How to PROPERLY Clean the Cabin Air Filter (and What NOT To Do)


last Updated on December 27, 2021 The cabin air percolate, besides known as the car air out conditioner trickle, is one of the most overlooked and fail filters in a vehicle. This is chiefly because of their more popular and critical cousins such as the vegetable oil percolate, tune trickle, and fuel percolate. however, if the cabin trickle is not regularly replaced or cleaned, it can make your driving experience highly unpleasant. A dirty vent conditioner trickle will not merely hinder the HVAC system in your cable car, it will besides dirty up the inside of your windshield, and become a breeding crunch for unlike germs and bacteria which will release an unpleasant musky smell inside your vehicle. The cabin publicize filter may not be included in the cardinal components of a vehicle but its importance is still that of one. Reading this may have induced thoughts of cleaning the A/C filter in your mind and it is a reasonably bare problem. But if you don ’ metric ton know how to do it by rights, then you can end up with an expense of buying a new filter if you damage the current one during the houseclean work. While replacing the cabin filter with a newly one is ideal, you can much get more life out of this filter by simply cleaning it so air travel can flow through again. here ’ s how to properly clean your cable car ’ sulfur cabin or air out conditioner trickle. See besides : 8 Reasons Why a cable car A/C Won ’ t Blow Cold Air

How to Clean a Cabin Air Filter

how to replace air conditioner filter

In order to clean the cabin filter in your car, you will first need to remove it from your fomite. The position of the filter can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or model to model, thus be certain to check the manual of your car to find where it ’ randomness located. It is normally placed behind the baseball glove box or underneath your dash dining table in most cars but check the owner ’ s manual or on-line to confirm. Its shape and size may vary depending on the vehicle, but the general shape of the air conditioner filter is similar to the air filter in your locomotive but smaller. Typically it ’ s a rectangular or square skeleton with a weave fabric trickle inside it. After locating the cabin filter ( some vehicles, like many Mazdas, have more than one ), gently pull it out of its mount and rate it on the ground or on a work table. You will need an air out compressor or another source of compress air. lightly hold the cabin filter and blow the publicize through it. Make certain to blow the air through every slot of the filter so that any dust hide in any corner of the percolate is flushed out. Be careful that the air hose nozzle doesn ’ thymine get excessively conclude to the pleats of the fitler or you risk damaging them. After thoroughly blowing the air through the filter, atomizer it with a spray such as FAB-1 or K & N Filter Refresher. After spraying it, let it dry for a few minutes and lightly place it back into the mount you took it out of. Start up the vehicle and go on the HVAC system so it ’ sulfur blowing air out of the vents. After a few seconds, you should notice a boastfully difference in air freshness. See besides : Symptoms of a Bad Charcoal Canister

What NOT to Do

During the scavenge march, do not use any clean accessories like cleaning brushes or anything like that. The ruffle ( zigzag form ) air conditioner filter is one of the most delicate parts of a vehicle ’ south HVAC system and can be easily damaged. besides avoid using any detergents. Do not wash with water in ordering to clean it. Washing with body of water has higher risks of damaging the pleats and the trickle needs to be breeze dried without any excess heat ( like a hair dry ) which can take a fortune of your valued time. Besides cleaning the filter, besides clean the vents in your dashboard to get the most out of the HVAC system in your car.

How Long Does a Cabin Air Filter Last?

As noted earlier, replacing a cabin air filter is ideal but occasionally cleaning it can prolong its life. It ’ s recommended that a cabin air filter be replaced every 12,000 miles ( or once a year ). You may be able to get a few more months out of its life by cleaning it. If you tend to drive on dirty, cold roads or in heavily polluted areas, cleaning your filter at least a copulate times a year before replacing it can make a boastful dispute as it will clog up preferably under those conditions. Areas with above average humidity may need their cabin percolate replaced oklahoman as a fusty smell will likely develop. unfortunately, cleaning the filter will likely have no effect in this scenario .

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