How to Clean Walls the Right Way

Materials and tools to clean walls
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How to Clean Latex-Painted Walls

  1. Remove Dust

    Starting at the top of the rampart, use a vacuum with an extendible wand, dusting brush, or microfiber dust storm to remove dust and cobweb. Always use a hardy tone stool or ladder when reaching high spots.

    Vacuum with dusting brush removing dust from wall
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  2. Mix a Cleaning solution

    Add one teaspoon of general-purpose clean per quart of affectionate water system in a bucket. Fill a second bucket with clean water .
    All purpose cleaner poured into spoon over white bucket for solution to clean walls
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  3. Wipe Down Walls

    Dip a sponge or microfiber fabric in the scavenge solution and wring until no water is dripping. Start at the peak of the wall and, working in a little part, move down the rampart. Starting at the top prevents drips from falling on areas already cleaned. Rinse out the quick study frequently .
    Microfiber dripping cleaning solution over white bucket to clean walls
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  4. Rinse the Walls

    Dip a moment sponge or fabric in the clean water and wring until closely dry. Rinse away any buttery remainder as you move down the wall .
    Walls rinsed with clean water and blue microfiber cloth
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  5. Tackle Heavily Soiled Areas

    see that the electricity is turned off and clean carefully around clean switches and wall socket plates. Do allow these areas to become excessively wet .
    If scuffs and smudges do not come off well, dip your muffle sponge in some baking sodium carbonate and lightly rub the area. The gentle harsh military action of the bake sodium carbonate should remove the problem .
    A piece of rubbing alcohol on a sponge works well to remove dirt from painted areas around doorknob and reduce work .
    Sponge dipped in baking soda passing over light switch to clean heavy soiled areas
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    banish Scuff Marks From Your Walls and Floors

How to Clean Oil-Based Painted Walls

  1. Dust the Walls

    Begin by dusting the walls. Dusting will prevent easy dirt from being moved around while you clean .
    Oil-based paint wall being dusted of loose dirt
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  2. Mix a Cleaning solution

    Add one teaspoon dishwashing fluid and 1/2 teaspoon distilled white vinegar per quart of warm water in a bucket. Fill a second bucket with plain body of water for rinsing .
    White buckets with cleaning solution of dishwashing liquid and vinegar
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  3. Wipe and Rinse

    Dip a sponge or microfiber fabric in the clean solution, wring out well, and wipe down the walls starting at the acme. Follow up with a mooch dipped in plain water and wring well for a concluding rinse .
    Microfiber cloth ringed with cleaning solution
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  4. Tackle Tough Stains

    If the walls are filthy, add two tablespoons of laundry borax to the scavenge solution .
    A melamine sponge ( Mr. Clean Eraser ) works well to remove dirty on semi-gloss or glossy vegetable oil rouge finishes. Using a light affect, the abrasive action will remove about all scuffs .
    Stain on oil-based painted wall cleaned with melamine sponge
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Tips to Keep Walls Clean Longer

To stretch the time between wall cleanings, you can do a few things to lessen your workload. Avoid fume in the house, from tobacco and cook to burning candles or incense ; the soot from burning coats walls, getting them dirty flying. besides, immediately touch clean walls when you notice smudges or handprints between the large jobs. It will extend the appearance of scavenge walls longer .


Teach young children to keep their hands off the walls ; they are normally the biggest culprits for dirty handprints on the walls.

Removing Writing From Walls

If you have little kids, your young Picassos might have gotten inspired and marked up your walls. Or—and this can happen to anyone—you are walking out of a room with items in your hand, and your penitentiary drops, ricochets, or happens to glide along a wall. How do you remove crayon, permanent marker, or ink markings from a wall ?

  • Crayons: To remove crayon markings, first try baby wipes. Sometimes, a little mark only needs a little solution. But, if your child went full Rembrandt, try rubbing it out with some non-gel toothpaste, an art eraser, or baking soda on a damp sponge.
  • Permanent Marker: Dab at the stain with a cotton ball doused in rubbing alcohol. If gently rubbing it out doesn’t work, try spraying hairspray on the spot and wiping it clean with a water-dampened cloth.
  • Ballpoint Ink: If you have some foaming shaving cream, try dabbing this popular home remedy on the stain. You can also use nail polish remover instead.

Removing Mildew and Water Stains From Walls

Mold and mildew are annoying stains that will return if you do not remediate the problem. unfortunately, you will likely need to repaint water-stained walls. First, make indisputable that if there is a leak behind the wall, you handle the lawsuit of the water stain. If the situation has been remedied, you want to clean the blot with a solution of 50 % bleach and 50 % water to prevent mold growth. Apply it to the stallion area. Use a hair dry or fan to dry the area. once dry, repaint the sphere using model and mildew-resistant paint .

If you have a little mold growth but no water stain, you can try cleaning it off with a vinegar solution ( 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 quart of water ) or blot on an enzyme-based laundry clean and clean it off with a drizzle towel.

When to Call a professional

If you have huge sections of walls that have been blackened by mold, then it ‘s time to call a mold redress service to handle the model situation. They will likely remove the entire part of the wall, clean out the mold in the wall ‘s department of the interior, and replace the wall panel. The costs vary drastically on the size of the job and how difficult the mold situation is. It can cost between $ 15 and $ 30 per square foot, plus all the charges for evaluation, new materials, and more.

If everyday wall clean is not something you like to do or plan on ever doing, then it ‘s time to call in a house cleaning military service to do it sporadically for you. You want to keep the air choice in your home ampere clean and jerk as you can to prevent triggering allergies or any respiratory conditions from occurring. You can expect to pay at least $ 40 to $ 65 per person per hour to clean your house ; if you only want your walls cleaned, they should be able to tackle it in an hour, depending on the size of your home .

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