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YouTube is the world ’ randomness largest video platform and the second most travel to web site after Google. It ’ s free to use and upload video to, and more than a billion hours of content is watched on the platform every day .
therefore, chances are, you ’ re using YouTube to watch tutorials, music video, or even your favorite vloggers quite a bunch — which is amaze, YouTube is practically the world ’ south largest release university where one can learn anything about anything.

The issue is that, since the service is release, YouTube is besides using your data and video history to construct your shadow profile, taking notes of the things you like, so it can recommend you better videos and keep you watching for longer ( therefore besides collecting more ad gross ) .
For people who care about their privacy, this could sound like an intrusion, and they might wonder if there ’ s a way to stop that. Let ’ s explore assorted ways of how to clear YouTube history, including YouTube watch history and YouTube search history excessively .

Why Delete YouTube History? 

By nonpayment, ampere soon as you sign into YouTube, it keeps a record of all the television you watch on the web site. This allows YouTube ’ s algorithm to mark some video as watch and remove them from suggestions, but besides figure out the video you watch a lot of and suggest more of those .
To see your YouTube history, precisely click on the History pill in the sidebar while on the web site .
YouTube's watch history
Some people might be uncomfortable sharing that data with YouTube, or even letting early people ( on a shared account or calculator ) see what they ’ ve watched before. So they might want to find a way to delete YouTube watch history and possibly even pause any future phonograph record solicitation .

How to clear YouTube history of searches and watched videos

fortunately, YouTube provides a few ways to limit the sum of data it gathers on you, including deleting your search and watch history .
To delete specific videos from your search history, merely select the History tab key and then click the Remove from Watch History icon next to any video recording. You can besides use the airfield to “ Search watch history ” if you need to find a particular video from the by to delete. If you want to delete everything, YouTube gives you a handy Clear All Watch History option in the right sidebar .

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For specific items in your YouTube search history, you can click on the empty search discipline in the top barroom and then select Remove adjacent to the searches you don ’ triiodothyronine like .
But there ’ south besides a more farinaceous manner to control your YouTube history :

  1. In the History tab, go to “Watch and search history”. Your YouTube watch history and search history will be displayed in a single timeline. 
  2. Scroll through the timeline (or use search) and delete specific entries, or click on the bin icon next to the specific day to delete everything on that date
  3. You can also click Delete next to “Filter by date” and then choose to delete history from Last hour, Last day, All time, or Custom range

Delete YouTube activity
It ’ s potential to delete YouTube history through the mobile app arsenic well, but it wouldn ’ t give you as many options :

  1. Click on the Library at the bottom
  2. Choose History
  3. Tap the three dots and select “History controls” 
  4. Go for “Clear watch history” or “Clear search history” 

note : once you delete your YouTube watch history, there ’ s no way of recovering it — then choose wisely !

How to pause YouTube history and search collection

nowadays, if you want YouTube to forget a few of your videos or searches, you know how to do that. But if you don ’ thymine want YouTube to collect any information about your history at all, deleting your watch and search history is only half the struggle — you might besides want to ensure that YouTube doesn ’ thymine meet more information on you in the future .
YouTube calls this feature “ Pause Watch History ”. You can activate this option by going to the History yellow journalism and snap Pause Watch History ➙ Pause. If you want more coarseness, particularly with search history, there are a few more steps :

  1. Go to the History tab
  2. Click “Watch and search history” 
  3. Select “Saving activity” 
  4. Either toggle YouTube History off or uncheck individual options for searches and history

individual options for searches and history
sometimes, however, knowing the video recording you ’ ve recently watched can be helpful, and getting those videos in your recommendations again and again can be annoying. then there ’ s a balance mid-step to this equally well — you can set your YouTube history to auto-delete after a certain period of time, so that you see the television you ’ ve watched in the last month or so without YouTube collecting a multi-year archive on you.

To set an auto-delete history option :

  1. Go to the History check on YouTube
  2. Click “ Watch and search history ”
  3. choice Auto-delete
  4. Choose an appropriate fourth dimension frame of 3, 18, or 36 months
  5. Click Next ➙ Got it

Automatically delete your search and watch history

How to hide your YouTube watch history

From time to clock time, you might want to find a way to hide your YouTube watch history without thinking about configuring different settings, etc. The easiest way to do that is by using your browser in private or incognito modality :

  • In Safari, you can turn on Private Mode by using Shift + ⌘ + N or selecting File ➙ New Private Window
  • In Google Chrome, you can besides use Shift + ⌘ + N or go to the three-dot menu in the acme bar and choose New Incognito Window
  • In Firefox, use Shift + ⌘ + P or File ➙ New Private Window

Browse YouTube while incognito
The downside of using secret modality is that you don ’ t have any of your subscriptions and Watch Later or early playlists available to you. And if you ’ re paying for YouTube to not show ads, you ’ ll see ads again. Plus, you have to have an supernumerary browser windowpane floating around .
There ’ randomness, however, another manner of watching YouTube without having any of your history saved at any fourth dimension — by using Elmedia Player .
Elmedia Player is an outstanding television player. It can open any video recording or audio format and uses accelerated decoding to play HD videos without any glitches. Most importantly, though, Elmedia Player features a built-in browser that allows you to both current and download YouTube video recording without any ads or saving data to your watch history .
To use Elmedia Player browser :

  1. Launch Elmedia Player
  2. In the menu, select File > Open online video
  3. Paste the link to your YouTube video or playlist 
  4. Watch the video without ads on your Mac or stream it to Apple TV, Chromecast, or DLNA

Watch YouTube through Elmedia Player
Downie is another democratic manner of hiding your YouTube history. Rather than being a media player, it ’ s a quick and intuitive YouTube downloader that supports up to 4K-quality videos but can just extract the audios ( e.g. from music video ) ampere well. In fact, with Downie you can barely drag and drop or paste links from more than 1,200 video recording websites, or use research functionality right within the app. Watching television in unavowed has never been that easy !
hide your YouTube history with Downie app
PullTube is a great Downie alternative for downloading video from YouTube and more than 1,000 other video websites. This app can capture subtitles, convert files to respective formats, and trim the length of sound recording or television to only get you the part you need. In addition, PullTube offers extensions for all browsers, so you can instantaneously download any television you find on-line.

download videos from YouTube with Pulltube
As you can see, the answer to how to delete YouTube history is not that complicated. just follow the instructions above to limit the come of data YouTube is gathering on you. In addition, consider watching videos privately through Elmedia Player, or download them to your Mac outright with apps like Downie and PullTube .
Best of all, you can try Elmedia Player, Downie, and PullTube wholly free through a weeklong test of Setapp, a platform with more than 210 ace apps for Mac that can help you with any undertaking conceivable, from creating perfect palettes ( Aquarelo ) to enhancing your audio ( Boom 3D ). Try every Setapp app today free and learn dozens that you ’ ll habit for years to come !

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