Essential Contouring Tips For Round Faces

Contouring is a relatively easy, relatively fast way to define your best features, create stunning contrast, and transform your beauty look. Anyone can contour their boldness, frontal bone, nose, and jawline by tracing natural shadows with bronze. however, round faces and their lack of natural angles provide their own unique hurdles when it comes to this course. With that in mind, we caught up with celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney to find out everything you need to know about contouring for round faces.


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Meet the Expert
Tobi Henney is a makeup artist based in New York City. Her customer roll includes the likes of Ashley Graham, Barbara Palvin, Charlotte Lawrence, and more. She previously served as L’Oréal Paris Makeup Director for Australia.

mistreat One : pickup Product Using a Contour Brush

For a natural lotion, Henney dips her M.A.C. Cosmetics 159S synthetic Fiber Brush into her shape of choice, picking up a light come of merchandise that she ‘ll blend out by and by. “ I love these brushes, they make contouring super easy when blending the product so [ the result ] is seamless. ” If this is your inaugural prison term contour, Henney recommends opting for a cream contour convention, quite than gunpowder. For most people, cream is easier to apply, easier to blend, and dries to a more natural-looking coating .

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step Two : Draw Contour Lines on Your buttock

To begin contouring, Henney begins by outlining where she ‘d like her contour to pop. “ The easiest direction to start is at the top of the ear, and you just want to nestle that in underneath your cheekbone, ” she says. “ If you have worry, you can take your finger and feel out precisely where you want to contour. You want to stop equitable at the goal of the eye there. ” Do your best to follow the natural shadows on your boldness, drawing contour slenderly below where you would normally apply highlight .

pace Three : Sculpt the Jawline

” following I like to bring it under the jawline, ” Henney continues. “ And what this does is make your confront look superintendent slender. You do n’t need a distribute of product, be careful. If you put besides much product onto your peel it makes the shading part a act unmanageable. ” barely below your jawline, paint a firm line extending from your ear, ending merely before your chin. This wo n’t look natural at first base, but it will in truth pop when we blend everything out in the concluding gradation .

step Four : lightly Dust Your Forehead, Following Your Hairline

When contouring a round face, your frontal bone is one of the areas where you want to deposit the least product. “ And then what I like to do is fair actually lightly put a little bit there on the brow, ” says Henney. She goes is in with the same brush she used for her buttock and jawline, depositing product along her hairline with a very unhorse hand .

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step Five : Draw Contour Lines on Your Nose

During this footstep, it ‘s extremely authoritative to be easy and use minimal product ( it ‘s a good mind to tap excess intersection a few extra times before going in with your brush during this step ). For a natural-looking contour nose, equitable debris always indeed thinly on both sides of the bridge in vertical, sweep motions, arsenic good as under the “ push button ” of your nose ( where highlight should go ) .

gradation Six : blend

once all of your initial contour markings have been drawn on your boldness, jawline, brow, and nose, Henney recommends switching to a fluffier brush. “ I ‘m going to pick up an It Cosmetics # 7 brush, and this is super ace soft. And what I ‘m going to do is blend that contour into my foundation. ” This brush features a dual-end, with one larger and one smaller brush capitulum for blending out tighter areas, like the intrude. To blend, move your round blend brush in circular motions along the lines of your contour, being careful not to stray excessively army for the liberation of rwanda out from the initial wrinkle you drew for yourself ( the samara to the contour expression is making certain the areas you drew for yourself are thoroughly blended, but hush reasonably define ). If you ‘re concerned about shading, Henney recommends using a skim contour, which she says is “ super easy to blend, and looks very fresh on the skin. ” If you over-blend, you can trace over your cream shadow with powder bronze to intensify color .

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It Cosmetics

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