How to Clean UGGs at Home – Get Rid of Water, Salt, and Mud Stains on Uggs

Buying a modern match of UGGs is an investment. Because you want to get your money ‘s worth, you ‘ll find any — and every — excuse to wear your boots or slippers, particularly once the cold upwind strikes. The problem : While durable and warm, UGGs are made with well delicate material. Just like other suede cloth shoes that you love then much, the diploma outside shows every water mark, salt stain, speck of mud, and so on .


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Applying a before the first wear is the best line of defense. But when you inevitably find yourself in a stain-filled situation, follow these tips on how to clean UGGs outlined by Carolyn Forte, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. Since you ca n’t just toss your UGGs in the wash machine ( bummer, we know ), these bit-by-bit instructions prey common stains — strategic arms limitation talks, water, and mud — and prove that clean Uggs is n’t equally complicated as it sounds.

How to Get Rid of Water Stains on UGGs

Since the sheepskin lining keeps your feet cosy and warm, UGGs are best wear on cold, drab days. rain or coke, however, is diploma ‘s worst nightmare, making your boots more prone to damage. If a blue-ribbon area of the boots get wet, use a damp fabric to evenly wet the rest of the boots to prevent water system marks or lines. But if you ‘re excessively late, follow these steps :

  1. Blot wet areas with a dry cloth.
  2. Stuff boots with paper towels and let dry away from direct heat.
  3. Clean as recommended with a and damp cloth, if needed.

    How to Clean Salt off UGGs

    As if rain and bamboozle were n’t messy adequate, the salt from streets and sidewalks can leave an undesirable ashen hue on suede and sheepskin shoes. Before tackling the salt, Forte recommends dealing with the water system stains first to prevent marks, lines, or further damage. then, before the boots dry wholly, follow this bit-by-bit :

    1. Mix a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Using a cloth, dab the solution on salt stains.
    2. Rinse with a cloth dipped in water and blot with a dry cloth.
    3. Let dry.

      How to Clean Uggs

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      How to Clean Mud off UGGs

      And you thought rain puddles were the biggest trouble. If the scandal while you were walking through turned out to be a muddy batch, you ‘re in luck : Dried-on stains are a lot easier to remove than water and salt stains .

      1. Let mud dry completely.
      2. Brush off as much mud as possible. If any remains, use a .

        How to Clean Fur on UGGs

        After months of wear, the once-fluffy fur on UGGs can look matted and dingy. While you ca n’t merely toss UGGs in the wash machine for an instant freshen, there ‘s an easy way to restore the sherpa bet on to its natural state. If an unpleasant olfactory property from sock-free tire is your biggest problem, this two-step process will deodorize them, excessively .

        1. Sprinkle baking soda inside your UGGs and let sit overnight.
        2. Vacuum or brush out the remaining baking soda.

          How to Clean Other Tricky Stains off UGGs

          possibly you took a topple and spilled coffee bean all over your sand-colored couple. Or possibly you somehow managed to drop a pen on your foot, leaving a obtrusive cross off on your blush-toned beauties. Whatever the site, try this customizable approach to remove minor stains :

          1. Start by buffing away the stain with a suede brush, emery board, toothbrush, or dry towel.
          2. If the stain remains, dab with using a dry cloth.

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