought I ’ vitamin d try my hand at doing edible board centrepieces using grapes with a few flowers stuck in there to make them a sting pretty. Weird or virtual ? ? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sunday Roast Lamb Leg Lunch
You know how people say that dogs look like their owners ? Well, I ’ ve constantly said that Dozer and I are the exception. I mean, we couldn ’ thyroxine be more different – my coal-black black hair and his golden fur .
But when I lined these two photos up adjacent to each other, I on the spur of the moment saw it. The resemblance is eldritch ! ! !
Sunday Roast Lamb Leg Lunch
When it comes to a centerpiece for a gather, there is nothing more Aussie than a Roast Lamb Leg – particularly on a Sunday ! Aussies love their lamb, and even though I have a huge gentle spot for Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, when it comes to custom, you can ’ metric ton beat a lamb leg .
And if you want a crazy tender, crazy blue, fabulously flavorful perfectly cooked roast lamb leg, there are precisely two very elementary rules :

  1. Get the best quality lamb you can afford. It is worth every penny !
  2. Get a kernel thermometer. Yes there are schmancy ones out there that cost over $ 100. mine monetary value $ 5 from Ebay and I ’ ve had it for years and years, and it ’ s never failed me .

Which is why I am smiling in the photograph above rather than being a stressed out wreck like contestants on cooking shows ( letting them use meat thermometers would take manner besides much drama out of the shows ). 😉
front at how crazy fat this lamb is ! It was squirting juicy everywhere ! ! ( PS You know broad well those are not my hands carving up the lamb ) .
Sunday Roast Lamb Leg Lunch
And what sort of Roast Lamb Leg would it be without boom ? ? I like to add excess relish into mine by roasting the lamb on garlic, then I squish the juices out as I make the gravy. I know straining makes for messy cleaning up, but it is so worth it to make the boom satiny smooth !
Gravy for Roast Lamb - 4 tbsp drippings + 3 tbsp flour + 2 cups beef or chicken broth. It's that easy!
I said I was opening up my home plate to readers, and there ’ sulfur entirely thus much I can show in a handful of photos so I ’ ve made a little video ! Welcome to my Sunday Roast Lamb lunch !

The bang-up Aussie Roast Lamb Leg tradition. Friends. family. good food, wine and laugh .
I hope seeing how much fun I had with my friends at my Sunday Roast Lamb Lunch inspires you to have roast lamb soon ! – Nagi x
PS When my mother saw these photos and saw the aged couple in the photograph, she was rather indignant, thinking I had invited my friend Ali ’ s parents. I had to calmly explain to her that they were Ali ’ s in-laws who were in town from Tassie, and that it would be impolite to not invite them because I had met them before. She kind of humph ’ d, and was only pacify when I sent her home with an assortment of leftovers ! ! !
A classic, perfectly cooked Roast Lamb Leg with a classic smooth, rich gravy. It's Lambalicious!
PS Getting up close and personal so you can see how laughably fat this is ! This lamb was cooked around 3 hours ago and it was still warm and fat inside .
A classic, perfectly cooked Roast Lamb Leg with a classic smooth, rich gravy. It's Lambalicious!

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Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy

Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy


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A classic knock lamb leg with a spirit packed gravy. Get the best lamb you can afford, and I actually urge you to get a meat thermometer ( even a cheap $ 5 one from Ebay which is what I have ! ) so you ‘re guaranteed a fat, perfectly cooked lamb every single clock time ! Watch the cook video recording below the recipe to see how easy this is to make !


  • 2.25 kilogram / 4.5lb lamb leg, cram in


  • 1 1/2 tbsp bracing rosemary leaves, finely chopped *

  • 3 garlic cloves, minced *

  • 2 tbsp olive anoint

  • Salt and pepper


  • 2 hale heads of garlic, halved horizontally ( Note 1 )

  • few sprigs rosemary *



  • Take lamb out of electric refrigerator at least 1 hour before roasting. ( Note 2 )
  • rub : Combine rosemary, garlic and olive petroleum. Mix and set away for 20 minutes+ .
  • Preheat oven to 220C/430F ( fan forced / convection ) ( Note 3 ) with oven ledge in the center .
  • Place garlic cut side up in a ridicule pan. Toss in rosemary sprigs .
  • Turn the lamb over so the bottom is facing up. Pour half the Rub on, add a good scatter of salt and pepper. Rub all over .
  • transfer into roasting pan, placing it on the garlic to elevate the lamb. Rub remaining rub + salt and pepper over lamb .
  • Roast lamb for 20 minutes then turn down to 180C/350F ( fan forced/convection ) ( Note 4 ). Roast for 1 hour – total of 1 hour 20 minutes .
  • Remove lamb from oven. The home temperature should be 55 – 60C/131 – 140F for medium rare ( pictured ). This will rise to 61 – 65C / 142 – 151F after resting. See notes for cook times – note 5 .
  • transportation lamb to plate, cover with thwart and rest for 20 – 30 minutes .
  • Make boom straight off while roasting pan is hot .


