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Brake pads may not be a car component you much pay attention to. But you depend on them anytime you step on the brake pedal. And as such, you should learn how to check brake pads for wear or tear. This is to ensure you and your passengers are safe .
exhausted brake pads will not give proper stopping power. And as such will not allow you to stop your car at rest. By checking them regularly, you can detect minor problems before they result in brake failure. This way, you will drive your car with your heart at peace .

How to Check Brake Pads

Checking brake pads is not a very unmanageable tax. consequently, you can do it yourself. equitable ensure you have the tools needed to carry out this job .
To get started, ensure your brake pads are cool before you touch them – even a 20 minutes drive can make them hot. besides, note that low or contaminated brake fluid can cause many car problems. sol after checking the pads, check and change or acme with good dot 3, dot 4 brake fluids , or the recommend fluid for your cable car.

Checking the Wheels

how to check brake pads bmw
Brake pads help to clean brake debris on the rotor ’ randomness surface, so dust accumulating on wheels is normal for bracken pads. Besides, it might be an indication that the pads are in good bring condition. consequently, the absence of dust in the roulette wheel might mean that the pads are wearing off. At this compass point, taking your car to an technical mechanic for proper diagnosis may be the correct thing to do .
It takes only a few minutes to learn how to check brake pads with wheels on ; you can try it out. But If you are not certain of the enough of this method acting, then you may want to try other methods

Checking The Brake Pads Without Removing The Wheels

how to check brake pads with wheels on
Most cars will allow you to see the pads through the holes on the bicycle. Just detail a touch clean through the holes and check for the pad ’ mho thickness. A fresh pad is about ½ column inch chummy ; if you use it, and it decreases to ¼, it ’ south fine. But anything less than ¼ is an indication that your pad needs to be changed .
In some vehicles, brake pads have a wear indicator slot down at one of the edges. If the slot appears scantily visible or inconspicuous, your pads might have been long gone .

Checking Brake Pads By Removing The Wheels

how to tell if brake discs need replacing
Removing the wheels to examine the brake pad is another way to check the pads if you can ’ metric ton see them through the rack ’ mho holes. To do this, you will need brake pad check tools like a mariner and wrench or tug .

  • Make sure your car is on a leveled surface
  • Place the jack under the car’s frame close to the wheel you want to remove
  • Lift your car from the ground
  • Remove the wheel nuts with the wrench
  • Remove the wheels.

once the wheel is out, you can take a good look at the pad. Use a Vernier caliper to check for its thickness. If it ’ s less than ¼ column inch midst, you may need to replace them. besides, check brake rotors, brake calipers, and brake lines. They are important brake components and work together with the pad. Replace all or any of them if there is a need .

other methods

How To Check Brake Pads
digression from the ones listed above, there are other ways to check the express of your brake pads. In some vehicles, exhausted pads will trigger a admonition light that appears on your cable car ’ randomness splashboard. besides, watch out for weird noises coming from your bicycle. A impregnable confess, growling, or grinding noise might indicate a faulty pad.

again, if you feel your steering vibrating while driving or sense a shaking when you hit the bracken pedal, it might indicate that your pads are worn. While faulty pads may not be the alone reason for such disturbances, it is good you carry out a brake embroider test .

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Q: Can You Check Your Brake Bad Without Removing The Wheels?

Yes, you can, indeed retentive your cable car wheels have holes. But you would need a torchlight to carry out this screen. To do this, point the torchlight through the holes and check for the thickness of the pads. If the pad is less than ¼, then the brake pads might be worn. As I stated earlier, besides control for strange noises that might come out from your wheels .

Q: Can You Drive With Bad Brake pads?

Yes, you can drive with bad brake pads, but only with your heart in your hand. Driving with wear pads is insecure and might lead to accidents. This is because you won ’ thymine get the stopping office to cursorily bring your car to a halt .
And, of class, when the brakes fail, you may crash into person or something. sol to drive with your heart at peace, learn how to tell if brake discs necessitate replacement and do the needed. Driving with bad brake pads might cost severe damage to your brake rotors .

Q: How Do I Know If My Brake Pads Are Worn?

Brake pads have a life. If they have passed their recommended mileage ( normally between 20,000 to 70,000 depending on consumption ), they are worn out ; replace them. besides, watch out for grinding noise when braking. such noise might indicate that the pads are bad and are grinding the brake rotors .
If you besides hear a foreign noise while braking or your car shakes while braking, check it out. This might mean that your pads are wear already .

Q: How Much Does A Brake Pad Cost?

A brake pad costs between $ 35 to $ 200. It depends on your car model and pad quality. Ceramic pads are used in epicurean cars and are more expensive. On the other hand, organic pads are not arsenic expensive as semi-metallic or ceramic pads .
In a nutshell, the cost depends on the brake launching pad that is good for your car. Please do not buy a less quality launching pad in the name of saving cost. You may end up spending more since you would need to buy another one if this one wears off .
Each car has specific brake pad timbre needed to function well. An exemplar of a good quality pad you can opt for is bb5 brake pads, white brake pads, etc .

Q: Which Brake Pad Wear Out Faster Front Or Rear?

The front brake pads wear flying. In many vehicles, most of the braking comes from the front man brakes. It could be because of the manufacturer ’ sulfur purpose or physics. Most manufacturers put the brake coerce on the front wheels to keep the rear from locking up.

indeed when you step on the brake pedal, the weight is transferred to the front wheels. In conclusion, the continuous use of the front wheel makes them clothing faster .

Final Thoughts

It is crucial you learn how to check brake pads yourself. It saves cost and will help you detect minor problems before they escalate. The brake embroider is an important brake system component, so it should always be in commodity shape .
A wear bracken slog is dangerous. Using it puts you, your passengers, and other road users at risk. How to tell if your brake disk needs replacing is quite slowly. Look out for those annoyance noises and vibrations you hear while driving. besides, observe if your car shakes when braking. last, try to carry out a proper match on the pad to be certain they are the cause of your car problems .

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