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A pair of clean, white Ugg boots I ’ thousand sitting hera wondering how I got therefore lucky this week ! You see, I needed to clean my UGG boots so I decided to do a post about it ! But then Kaitlyn just happened to get a copulate of UGGs for Christmas and wanted to find out how she could keep them looking fresh. So she decided to take the first step using MY boots as a “ test subject. ” Of class I couldn ’ t say “ No ! ” Result….two-year-old boots that look about like new ! : – ) Kaitlyn writes… Can we barely talk about UGG boots for a second ? When I was in high school in Southern California the vogue was to wear UGGs with mini skirts…in the summer…in California. I never understood this course. It made absolutely no common sense and I figured I would credibly never need a pair of UGGs. Fast forward a match of years and I ’ m in college in Utah. The winters were ( and still are ) beastly for me. so I caved one year and bought my first pair of UGGs. It was the most money I had always spent on anything and male child was it worth it. When you put them on it feels like stepping into a pillow. They are probably the most comfortable thing I ’ ve ever put on my feet. They saved my life walking to school in the snow and always kept my feet toasty quick. I wore those boots into the ground. In fact I still have them ! I got them 8 years ago and this is what they look like now…

A pair of extremely dirty, worn, brown Ugg boots …not so cunning. Haha. You can tell they were well loved but I in truth didn ’ t take concern of them identical well. A pair of very dirty, worn, brown Ugg boots next to a pair of new-looking brown Ugg boots For Christmas I asked for a raw pair of UGGs. Can you believe that the boots on the left used to look like the boots on the right ? This clock time I have vowed to take better care of them so that they ’ ll stopping point me even longer this time ! A pair of clean, white Ugg boots
I decided to start by finding out how best to clean my UGGs. Since my old boots were a lost monetary value and my new ones weren ’ t dirty yet, I tried my hand at clean Jillee ’ s pair of UGGs that are only a couple of years old. A collage showing the toe area, side, and heel of a white Ugg boot They actually weren ’ triiodothyronine in excessively bad of shape but decidedly had some mule marks and dirty spots. I read about 12 unlike articles about cleaning UGGs to make sure I wouldn ’ metric ton downfall Jillee ’ s boots and I ’ m happy to say I found a method that works. This method acting is in truth exchangeable to one I posted last April on how to clean suede shoes.

How to Clean Your UGG Boots

To clean UGGs you ’ ll need a suede brush and eraser. I bought this kit at Walmart for under $ 4. It came with a brush designed for use on suede and a rubberize eraser. If you have a complete brush or even fair a criterion scrub brush for cleaning you can use that adenine well. You can besides use a regular eraser – but I would make certain to use a white one. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to stain your detail further with a colored eraser. A suede and nubuck cleaning kit in a package Use the brush to gently wipe at large dirt and debris from your shoes. A suede eraser alongside a white Ugg boot Use the eraser to remove any big scuff marks. You can besides use it to remove stuck on dirt. A hand, cleaning a white Ugg boot using a white cleaning rag future, use a clean, damp cloth to wet the integral outside of your boots. You do not want them to be soaking moisture ! excessively a lot water will damage the sheepskin. A jar off white vinegar beside a red bowl and a metal measuring cup on a cleaning cloth In a small bowl aggregate 1/2 cup of cold water and 1/2 a cup of condense white vinegar. Dip a clean and jerk, dampen fabric into the mix and use it to gently scrub away any stains on your boots. “ Gently ” is the keystone discussion here. If you rub besides vigorously you can remove the color from your boots. A hand cleaning a white Ugg boot using a wet white cleaning cloth

finally, habit another damp close to wipe the vinegar mix off the boots. A pair of white Ugg boots stuffed with dry cleaning cloths to help them retain their shape Stuff your boots with some towels or scrap paper to help them keep their condition. Put them in a cool, dry station away from sunlight to dry. Do not put them in front of a fan or heater. If they dry besides promptly they may shrink or become besides stiff. A front view of a pair of clean, white Uggs I left Jillee ’ s boots to dry overnight and by the morning they looked big ! A view of the toe area of a pair of very clean white Ugg boots A view of the heel of a pair of clean-looking white Ugg boots They decidedly didn ’ t count sword new, and there were a few stains I couldn ’ t get all the way out, but there was a big improvement. A small bottle of Ugg brand stain and water repellent I tried to find a DIY recipe for protecting Uggs from stains in the inaugural station but couldn ’ thyroxine find anything. So I picked up an UGG brand Water & Stain Repellant that I ’ meter going to put on my boots. Two pairs of clean Ugg boots, one white and one brown A copulate more tips…

  • If the inside of your boots get stinky, pour two teaspoons of baking soda and two teaspoons of corn starch in each boot. Shake them around a bit and leave them for a few hours. Dump out the baking soda and corn starch.
  • If you get a greasy stain on your boots, apply a little bit of chalk or talcum powder to the stain. Let them sit overnight, then brush off the powder. The powder should soak up the grease stain.
  • If you have a water stain on one of your boots, rub the other boot against the stain. Apparently, rubbing sheepskin on sheepskin gets the stain out.

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