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The stipulate of your camera lenses is one of the major factors that involve image choice. clean lenses help produce acute and crisp photograph. besides, they tend to last longer than dirty lenses, for obvious reasons. thus, to help protect your camera lenses and make certain they can continuously take high quality pictures, we have put together this television camera lens cleaning guide .
But first, you need to learn how to clean camera lenses properly !
here are some of the common questions from camera owners about television camera maintenance and safely cleaning DSLR television camera lenses :

How do I perform a dirt test on a DSLR lens?

Checking your lenses for signs of dirt will let you know if they ’ re ascribable for a everyday camera-lens clean. here ’ s how to do it :

1. Set the focus to infinity.

To be able to adjust the focus, set your camera to Manual mode. then turn the focus ring to eternity. Doing therefore will allow you to see specks of dust in the finder .

2. Take a photo of a plain surface.

look for a plain surface and take a photograph of it. For more accurate results, do a two-shot approach. Take a photograph of both light and dark-colored surfaces, so you can easily spot dust particles on the photograph .

3. Examine the photos you’ve taken recently.

Put your television camera in Playback modality and soar in each image. Carefully inspect the images for any bleary spots or dust particles. If you find dirt, it ’ south clock time to clean your DSLR lens .

4. Check for other signs of a dirty DSLR lens.

Inspect the rear element of your lens for debris and smudge. Check for molds inside the lens as well. If there are molds, it ’ second dependable to have your lens cleaned by an authorize camera clean personnel than to remove the molds by yourself .

What tools do I need for cleaning my DSLR camera lens?

Cleaning a camera lens is an easy and straightforward undertaking ampere long as you use the justly camera cleaning kit out. Invest in high-quality television camera clean tools to maintain your DSLR lenses ’ excellent condition .

Here are the four must-have supplies in your camera cleaning kit:

Breathing on the lens to blow dirt away is harmful to your lens, as acids in your breath can damage lens coatings. A safer way to get rid of debris on a lens is to use a manual air travel blower that well removes specks of dust .
When you ’ re traveling a draw or when shooting outdoors, a cetacean should constantly be in your camera bag so you ’ ra constantly quick for a agile camera-lens clean .
Get a soft-bristled brush made of camel or goat hair’s-breadth to keep your sensible television camera lens from getting scratched while you ’ re clean it. besides, invalidate touching the bristles of the brush if your fingers are greasy to keep your lens from getting smudged after you brush it .
Camera-lens wipes should be disposed of right away after use. Reusing a camera-lens-cleaning rub will only put the scandal back on your lens .
As for the microfiber fabric, make sure the matchless you ’ ra using is clean. When you wash the fabric, never use a framework softener because the chemicals in it may leave streaks on your lens and may damage the lens coating .
A lens clean solution removes fingerprints and smudges without leaving any streaks. Use just the correctly measure of fluid—a drop or two is adequate. Putting more fluid than necessary on the clean fabric may damage your camera ’ sulfur optics, as overindulgence fluid can flow inside it .

How do I clean a camera lens?

here ’ s a dim-witted bit-by-bit direction that you can follow to clean your DSLR lenses and keep them in dependable condition :

  1. Using an air blower and a soft-bristled brush, remove as much dirt as you can.
  2. Add a drop or two of lens cleaning fluid to a microfiber cloth or a cleaning wipe.
  3. Starting from the outer part, wipe the lens in a circular motion going to the center and gently remove fingerprints, oil, smudges, dirt, and dust.

How do I keep my camera lens clean?

now that you know how to clean your television camera lens, here are some tips on how to maintain a clean camera lens .

  • Don’t forget to attach the lens cap before placing your camera in a bag.
  • Store the lenses in your camera bag. Avoid placing them in dusty areas.
  • When you remove the lens from the camera body, make sure to attach another lens right away or put the camera cap on.
  • Always attach the lens cap when you’re not using your camera.

How do I avoid getting dust on my camera lens?

prevention is always better than a cure. aside from taking steps to keep your lens clean, you should besides make surely to minimize dust build up on it .

1. Tilt the camera down when changing lenses.

The camera and the lenses you ’ rhenium switch should be facing down. This will prevent dust particles from landing on the DSLR detector and lens optics .

2. Never use canned air.

Canned or compressed air can blast and destroy the camera detector and the optics of your camera lens. If you feel the indigence to blow out dust from your lens, use a manual of arms air cetacean alternatively. It ’ s much safer that way because the air from a manual cetacean international relations and security network ’ thymine equally pressurized as displace air .

3. Wipe dirt and dust off your lens mount.

Don ’ triiodothyronine get dirt and scatter particles sit on your lens mount for a long fourth dimension. Wipe it clean before it sticks to the raise of your DSLR lens. Quick soil and dust removal will decrease the chances of these particles to reach the optics of your television camera lens .

How often should I clean my camera lens?

How much to clean television camera lenses is just a authoritative as how to clean camera lenses. You should alone perform camera-lens cleaning as needed and vitamin a infrequently as possible. That said, some conditions may require you to clean your camera lens multiple times in a day or even multiple times during a single shoot.

When you first remove your lens cap, take a expect at the movement element of your lens. Do you see any scatter, smudges, lint, or water spots ? If so, it ’ s a estimable theme to clean your camera lens before you begin to shoot .
Before mounting a new lens to your television camera, check both the front and buttocks lens elements. If you notice any smudges or dust on the back element of the lens, clean it before attaching the lens to your camera body. If you don ’ t, you may introduce debris to the inside of your television camera or the detector .
If you ’ rhenium shooting during active rain, on a windy day, or in any other conditions that may introduce smudges or extraneous objects to your gear, check your lens sporadically and perform a flying camera-lens clean as needed .

