How to Clean Your AirPods Case — A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean Your AirPods Case — A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean Your AirPods Case — A Step-by-Step Guide

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Chances are, if you have an iPhone, you have AirPods. A enormously popular merchandise, AirPods offer seamless integration across the Apple universe. And they are used a lot — probably every day, in fact. sol, you need to clean them from clock to fourth dimension to keep them free of pocket lint, soil, sludge and, yes, even earwax. But how ? In this guide, we offer steps on how to clean your AirPods case safely and adequately. Plus, some signs that indicate it ’ randomness time to shop around for a fresh Apple AirPods case or AirPods Pro case.

How to Clean Your AirPods Case

Let ’ s get started. here is how to clean your AirPods encase, inwardly and out. Plus, some must-have tools for the job .

Tools You Need

  • Microfiber fabric
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • toothpick
  • Cotton swab/Q-tip
  • brassy tape

If you want something more gentle, use a hearing help cleaning kit. Perfect for the job, this kit out comes with mini brushes and tools that are easier to work with than toothpicks and cotton swabs .

The Exterior

The inaugural step is to clean your AirPods character ’ second outside area. Give it an initial rub down with a non-abrasive microfiber fabric, removing any lint, crap or wax buildup that can be well removed. Next, use a Q-tip to dig into specially begrimed areas and to loosen crap and wax .
Since Apple advises against using liquids, how do you tackle tougher dirty ? If you absolutely can ’ t get rid of stubborn soil, your best option is to use a bantam measure of isopropyl alcohol. Unlike water, it dries faster on the spot, minimizing the chance of damage to your electrical components like the charging ports of AirPods. however, the key here is to do then lightly and conservatively and with the topple of a cotton dab .
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The Interior

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Cleaning your AirPods encase ’ randomness interior is more challenge. Since this is where the agitate ports are located, it requires some delicacy. So let ’ s bankrupt it down :
Step One: Give It an Initial Wipe Down
In the same manner you cleaned the outside, you want to clean the inside ’ south nooks and crannies of any initial dust and lint. Don ’ t forget the inside of the top of the shell, besides. Be sure to focus on the touch, excessively, ensuring that the character can charge quickly. This will besides prevent the AirPods case from shorting out .
Step Two: Do a Thorough Cleaning
At this measure, you can use a very little amount of alcohol. Take caution not to soak the Q-tip. Use arsenic little as possible and invalidate drips that fall into the electronics. With the slenderly damp cotton swab, lightly work at any wax buildup. inactive, avoid the grilles of the AirPods themselves and speaker elements .
Step Three: Pick Away Grime 
Use a toothpick and tacky magnetic tape to check away and peel up any stubborn dirt, particularly in areas like the cracks and fissures inside the casing. This is in truth important in removing bacteria. If using a toothpick, just be extra ennoble and affected role around these areas and don ’ thyroxine apply besides much pressure. With the tape, crusade it firm into the grooves and peel it back up to remove caked in wax, et cetera. This works wonders for the bantam holes in the grilles !
Step Four: Wipe Everything Down Again 
Take the microfiber fabric and wipe down everything once again, inside and knocked out. Polish the AirPods event until it looks deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as new. last, but not least, place your AirPods back inside their case and let them charge for their adjacent use .
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When You Need a New AirPods Case

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There are many reasons to replace your AirPods case, along with your AirPods themselves. They can wind up broken or tied lost.

As mentioned, it ’ south imperative to keep the alcohol — or liquids of any type — away from your AirPods cases and AirPods. Hard drops can cause damage to an AirPods case, besides. even if it doesn ’ metric ton appear dinged up or physically damaged in any direction, the home mechanism and components can be shaken up and waterlogged, causing connectivity and audio issues .
The best way to protect your AirPods is with a sturdy and durable AirPods case. Choose one of our many AirPods cases, including rugged cases by Pelican, featuring IP68 and IP67 rated waterproof auspices, military-grade dribble auspices and carabiner clips .
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