  • Remove rosemary sprigs. You should have around 4 – 5 tbsp of fat. If less, add butter. If much more, discard a bit .
  • place roasting pan on stave over medium heat. When the fat starts to bubble, then add flour. Mix flour in and cook for 1 minute .
  • Pour in half the gripe neckcloth and desegregate to dissolve sludge in, then add remaining gripe stock and mix .
  • Use a potato masher ( if you ‘re in truth cutting like me ) to mush the garlic to squeeze out the relish .
  • Add salt and pepper to preference .
  • Simmer for a couple of minutes, stirring, until it starts to thicken. Take it off the stave BEFORE the gravy is the thickness you want because it will keep deepening .
  • Strain into a bowl, mushing garlic to squeeze all the fluent out. then pour into gravy gravy boat .


  • Serve lamb with gravy on the side, peas and Truly Crunchy Roast Potatoes. ( Note 6 )

Recipe Notes:

* These are optional. It adds flavor to the skin but not an enormous total for a lamb roast of this size .
1. The garlic elevates the lamb so it cooks more evenly and allows the fat to drip over the garlic so the spirit infuses into the drippings that then forms the base of the boom. Place the garlic cut side up so the flavor infuses into the flesh of the lamb. You could put the lamb on a rack and put the garlic under the rack. You can use onion rather of or in addition to garlic .
It is not garlicky at all because when garlic roasts, it becomes sweet and caramelize. It is my big mysterious for making gravy !
2. Gravy for lamb is best made with gripe stock/broth because it has a deeper season and makes the gravy a beautiful dark brown color. Store bought is fine, though homemade rocks ! If you can not consume gripe for religious or health reasons, then chicken broth can be substituted .
3. Bringing a lamb leg to room temperature before roasting makes a huge remainder for more even cooking. Cold lamb leg = overcooked on the outdoor by the time the inside is cooked .
4. Oven temps for criterion / no fan ovens : initial high temp to start the brown at 240C/465F, then lower to 200C/390F for the remaining cook time .
5. INTERNAL TEMPERATURE of fudge lamb :
Medium rare ( blush pinko inside, as pictured ) : Temp out of oven 55-60C/131-140F. This will rise to 61-65C / 142-151F after resting.
Medium ( barest hint of pink inside ) : out oven : 60–66°C, after resting : 66–70°C
Well done ( least blue, no pink at all ) : out of oven : 67–71°C, after resting : 71–75°C
COOK TIMES – refer to the mesa below the recipe. I highly recommend getting a kernel thermometer for accuracy – only guaranteed room to get juicy lamb every time !
6. The lamb leg will stay warm for up to 1 hour. The inside is still warm flush after 3 hours. For my Sunday Roast Lunch, I roasted the lamb legs individually before my guests arrived, and the beginning lamb leg was still warm inside when I served it at 1.30 ( I took it out of the oven at 10.30 am ). The crust was n’t that strong, but it did n’t very matter because even if the lamb stage was hot, once sliced thin and served, the slices lose inflame cursorily. The heat comes from the gravy !
so if you want roast veggies or Truly Crunchy Roast Potatoes, it ‘s fine to make them while the lamb is resting. I do n’t recommend roasting at the lapp time in separate roast pans because it will reduce the hotness of the oven and you ‘ll end up compromising both the veggies AND lamb. And if you roast the lamb ON veggies, then you wo n’t have enough drippings for boom .
7. Servings : A 2.25 kilogram lamb serves 6 very liberally and 8 comfortably. The bone is around 400 – 500g, leaving around 1.8kg of meat. This shrinks to around 1.5 kilogram after cooking. 250g lamb per person for 6 / ~200g for 8 is sufficient – remember the lamb is sliced so it makes it seem like there is more !
Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy Nutrition 8. nutrition per suffice, assuming 8 servings and that all the gravy is consumed .

Nutrition Information:




















Saturated Fat:




Polyunsaturated Fat:












Cooking Video!  So you can see how simple this is to make ! 🙂

Roast Lamb Cook Times and Internal Temperature


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Slow Roasted GREEK Leg of Lamb - Tender fall apart lamb made the Greek way! Super easy.
Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder – My favorite geld of lamb for roasting ! Super bid, incredible relish, and then forgive !
Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder


DOZER. Don ’ t breathe your malodorous cad breath over my friends while they eat !
Disclosure:  All this Lambaliciousness ( that ’ s a word, right ? ? ) is brought to you courtesy of We Love Our Lamb. For more delightful lamb recipes, head over to We Love Our lamb !
And remember: EVERY day is a good day for lamb!!


Slow Roasted GREEK Lamb Leg – fall apart good !

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder – more fall apart good ! !

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PS Photos of my Sunday Roast Lamb Lunch were taken by Matt Kelson Photography. Can ’ t cook / host / bat Dozer away from food / arrest Dozer from stealing food from small people and take photos at the same time, specially when I ’ m IN the photos!!!! ❤️

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