How to Connect Your Nintendo Wii to Any Type of TV: 6 Ways

Are you having worry connecting your Nintendo Wii to your television ? here ‘s how to connect a Wii to any type of television receiver. Your Nintendo Wii is older than your new television, and it looks as though you ca n’t connect the two. Will you have to sacrifice build up on Super Mario Galaxy, or are you missing something ?
You can use all sorts of cables to connect your Wii to your television receiver, like RGB, VGA, and HDMI. so, in this article, we ‘ll explain how to connect your Nintendo Wii to your television, regardless of what type .

My Wii Doesn’t Have the Right TV Port

You ‘re refer that your Nintendo Wii does n’t have a TV-out choice that fits your fresh television. however, despite first impressions, several methods of connecting the Nintendo Wii to a television are available. There is evening the choice to use a Wii to HDMI converter .
You can connect the Wii to a television receiver via :

  1. RGB
  2. S-Video
  3. SCART
  4. VGA
  5. Component
  6. HDMI

If your new television is short of bequest inputs, or you have multiple devices vying for the same ports, the comply instructions ( intended for HD and HD Ready TVs ) should help you to connect your Wii to about any type of television .
bill that whichever solution you use, you ‘re limited to the Nintendo Wii ‘s utmost output signal settlement of 480p .

1. The Nintendo Wii’s Default TV Cables

Shipping with the Nintendo Wii was a proprietary cable, the Wii AV Cable This connects to the Nintendo Wii at one end, and the RCA television inputs at the other. ( red and white are for sound recording ; yellow is for video recording. )
once connected, and the cabinet switched on, you will be able to view the Wii using your distant ‘s TV/Video button. Ca n’t find this ? Look alternatively for Input Select, EXT, AUX, or AV. You might besides try browsing to channel 00 or 99 .
This brief teaching should be all you need to connect your Nintendo Wii to a smart television .

2. S-Video Cables and the Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii can besides be enjoyed with an S-Video cable connected to your television receiver .
The RCA connectors might besides be included, giving you the choice to use either depending on your television. For S-Video connections, however, connect the red and white audio cables to your television receiver american samoa well as the S-Video. typically, these will be grouped together on the back or side of your television ( occasionally hidden behind a door ) .
With both television receiver and Wii powered up, use your outside control ( see above ) to find the signal from your Wii .
sadly, this option is dificult to beginning, as S-Video has been retired. You might find a suitable cable television on eBay, but not raw .

3. Using a SCART Connector With the Nintendo Wii

Connect Nintendo Wii to SCART port Want to use the SCART connection on your television ? If you ‘re limited for ports, this might be a adept option. SCART is easily extendible, supporting splitters and switched hubs for multiple connections, much like a USB hub .
RCA to SCART adapters are n’t deoxyadenosine monophosphate common as they used to be. If you were lucky, one might have been included with your Nintendo Wii. Otherwise, you ‘ll need to buy a new one .
With three inputs ( crimson, white, and yellow ) once the RCA cable is plugged in, you can connect the SCART to the binding of your television, switch the input signal mode, and view the SCART input channel on your television receiver.

4. Connecting the Nintendo Wii to a VGA Monitor

VGA conenction on a TV again, using an adapter, you can besides connect your Nintendo Wii to a VGA admonisher with an RCA to VGA breakout cable television. This is particularly utilitarian if your Wii has been relegated to a back board, for case, or you ‘re using it as a personal computer after installing personal computer .
Yes, that ‘s right, the Wii is one of the devices on which you can install Linux .
here, merely connect the cable to the VGA input on the television receiver or monitor, then to your Wii ‘s RCA cable. Switch on the display device, and ensure that the input signal choice is set to VGA .

5. How to Hook Up a Wii to a Smart TV With Component Cable Input

Connect Nintendo Wii to component cables available for under $ 10, a component cable will connect the Nintendo Wii to the component input ports behind your television receiver. This is an increasingly rare solicitation of five inputs, two for audio, three for television .
With a device like the one shown, connect the crimson and white audio jacks into the match inputs, and the green, blue, and loss alike. In the rare but periodic absence of matching color coding on the inputs, pay care alternatively to the labels .
For audio, this means crimson is right, left is blank. For television, green is Y, blue is Pb/Cb, and loss is Pr/Cr. With the cable connected at both ends, select the correct input mood on your distant control. note that if the television has progressive scan, this must be enabled in the settings screen before you can see images from the Nintendo Wii .
You may besides need to set the right screen format .

  1. Open Settings > Wii Settings > Screen
  2. Set the TV Resolution setting to EDTV or HDTV (480p)
  3. Next, set Widescreen Settings to Widescreen 16:9
  4. Click Confirm to finish

This video explains in more detail :

note that component inputs are found alongside the RCA inputs, as the red/white audio cables can be used for both. Make certain you get the right cables in the correct ports !

6. How to Connect Your Nintendo Wii to a Smart TV With an HDMI Adapter

Connect your Wii to HDMI in the first place, the part cable television option was the only way to connect the Wii faithfully to a HDTV. however, a Wii to HDMI arranger besides produces a beneficial quality image on a fresh television receiver. If you ’ ve been wondering how to connect your Wii to a television without the AV cables, this is the answer .
precisely connect one to your Nintendo Wii, hook up a HDMI cable and plug it into your television receiver. View the output on the HDMI channel using Input Select on your television distant .
Wii to HDMI is a quick, simple solution to connect your Nintendo Wii to any bright television receiver with a dedicated Nintendo Wii HDMI arranger .

Dolby Surround Sound Options

Although digital audio is n’t available on the Nintendo Wii, you can hush get beneficial sound. Mono, stereophonic, and besiege — -specifically, Dolby Pro Logic II — -are available, the latter providing a simulate wall fathom ideal for entertainment systems with a besiege sound frame-up .
To switch between these options :

  1. Open Settings
  2. Find System Settings > Sound, and select the prefered option
  3. Confirm your choice when you’re done (Not sure about audio options? See our guide to surround sound standards.)

Now You Know How to Connect a Nintendo Wii to Any TV

It does n’t matter that you no longer own the television you connected your Wii to all those years ago. Whether you ‘re using an previous television with SCART or relying on a HDMI converter, you can still connect your Wii to your television receiver.

Although 480p is the best quality resoluteness it can manage, all of your old games will be ready to play .

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