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An image found online:

In-text citations
note the image in the text and cite the author and date :
The cartoon by Frith ( 1968 ) describes …
If the image has no named author, cite the full name and date of the prototype :

The function shows the Parish of Maroota during the 1840s ( Map of the Parish of Maroota, County of Cumberland, District of Windsor 1840-1849 )
List of References
Include information in the be order :

  • author (if available)
  • year produced (if available)
  • title of image (or a description)
  • Format and any details (if applicable)
  • name and place of the sponsor of the source
  • accessed day month year (the date you viewed/ downloaded the image)
  • URL or Internet address (between pointed brackets).

Frith J 1968, From the rich people man ’ mho table, political cartoon by John Frith, Old Parliament House, Canberra, accessed 11 May 2007, .
If there is no name writer, put the effigy style first, followed by the date ( if available ) :
Khafre pyramid from Khufu ’ s prey 2007, digital photograph, Ancient Egypt Research Associates, accessed 2 August 2007, .
Map of the Parish of Maroota, County of Cumberland, District of Windsor 1840-1849, digital image of cartographic substantial, National Library of Australia, accessed 13 April 2007, .

Online images/diagrams used as figures:

Figures include diagrams, graph, sketches, photograph and maps. If you are writing a report or an assignment where you include a ocular as a calculate, unless you have created it yourself, you must include a reference to the original source .
Figures should be numbered and labelled with captions. Captions should be simple and descriptive and be followed by an in-text citation. figure captions should be directly under the image .
In-text citations
Cite the generator and year in the number caption :

Figure 1: Bloom’s Cognitive Domain (Benitez 2012)

If you refer to the Figure in the text, also include a citation:
As can be seen from Figure 1 ( Benitez 2012 )

List of References
Provide full citation information :
Benitez J 2012, Blooms Cognitve Domain, digital image, ALIEM, accessed 2 August 2015, .

Online data in a table caption:

In-text citation
If you reproduce or adapt mesa data found online you must include a citation. All tables should be numbered and table captions should be above the table .
Table 2: Agricultural water use, by state 2004-05 ( australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 )

State Total ML
NSW (including Canberra) 3 976 108
Vic. 2 570 219
Qld 2 864 889
SA 1 004 828
WA 429 372
Tas 255 448
NT 45 638
Total ML 11 146 502

If you refer to the table in text, include a citation:
As indicated in postpone 2, a sum of 11 146 502 ML was used ( australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 )

List of References

Include the diagnose of the web page where the table data is found .
australian Bureau of Statistics 2006, Water Use on australian Farms, 2004-05, Cat. no. 4618.0, australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra, accessed 4 July 2007, .

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