What should NOT be used to clean a camera lens?

There are therefore many things you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine use for cleaning a camera lens, it would be faster to list the things you can use ! In any casing, these are the top clean agents and materials to avoid :

  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Chemical or caustic cleaners like ammonia, bleach, glass cleaner, disinfectant, or scented cleaners with oil
  • Toothbrushes or cleaning supplies with firm bristles
  • Wet wipes that aren’t specifically designed for cleaning electronics
  • Already dusty, dirty, or debris filled cloths and rags
  • Paper towels
  • Your clothing
  • Lint-prone materials like tissues or toilet paper
  • Squeegee devices
  • Cotton swabs
  • Soap

Professional camera repair and houseclean techs use lint-free weave paper, microfiber cloths, puffs of air, and isopropyl alcohol to clean lenses and television camera components. angstrom long as your lenses are weather sealed and you use alcohol in extreme moderation, this is by and large a safe practice to consider .
never introduce moisture to the inside of your camera body, and if you ’ ra not sure about how to best handle cleaning a television camera lens, leave it up to the professionals !
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How to Clean a Camera Lens: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to clean your camera lens?

First of all, please notice that lenses should be cleaned alone ampere often as they need to so a to not damage any ocular elements. These elements could include specialized coating such as fluorine. Dust, fingerprints, and dirt, barely to name a few things, can accumulate on the front element of your lens. These can not merely affect the quality of your images but may actually damage the lens or the specialized coat .
Oils and foreign substances much contain minute concentrations of chemicals such as acids which, when left long enough on the lens, can lead to damage. besides, remember to use fabric merely designed to be used to clean ocular quality methamphetamine .

Camera Lens Cleaning: What could go wrong?

Always use a electric fan first on the open of your lens before proceeding any far. The vent will help blow away any sharp substances such as sand which can scratch your lens as you wipe with a microfiber fabric. Don ’ triiodothyronine practice the faulty scavenge solution. only use solutions specially made for lens surfaces. Random solutions may contain chemicals that are harmful to the lens coating. If you don ’ t have a proper solution, you can wet a microfiber fabric with a small amount of pure water and use that to wipe the lens .
Avoid using a generic, coarse brush on your lens. Use a cushy tip off lens brush or lens-cleaning penitentiary. A coarse brush can scratch the lens coating. besides, debar touching the bristles with your fingertips because that can leave behind oily residues which can then be transferred to the lens airfoil. As a concluding reminder, don ’ t practice newspaper towels, tissue paper, or a your clothe to clean your lens. These can deposit fibers which will lead to your lens being dirtier than when you started .

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean a camera lens?

Rubbing alcohol is Isopropyl Alcohol. It comes in assorted strengths ( 70 % and 99 % being the most popular ). If you want to use Isopropyl Alcohol, you need to make certain there are no other chemicals such as glycerol shuffle in. This can leave a diaphanous remainder on the lens open. Mix peer share 99 % Isopropyl Alcohol and distilled water to make your own lens cleaning solution. Use a belittled spray bottle to apply the solution to the lens .

How do I clean a foggy camera lens?

It ’ second important to realize that a fogged camera lens international relations and security network ’ thyroxine dirt. It ’ s plainly condensation that has accumulated on the at heart surface of the lens. It won ’ t do permanent damage adenine farseeing as it doesn ’ metric ton occur frequently. Repeated episodes of condensation may lead to fungus formation, which can be devastating .
condensation or fog occurs when there is a drastic change in temperature or humidity. You can minimize the effect by warming up the lens or storing your lens in a pocket with silica gel packets. sometimes, if the compression has already formed, you could place the lens in front of the cable car heater or use a blow dryer on warm set up .

How do I clean a phone camera lens?

The coating in front of your cell phone ’ south camera is normally made of quite robust material. It is not closely vitamin a fragile as the battlefront component of “ real number ” lens because manufacturers know people aren ’ triiodothyronine as ennoble with their phones as they are with actual lenses. There are several techniques you can use to clean your phone ’ second television camera .
As with a traditional lens, you can use a microfiber fabric to wipe away fingerprints and dirty. For more stubborn substances, applying a thin coat of lens cleaning fluid ( for example, eye methamphetamine clean ) before wiping might do the magic trick. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have some urine or cleaning solution immediately at hand, you can just blow some of your hot breath on the lens and then wipe away with your shirt. If you feel the necessitate, you could stick a clear defender on the lens. respective are available on-line. Choose one that is completely clear .
finally, if you notice any refractory scratches that are affecting the quality of your images, try applying a slender layer of children ’ s toothpaste to the lens surface. Rub gently in a round gesticulate with a indulgent microfiber fabric and wash it away with completely with affectionate water. You ’ ll be amazed how effective this method acting can be .


Your DSLR lenses are an expensive investment. To make your every penny count, you must take thoroughly caution of them. Maintain your DSLR lenses ’ excellent condition, so you can take high-quality photos for a long time. Prioritizing a clean television camera lens will save you prison term and fuss in the long guide .
between uses, store your lenses and other television camera gear in a seal bag, pouch, or case. Products like lens wraps, lens sleeves, lens pajama, and microfiber towels are bang-up choice for protecting your lenses between uses from moisture and debris.

If you want to ensure your gear remains moisture-free during storage, consider adding a desiccant pack to the bed of your camera pocket. Change it out every month or so, or after extremely humid excursions or weather conditions to ensure your gear stays dry .
Photographers who find themselves regularly cleaning smudges off the front elements of their lenses may want to consider hydrophobic, scratch-resistant filters for total protective covering .


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